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Dec 20, 2018
Sep 5, 2010
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Apr 5, 1995 (Age: 24)

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Tsun Tsun~, 24

Tsumiki was last seen:
Dec 20, 2018
    1. Ampy
      That's how I felt too, but nope, it took some convincing x) I know the name is Swordland or something like that, I hear the similarity more in the slower version of it. Oh, I'm sure I'll have fun with that, I've had enough of it with the Fairy Tail fanbase haha.

      Yeah, not as disgusting as the bacon milkshake though. It tastes fine but you can tell the bacon flavour is totally fake x)

      Well can't say I blame him for that, hopefully that whole predicament resolves itself eventually. Haha, actually sounds like something his dad would enjoy more than him, he's apparently a hardcore Angry Birds player.

      Chopper from One Piece... though he's a reindeer that looks like a tanooki so I suppose that's an unfair advantage. Some of my friends were talking about that one, I may give it a look. Oh I thought it was great, besides being funny I liked how all the characters kind of bounced off eachother if that makes sense. I found the main cast all pretty relate-able, took me awhile to warm up to Ami and Kitamura wasn't the most exciting but oh well. Other than that the actual romance was good so I don't really have any complaints x) Yeah, that's what I've heard, mostly what makes me skeptical of most of them. Yeah, well it's silly how they seperate S1 and S2 into two different anime so I had to choose lol. In all seriousness I enjoyed Fate/Zero S2 more than S1 but just put the first there to represent the whole anime.

      I still can't get past 30 on that game I really need to start playing that myself, I've tried at least 2 times but always quit after the Mareep farm or whatever it was. Yeah, apparently there's some connections between that one and IV, I think it was just the fact that there's Demonicas in IV or something like that. I think I spent about 250 hours on Platinum, my DS got a lot of use. So about $400? Yikes, and I do, once I'm actually working part-time it's one of the things on the top of my list.
    2. Ampy
      To see what the hype/hate is all about x) That and I have to make good on my deal with Sky ;_; Yeah, honestly one of the soundtracks they overuse sounds almost exactly like one in Fate/Zero and it's getting on my nerves lol. I am definitely looking forward to that though!

      It's pretty good, I'd probably just buy it to say I have some though.

      So how do the people feel about it though? I'm not sure how the Korean elections work. Oh that sounds awesome, I'll have to look into that. I have a feeling he'd get more enjoyment out of that then a cheap Wii Sports ripoff x)

      Taiga is easily the second most adorable anime character of all time. I actually loved the whole cast but she ended up being my favourite for sure. It's easily mine too but it's the only one I've watched lol, surprisingly it made its' way into my top 5 but that also changes a lot so we'll see if it stays. after SAO

      Ahh, that's nothing, SMTIV would have probably taken me a good 150 hours to get every ending but I was lazy and decided to watch the others on YouTube. But yeah, I just kind of want a game that I don't have to think too much with next, played about 4 RPGs in a row so I'm feeling a bit burned out. That was just the first season right? My inner collector is still screaming at me to buy it but I don't have an HD TV/Blu-ray player and my computer can't play Blu-rays either ;_;
    3. Soroft
      Because despite the fact that the plotline and linearity of the show aren't exactly the most well-written in the world, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I found the characters pretty likeable, the concept intrigues me a lot as someone that's played a lot of MMO style games, and the artwork is nice too. Besides, he was bent on getting me to watch Fate Zero and it's not like I have much else to trade x)

      And it's kay girl, I understand haha. Actually Ampy and I were just talking about that earlier this week and you should hurry up and find a different mode of communication with your online friends, because SPPf is meh. Also I think I'm getting kinda tired of the place lol

      I am actually about a quarter German. If nationality by fraction's still a thing, haha. Otherwise I'm Italian. Which would be Roman, not Germanic. I thought azns were supposed to be smart :p

      Basically, yeah. It's fairly understandable how it began, but it's aggravating nonetheless. Just gotta put up with the system I guess.

      SO, what's new? Get any taller?
    4. peacemaker987
      I honestly thought it was hilarious and worth the wait. I really and truly thought that it was going to be so bad it's funny the whole way through but it was just kind of boring otherwise
      AnoHana was too melodramatic for my taste, I don't really care about their problems. Also, Menma's annoying in a bad way.

      dw about it I got a B+ in night class english in the end. worth.

      Good I'm glad. Thesis of a cruel angel is easily my favourite opening song, I'm currently listening to a 10 hour loop while doing some review/typing this. EoE was a pretty sick movie.

      I'm no woman, please understand.

