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Dec 20, 2018
Sep 5, 2010
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Apr 5, 1995 (Age: 24)

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Tsun Tsun~, 24

Tsumiki was last seen:
Dec 20, 2018
    1. Ampy
      Only if I enjoy it though, right? x)

      Can't eat pineapples anymore after having them in Hawaii, don't think I've ever had canned pineapple slices though.

      People probably just say that it's good because of all the H scenes. Do you have a large poster of Saber in your bedroom? I DIDN'T THINK SO.

      Not even AoT? I've kind of stopped reading that regularly because I think the art is pretty awful though x) Well my laptop is junk so I'm probably not gonna be watching much anime for awhile, but I'll definitely watch it after catching up with OP... over halfway there now lol.

      Yeah, and I found Mt. Coronet a bit confusing but I always thought scaling the outside of the mountain was awesome.

      I've always enjoyed moe just not when that's all the show has going for it, *cough*K-on*cough*. And no, I don't find K-on's music enjoyable. Rei Ayanami is one of my favourite characters so I can't really hate moe x) Yeah, that's what I was thinking too, his physical appearance would make me lean towards psychic/fairy but those are already taken anyways.

      I need to replay that game. I bought the new one and didn't think it was very good so I sold it to a friend, I'm too busy with Shin Megami Tensei anyways x)
    2. KillerDraco
      I gotta be honest, I don't know of any jobs in this field that aren't stressful. Child welfare is an inherently stressful field, after all. If you're just looking to work with children though, there's plenty of non-stressful fields, such as daycares, schools, hospitals, etc. - Basically places where the primary clientele tends to be children.
    3. Ampy
      Indeed, you could always take a offense that I was playing/watching a game/anime that you disliked.

      I like canned peaches as long as we're the ones that can them. The ones you buy at the store are pretty gross, yeah.

      Really? I heard those were pretty decent in the VN, but doesn't surprise me really x) Also, Saber is mine, so Shirou can shove it.

      Huh weird. And yeah, I've heard some really good things about it. A lot of the Fairy Tail fanbase are jumping ship over to it since Fairy Tail had been pretty awful for about a year or so. I'll put it behind Steins;Gate... I think you can agree with that x) One Piece marathon ahoy!

      Hmm, yeah, I remember that part. To be fair I used the no-clip code to pass through that part of the game the last couple run throughs I've done x)

      That was the joke haha. I see people talking about how the show looks childish and say it's about 10-year old girls. I agree, I actually liked them all besides the blonde one because she wasn't really around long enough for me to feel any attachment. Madoka was adorbs though so it's ok. Trying to think what type it would be xD

      Really? Well I played it back in Grade 8 so I just tried to plow through everything with damaging moves. Dialga stomped me quite a few times before I gave up and went back to grinding x)
    4. peacemaker987
      That's fine, it's just dorm-wide competition to get as many people around the world to participate. It's actually a celebration of some sort about knighthood and all that it follows! As in tug of war, sword fighting and having lots of friends (big kingdom and popular and all that).

      They realized I wasn't ESL and put me in regular english. Twas a sad day.

      That breaks the first requirement though. They have to be kawaii-tsundere-mini-asians like Steph herself!


      Already on it. Expect it within a couple replies.

      That and watermelons in my shirt while standing on stilts.

      :O Take me.
    5. peacemaker987
      also I know this is an odd request, but can you take a picture of yourself with a sign that says "ivanhoe 2014" beside a clear south korean landmark?
    6. Ampy
      Now, we wouldn't want that. I don't need people flying from Korea just to arrest me x)

      Indeed, it's a thriving business, I'd like to help keep it that way.

      True, I like there to be romance but I lose interest quickly if that's really all there is to it.

      Seriously? I thought we had gotten rid of censorship here... though I'm guessing it's not present on the DVDs x)

      Still haven't gotten around to those BW2, but I don't remember Platinum dragging too much but meh, nostalgia blinds my judgement haha.

      If there is a discount, we'll see haha.

      Once things really started moving it was just plain out depressing... and I loved it. Nothing like watching 12 year old girls having their spirits broken down by scrapbook monsters and an Eeveelution wannabe x) In all seriousness it was great and pretty sad, Homura was my favourite character. I'm really looking forward to Rebellion.
    7. KillerDraco
      I did a dual major in Psychology and Criminology. And if you can't handle much stress, you wouldn't want to get within 10,000 miles of this job. Its inherently high stress due to the rather infuriating clientele, which includes but is not limited to drug addicts, child abusers, mentally ill persons, and those who are just in complete denial about everything. There's also a lot of paperwork, and a lot of deadlines. Especially things like court deadlines which are non-negotiable, and they don't care what your excuse is unless you are dead or dying.
    8. peacemaker987
      And now I have english and there it goes down the drain.

