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Truly Deceptive
Last Activity:
May 14, 2019
Jun 17, 2007
Likes Received:
Jun 16, 1996 (Age: 24)

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Truly Deceptive

It is I: ME!, 24, from HOW DID I GET UP HERE?!

Truly Deceptive was last seen:
May 14, 2019
    1. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Lol I Just did it , literally.
    2. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Awesome, thanks!
    3. Matoro
      Thanks. As you can see, I've never done this before, so I appreciate any tips. I do have a couple plot points in mind that I'd like to go by PM for if you're interested. Speaking of which you should get Ace [Zero] to forward you the info I sent him.
    4. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Awesome thanks bro.
    5. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Hey PL, I know you gave me permission to use the RPG on Serebii, could I use it on another forum? Thanks
    6. -Nator-
      Not a problem!
    7. -Nator-
      Just letting you know, your signature is probably too tall. You may want to fix it before a mod infracts you.
    8. Ionasal.kkll.Preciel
      ...under the presumption that you could kill a deity.
      My signature is a deity
    9. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Well if so thats fine, perhaps use him towards a time when the other RPG'ers have been grown stronger to stand a chance against him? Also check out my character and accept or deny him please.
    10. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Hey PL, could you tone down your Villain Character a bit? Some users feel it is OverPowered and would make it un-fair to them.. thanks <--Your PM BOx was full.
    11. Lorde
      Hi. Just wondering how you got rid of the bar underneath your user name.
    12. cmats4020
      OMG, thank you so much! I hope you can come and join us though! Glad you're back! :D
    13. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      No problem bro, we all have lives so I understand, it was the Mod who was being a jerk -_-, hope everything is allright.
    14. cmats4020
      Hey, are you going to check-up on your Gijinka RP soon? We made a new one based on your original thread, but apparently we can't do that, so we really need you to get going with the sign-ups or at least allow us to create a new one.
    15. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Hey bud there are a ton of people waiting for you to return to the RPG, if you cant make it could you appoint an assistant to help you out? Thaniks!
    16. Delta Hunter
      Delta Hunter
      Hope you're not vanishing from your RP, lot of sign-ups ready and waiting
    17. Billy Mays
      Billy Mays
      I hope you don't mind about me posting a sign up to your Gijinka RP without reserving; to be frank I really didn't want to miss the chance to join, because I think Gijinka RPs are cool and I thought the premise for yours was interesting.

      As for my character, I assumed having him be a Gijinka of a type rather than a species was ok for two reasons: One, because it says "Species/Type" in the sign up, and Two, because you mentioned N was a Gijinka of all Pokemon in general. I figured if N could be a Gijinka of all Pokemon, why couldn't there be a Gijinka of a specific type? If needed though, I can change my character to be a specific Steel type or something.

      EDIT: Ok, I reread the first post and I saw now that you do mention there being Gijinkas of specific types, although they are rare. Hopefully, you should be ok with it then, yes?
    18. fango pango
      fango pango
      ok thank you
    19. fango pango
      fango pango
      ok the way i put it makes me sound like an Ahole...just...*sigh*

      let me have temporary control of Jon just for a bit and let's get this plot out of the way and see how it goes
    20. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      Hello PokéLegend. I'm making the journal for our RP assignment.
      Our characters will be able to leave the five mile radius and go to other places.
      I've brought your character (Mison) and Shinon (Epic Inferno's character) to Loire Valley in an old-fasioned buggy.
      You and EI are in the chateau sleeping.

      When you can could you make a list of things we can do at the valley and chateau(golfing, skeet, croquet, etc.)?

      Here's my list:
      -go to restaurant nearby or eat in the Chateau's cafe
      -playing skeet with guns
      -playing skeet with our own attacks
      -chilling on the valley

      Just make a list of things you'd do at a vacation in France because that's where Loire Valley is.

      Also, your inbox is full. I tried to send this in a PM but i couldn't just a heads up.
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    Jun 16, 1996 (Age: 24)
    Favourite Pokémon:


    "The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you can never confirm that they are genuine."
    - Abraham Lincoln​