      I'm in my last week with my roommate :(
    5. Sohryu
      Oh, dear. It was this. I'm sorry, he were supposed to send it to some other friends of mine, because I was in trouble and couldn't access SPPF for a while. So, I asked him to send that to some people, but he take it way too much literally, haha! I'm sorry for this mess, again '^^

      By the way, I thought you had gone, like... Everyone?
    6. Sohryu
      Um, me? Can you tell me who's that person? Because I sincerely don't remember or know anything like that.
    7. Ampy
      Well it will probably have to wait, promised Sky I'd watch SAO since I finally got him to watch F/Z. Well I certainly enjoy raging with the masses lol.

      CANADA. I'm not really sure, if I did I'd probably have a ton of jars in my fridge right now x)

      And this is why I need to keep up with recent happenings, so is this just recent or have I just been ignorant for a long time? Indeed, wanted to get one for my friend for his birthday but I can't find them anywhere. I did find some other cheap knock-off Wiis though.

      After the recent chapters... no, not at all. The One Piece fanbase you mean? Well it's nowhere near as bad as Bleach's or Naruto's but still pretty bad x)

      Bahhh, well now that I'm caught up with OP I can finally watch some other things. Just finished Toradora! last night actually x) I'll add that to the list though.

      Huh... alright, I'll look into that, my backlog of games is pretty huge too. I have about 8 unopened PS2 games I bought just because they were all $10 each ;_; Yeah, the ost is amazing, I still have to beat it though, I'm 40 hours in. Lol, I'm out, I would not buy another game in the series after that one just because of how good it would be.
    8. peacemaker987
      I finished school days.

      By god everyone is retarded. That is all.
    9. peacemaker987
      Alright so I'm 8 episodes in to school days, Steph.

      It is honestly the most appalling piece of work that is defined as anime. It might as well be a hentai/porno. All of the girls are supremely dramatic and for some reason or another they're all madly in love with the round-faced, double-crossing idiot who is either the luckiest bastard alive or just plain greedy. All the characters are kind of dry (not literally) and lack depth, especially big-boob long-haired girl I forget her name. Its as if she's a piece of cardboard there to pleasure Makoto. I thought I'd at least get a laugh out of watching such trash but it's just kind of boring and unbelievably predictable so far.

      I'll update you when I finish it.
    10. Ampy
      Sounds absolutely terrible... and I may just watch it for the laguhs.


      Oh wow, well at least the ban was lifted eventually! Ahh fake consoles/handhelds, nothing beats the Chintendo Vii though.

      Naruto is a mess now, the only thing I enjoy now is seeing Madara being an OP badass even if it seems out of place. One Piece is far from perfect like a lot of it's fanbase seems to think it is though x)

      I've been recommended that one, I hesitate to add it to my planned list because I just want to clear it for now, but I'll keep it in mind.

      Thinking I may go for that one next, and may play Persona 2 first out of the Persona games (heard the first one has aged terribly). It's a series I'd love to get into but money :( Well it's pretty great so far, clocked in about 20 hours... feels like an updated version of FFV in some ways, which is awesome. Bravely Stillnotdead pls.
    11. Soroft
      I'd be ecstatic, actually. It'd give me great ideas to use on Ampy. You know, since I'm NOT CANADIAN.

      Awww now you're making me feel bad D:

      Well the best part is, half of the jobs that require a degree honestly don't care what you learned in college for most of it. It's literally just to get you into the door for a job that you go to college here in America. Otherwise, any job will teach you anything you need to know. It's lame.

      It's k gril I no yous azn
    12. Soroft
      I just have that kind of audacity girl.

      Jeez, it's like you haven't known me for like, ever. :p

      Ahhh, I gotcha. According to Ampy, it's like that in Canada too. Though probably not as bad, but still.
    13. Soroft
      Not really. Hate to break it to you girl, but North Korea be trippinnnn'.

      Started? When did we stop?

      Hahah seriously? Why's that?
    14. Soroft
      Yeah but we don't have a crazy evil twin that's bent on ruling the world. /burn

      Y'know, I could step on you if I really wanted to. But I don't. Because I feel merciful.

      Not really. Honestly, the education system in America is so skewed it's not even funny. Ivy League yeah, but most other colleges are just money hungry. Which sucks if you have middle-class-white-male syndrome.
    15. peacemaker987
      That was actually part of a thing called the nobel quest, which was worth a massive amount of points, along with a portrait of our floor coordinator, a song/dance, and origami. By god 800 paper horses and cranes later and we still lost because we were missing a few countries :( people ended up screwing up on midterms because of ivanhoe lol.

      wbu? What's going on with your life, anything interesting?

