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  • I guess you live in the south :) here we always beg for hot weather (seriously, shovelling snow every day is not fun :s) haha! I'm already tan, I don't mind getting darker :p
    Retailers must make big $$ :D good for you! ... hehe, why not? going to those places must be awesome! so, some Chemistry must be involved eh? wow! No problem ^^
    hehe! well, I guess people love to wear gems but they don't like what is behind them, from what you are telling me that industry is very challenging :) An IT guy eh! well, I'd say he's right, getting into the video game industry now is so competitive :s, he can make good $ working for any big computer company, good for him!
    it depends you know? I was used to "argue" with computers engineers and they are more stubborn than Ash :s (yeah! that stubborn!) It's hard you know? here (in Canada) foreign training is almost ignored so professionals coming from abroad (like me) have to get Canadian education and experience in order to work in big firms :s ... yeah! challenges are always necessary you know! otherwise life becomes boring :s
    Great! healthy habits are the corner stone of a successful life! I hope you are able to deal with those issues :) keep the good attitude! :D
    Thanks ^^ hope you ate chocolate until exploding, lol, jk
    hehe, it's ok, :p I can't wait for summer time to have more time to play, chat and probably work
    wow! that's a lot of info, are you working on the field? after everything you told me gemology seems to be very deep and complex, now I wonder why that industry deal with big money. I wish you good luck :) Does your fiancé like gemology too? :p just asking
    Yes, a long time... I really liked it despite being a "nerdy" job, I traveled to many countries because of that job...now? I am self-taught in IT so when I came to Canada I couldn't get a decent job. So I'm just studying human resources, I decided to change my field for new challenges, and tbh I had enough of 24/7 jobs. May I ask you what do you do now?
    Happy Easter! :D
    No problem! We are all busy people.
    Yes...but you told me you share your 3DS, so I guess it helps, Pokemon is becoming a demanding game :O
    hehe, it sounded like a coincidence to me :p, sorry. You are very lucky, books are becoming more expensive than gems! XP whaaaaaaattt??? $800?!?! You better buy real gemstones! But that book must be really worthy... just wow! a lot of money! O_O
    yep! almost 7 years, tbh I miss those times...
    well, times will be better :) saving money is sometimes necessary, me and my sweetheart are also saving every cent we can! :/
    hm... I agree, I loved her in the last movie. That's part of being a gamer now, events made the games more interesting!
    Oooooooohhhhhh!! gemology! now I know why you love Diancie! Well, good luck with your preparation, going back to classes is a pain in the beginning but it's just a matter of time until you get the right pace (and less hours of sleep, lol) yes... the right places :# don't worry! I won't say anything I worked in IT so I know how to get legal and not so legal stuff shhhhhh 0:)
    No problem! :)
    Hehe... I don't blame you, the anime became lame after that first season, but during the current one the plot is not that linear.
    Hmm... time to get one for yourself! :p well... I shouldn't give you this kind of advice because I'm cheap :/ yes... in a certain way, her stats change a lot when evolved, from defensive to become totally opposite (IMO) I'm not a big gamer, but Diancie is a very interesting Pokémon.
    Lucky you! I'm actually in college, I more year and I'll be ready to kick the can! :D Well, it's never too late to learn more you know? I went back to college after having a nice job, life's not perfect :s
    Thanks you for the good wishes ^^ You keep the good work too (doing whatever you do) :p
    I'm great too! Just discussing some Amourshipping stuff with friends here
    You got a Diancie? Are you going to megaevolve her? :D
    Sorry about the late reply too, my studies are always interfering... :p
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