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  • woow! cool...yaar humaari copies check hone shayad koi galat insaan ke pass chali gayi hongi...computer ne bachaya -94 se
    lol now there's an explaination....which song? hindi song to nahi hai na? ya fir koi slow emotional song? please not anyone of those...kal kaun sa exam hai
    to ? wo to sab hi ka jaata hai...11 ki physics bahot tough hai...mere to 40-50 aa jaaye 100 mein se wohi kaafi hai...maths fir bhi theek hai ......AUR ITNE ACHCHE SE KYU BAAT KAR RAHA HAI TU?
    by the way...why are you talking like this...i never thought ki tu mujhse itne sahi dhang se baat karega...kuch to chakkar hai
    oh sorry mujhe laga ki tu use bhi lekar kuch bakwas mere baare mein shuru kar dega...tu to senti ho gaya...kya baat hai bahot online aane laga tu to....
    and...bhaukaal means jiska bahot influence ho society mein....for example: some popular person in your school jiske aagey peeche log ghumte rehte hai... :\
    uhh...pcm with computers >_> (now please don't go on talking crap of that or go on exagerrating your crap :p )
    by the way many people who don't live in india know the name of the country india but have no knowledge of it's capital or stuff cause no one gives a crap about world geography...
    lol in your about me in your location you have written "Delhi...dil walo ki"
    xD ROFL...dude you have to fill your country name no one is gonna understand where is Delhi...do you even think that you are gonna gain respect here with that? that tickled y'know
    lol and you call yourself a delhite? and are u so much out of words that you can only use 1 word 'bihari' . Hah I pity your condition
    Dude this is the internet no one is gonna hear your whining or cries. And please do use proper languages when your talkin' to me cause short form and l33t speak isn't my way n00b. By the way, weren't you the one telling me to go away from your life and you never wanted to keep contact with me? Well go away. >:)
    Oh puhleez now, seriously, now you are trying to show me one of the most Enrique's songs...damn.... *sighs* and dude please don't take the name of those hindi songs or some composers...they are crap....and i never asked you to give me the lyrics of any song i can google it you novice. ja yaar apne bhaukaal wale kaam mein busy ho ja fir se
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