      I need to learn how to bs better well.

      and meet all the other kawaii-tsundere-chibi-asian-mahou-shojo who're tired of people who aren't as kawaii-tsundere-chibi-asian-mahou-shojo as themselves <3

      Now clapping would just be inconceivable.

      As soon as I finish the essay that's deciding my future in english 122 I'll get right on it. No more midterms until february so I'll have time.

      It's not even possible to get my hands on watermelon here on the prairies, with all these african-canadian folk around eating them all.
    16. Ampy
      Worst as in just an awful character or terribly written?

      Indeed... wasn't that good though.

      Ahh, alright well I learn my one new thing for the day.

      True, not really sure how he plans to make it go on for about 15 more years, it 's kind of amazing how well it's put together considering how long it is already.

      Yeah, I never even beat my Pearl version since my friend just gave it to me after getting Platinum and I ended up buying Platinum myself x)

      Indeed... so apparently it's written by the same person who wrote the Fate/Zero light novel? Or am I mistaken?

      True enough. Though I was just looking into them and apparently the battle system is a watered down version of SMTIII's, but I guess I'll have to see for myself. Yeah, I don't really understand, they're talking about a sequel called Bravely Second as well x)
    17. Ampy
      All I know is the main guy is an ***... not sure I even want to try x)

      Next time I'm there I will. I've tried baconaise and bacon flavoured popcorn, so I guess this is the next step.

      Well apparently in the censored version of the VN they drink eachothers blood instead, take your pick x) I did a project on Feudal Japan last year, I'm guessing this was going on after that period ended then?

      Usually I'd say yes, but the adventure aspect keeps it fresh, though the pacing can get really slow but apparently that's just a problem with the anime.

      I was thinking of Giratina's cave, I forget the name of it now. Turnback Cave, I think.

      The Haruhi dub has Crispin Freeman and Wendee Lee so it's perfect, shush. Though for the most part I'd agree, but there's always exceptions. The creepiest thing is still the final witches laugh imo, but I guess that comes in a close second x)

      I'll keep it in mind but not even sure I'll like them too much, not usually a huge fan of High School settings but we'll see how things go. Plus I have the whole Xenosaga series to get through before jumping into another game (besides Bravely Default).
    18. Ampy
      I feel like that's an even worse reaction than anger though x)

      Anything tastes good with ice cream... even bacon. No, I'm kidding, although for some reason that combination has become fairly popular around here. There's an ice-cream shop that sells bacon flavoured milkshakes.

      Yeah, I thought that was ridiculous in the anime, they probably explain it a little better in the VN but it still seems ridiculous x) I'm guessing that's in one of the routes that's not shown in the anime. Really? I didn't know about that, so they're just against anything that comes from Japan and vise versa?

      Fair enough. I could take a break but I honestly don't feel like it haha, though we'll see how I feel once I get a new computer.

      I don't remember that part too much, was that Stark Mountain or am I thinking something else?

      Well to be fair the music (not including OPs and EDs) were translated into English in the Haruhi dub, but it was really well done, Haruhi's VA is a good singer. Ahhh, yeah I remember that part now.

      Hmmm, making me really want to play it now. I just beat the Law route of SMTIV and feel like taking a break from it for awhile, need something to play until Bravely Default is released here. Yeah, I've been wanting to get into the Persona games, Persona 4 is like $10 new on Amazon but I've been hearing that the Persona 4 Gold on the Vita has like 2x more content... though I don't really want to buy a Vita x)

      How's school going anyways?
    19. gyaradosuseddragonrage!
    20. Ampy
      How about extreme depression?

      Well if I ever get the chance to I'll give them a shot, doesn't sound too bad x)

      Yeah, I don't really understand why something like F/SN would have them... seems kind of out of place. I will in a due time... we can hope. My room has a ton of anime stuff everywhere, I don't really care what people think about it anymore haha.

      Really? Personally I'm still incredibly excited for the next season... I just can't get into the manga, although I usually can't get into manga as well as anime anyways. If I get a new laptop before then yes haha. I'm at 370/630 or something like that... there's some filler but not to the extent of Naruto or Bleach.

      Yeah, that one is a bit frustrating though I've only had to redo it once from what I recall.

      The first opening is a bit catchy I'll admit but I also hate it... I much prefered Haruhi's music, though I watched it in English so I can't really say anything. Does the manga go in more depth? I know he had multiple bodies but I don't remember him eating his own corpse... then again I was high on pain medication at the time x)

      Yeah, I never totally beat the game, I remember doing a few odd quests after beating Dialga but not too much other than that. Oh for sure, but it's mostly due to how painfully unfair the battle system can be. If you have a demon with good set-up it's fine for the most part but it's not like other RPGs where you can just power through everything.
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