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  • Wanna battle on 5th gen? My FC is 2753 4022 5765. My timezone is GMT so give me a shout at what times are good if now is not.
    Hey Trust, I had a suggestion for your league. In the Gym leader/ E4 sections could you perhaps maybe add a link that directs you directly to that person. I think this would help people to easily contact the gym leaders than having to search the forums.
    Hello. If you would like to test my team, do so quickly BEFORE 10:00 tonight. Because I am only active on Weekends and Friday. Meh.
    Oh Ninja League. Haven't visited there in awhile thats why. Uh i'll make sure to find you on PO in a few minutes.
    Do you want to battle me?

    I know you asked, we just had some difficulty.

    On Smogon as [BB]Barbeller, if you want. I can be challenged any time because I have my team ready.
    I am up for a battle, if you're interested. If I recall correctly, you're a challenger, which means you could challenge me for my Sand Badge.
    You also won't be able to make another one, it will face the same fate.

    You do also realize that this forum has several thousand members, and if all of these members were to make alternate accounts, the server would be majorly clogged, and the forums would go down?
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