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Jul 1, 2020 at 3:49 AM
Sep 5, 2010
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Apr 5, 1995 (Age: 25)

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Tsun Tsun~, 25

Tsumiki was last seen:
Jul 1, 2020 at 3:49 AM
    1. [GS]
      Hi Steph :D
    2. Zhanton
    3. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      i don't know who anybody is on egc what's your name
    4. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      i think that i already know it's up o.o
    5. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      awe that sucks
    6. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      i got a problem with egc
      can't get on my account
    7. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      i will keep that in mind
    8. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      alright added you back
    9. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      ok well maybe if i can get skype to work fgs
    10. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      yeah sure it's AuraLogan Sensei i think

      i have to redownload skype on my laptop tho
    11. Earl Sweatshirt
      Earl Sweatshirt
      wow u suck man tell them what happened to egc smfh
    12. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      well that sucks but i'll try going back on in a while
    13. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      dang what happened to egc?
    14. Sohryu
      Is EGC... Really lost? Man, no.
      So bad, when I was enjoying it. C'mon, that's so unlucky of me.
    15. Sohryu
      Yup yup! It's me there! Haven't got the time to go there much, eh. But will, eventually.

      SPPF is dying. I think it's normal, haha!
    16. Sohryu
      Go for it! Would love to listen to some opinions, hehe. I actually enjoyed it. Except the fact there's almost zero character development. I mean, not even half of the characters background are explained. Worst... How they died? Heck, they don't try to explain, anything.
    17. Ampy
      I think the fact that it's just something I was not expecting to see made it even worse...

      Oh they are, they just recycle their voice actors a lot. The FMA dubs are still probably my favourite, but I haven't seen too many of theirs, just clips and stuff.

      I'd make an argument that the SAO characters are nothing to write home about either, unless you include that with plot x) I've only heard the actual one 3 times and I'm on episode 7, they do have a piano version and stuff though. Before I got to that particular part of TTGL I thought it was awful but now I love it... guess it's just because of the memories haha. Yeah, it's pretty much the same every time unlike say a 70 hour video game. Of Fate/Extra, not Realta Nua. Fate/Extra just looks like a generic RPG with Fate characters slapped on it, tbh x)

      No idea what you were thinking of but I guess I'll find out x) I'll agree with that unless they were planning to do UBW in the new F/SN anime but I doubt it.

      I totally forgot about it, I'll do that now I suppose.
    18. Ampy
      Let's be honest... that definitely wasn't the most awkward scene in EoE x)

      Oh yeah, nothing against them, from what I've heard it was really well done. Aniplex usually puts more effort into their dubs than FUNimation or other companies anyways.

      This is why I lock up my phone when I do that lol.

      Oh, I definitely like him but I haven't watched Guilty Crown and while I do love the AoT soundtrack that's really the only thing I know by him. He did the KlK one as well actually, I've been enjoying what I've heard so far. Till My Body Is Dry is good until the rap (which is unfortunate because Libera Me From Hell was awesome with the rap) and "gotta find out who kill my dad" parts come up but Blumenkranz is awesome all the way through. I'm usually like that with shows, that's one reason I rewatched F/SN because I was expecting it to be more like Fate/Zero the first time. Meh, no point now really since I've been watching it online, don't see myself every going through it again, wanna check out some of the other Type-Moon VNs after this. Yeah, it's possible, but I feel like if they localized a PS Vita game localizing the V/N wouldn't be too much of a big deal.

      I'd disagree since it explains how and why Gilgamesh ended up with a mortal body which I feel is pretty important x) Well I'm willing to admit that Rin is probably my favourite Fate character so hey, I'm not complaining.

      Just joined a fairly new one myself actually, I got banned on the Fairy Tail one I was apart of for just being part of this one. The Admin of the FT one was pretty much a jerk that got pissed off when people joined other forums lol. Here's the link if you wanna check it out.

      I usually prefer smaller communities anyways x) I'll make an account after the weekend, gone for work =.=
    19. Ampy
      I can see why, but apparently they skipped out on some things like Gilgamesh's encounter with Angra Mainyu which would have made the ending make a lot more sense imo x) Oh I definitely found it funny, the Lancer gags are the best (I don't even like South Park).

      I've heard that but someone I know on another forum has completely ruined it for me by her yaoi fangirling ;_; I'll probably check it out eventually though. It's not actually shounen in itself I love, I just love the idea of long series with individual story arcs that are strung together for whatever reason x)

      Maaan, so many forums. I'll give it a look though.
    20. Ampy
      I actually didn't mind the stuff with Misato and Kaji in the original but gotta agree. I still haven't watched 3.0 so I can't answer that question yet lol.

      Always happens with me, I tried watching FMA in Japanese but I just can't do it. Yeah, I find it really wrecks the enjoyment for me if I have to try to get used to the VAs. That being said I tried watching some shows like Fate/Zero in dub but I just can't do it either because I'm so used to the Japanese.

      How and why? o_o

      Fair enough, I can't say much about KlK yet since I'm only 2 episodes in yet. Yuki Kaijura is probably my favourite composer a long with Shiro Sagisu but I've definitely been enjoying KlK's soundtrack more than SAO's. I felt SAO's OST was good, but one of her weaker ones and seemed like she just recycled the ones from F/Z and Kara no Kyoukai (which I started btw). Well I'll let you know how I felt about it once I finish, I'm definitely not expecting it to be as great as TTGL at least x) It was awful, but dat RinxSaber action. In all seriousness that scene should have just been omitted lol, just the whole idea of sex = mana transfer seems like a way to shoe-horn hentai into the game. There is, but it's either the PS2 version which is Japanese only with no patches or the PC version which costs like $500. I was gonna get the Realta Nua patch (the all ages one you're talking about) but that doesn't do anything about the cover :P I'm kind of disappointed they haven't released an official English version of the V/N yet, I just bought one of the art-books and it's fully translated and they translated Fate/Extra and released it over here.
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