      Except for the other wives, of course. >:)

      My roommate has wardrobe three times larger than mine and somehow runs out before me. I think people are just too privileged. Our uni's pretty prestigious, and it's the science cohort too. People are usually from pretty decent backgrounds.

      I probably couldn't live with it myself. I'LL BEAT YOU TO IT. Ima marathon school days tonight after I finish my organic chemistry pre-lab. I've already put it off too long.

      omg you actually remembered my last name asoeifjapseoifajsepo. I am honoured. Narcissus Liu is my alter ego, where I am a plastic cyborg that brings justice to villains in the night...

      They have cherry ice cream? I must've been living under a rock. Should it on my bucket list to go to SK and eat cherry icecream one day.
    9. KillerDraco
      Yeah I had heard and seen a few people throwing around the old "Hey look who's not banned anymore" stuff when people who were apparently old timers come around to post. Fun times.

      It's not actually something that requires a background in law. Most of the job takes place outside of court; the job requires primarily a background in psychology or social work, although criminology is also accepted. You do need to have an awareness of some state statutes but as a whole you usually have a lawyer working with you so you don't have to know all of the case law. It can be rewarding, although at the same time, it's highly frustrating and it takes a while to reach those happy ending, since parents have to be given a chance to get their children back, unless in cases of EXTREME abuse, which happens about 1% of the time.
    10. Habblox

      I really started getting into Competitive ever since the ending of Black2/White2, and when I got so hooked up in the World Tournament place thingy, with all the old gym leaders and the champions. I started breeding a few Pokémon like Milotic and some other crap, using my Regirock as a base, and I really liked it! I played on my DSLite back then so I was unable to use the internet seeing as my Router was unsupported, lol.

      Now that I have a 3DS I can go wild and enjoy many online battles with my friends! :)
    11. Habblox
      Nah it's okay. I get most of what they're saying and it makes sense. The only thing I might need some help with is Mixed Sweeping, but it's not what I'm planning on doing anytime soon. I just want some standard teams to enter tournaments with, you know? Just minor, local tournaments, nothing big like the official VGCs or something like that. :P

      And don't worry, you didn't come off High and Mighty or anything, it's totally fine. :) Just helping a noob out. :D
    12. KillerDraco
      Well, it does seem like the forums are moderated slightly better in that obvious trolls get shut down a bit quicker.

      Child Welfare is a giant pain. Essentially the way it works is that anyone can call in what's called an abuse report on a parent if they believe that there is potential abuse or neglect going on. From there, child protection investigators (CPI) go out to the location where the abuse report was called in on, and investigate. If there is a present and identifiable threat to child safety, they can either offer services to help remedy the situations, or if the situation is severe, remove the child from the parents' custody, aka, "shelter" the child. From there if the child is removed they're either placed with relatives, non-relatives (i.e., friends of the family), or if no one is available to care for the child, they go into Foster Care. At which point it goes to court, in front of a Dependency Judge, and they have what's called a shelter hearing, in which case the judge decides whether or not to uphold the shelter. Shelter hearing occurs within 24 hours of removal. If they decide to overturn the shelter, the child is returned to the parents. If they uphold the shelter, then a case manager gets assigned to the case (this is what I do, I'm a case manager). The case manager has to work with the parents throughout the case, such as when they get a case plan assigned to them (which basically states the things they have to do to get their child back, such as being free of drugs, taking parenting classes, etc). If they don't comply with the case plan once it's court ordered, they can potentially have their parental rights terminated. Otherwise, the goal is always to reunify the families.

      ...And that's the very short version of what I do. The full version is much, much, much longer.
    13. Sohryu
      I have exactly the same thoughts, too. Although I don't think it could be the same as before, making it a bit better than it is today is fine already.

      It is a beauty game, really. I just don't like its aspects. And how they treat Lightning. She isn't that great and it's not unique, too. It's a totally rip-off from Cloud. I won't even say how much I like this guy? I say, the only female protagonist worth noting, has already name and it's Terra. Heck, even Celes is better (although not protagonist), too bad, the lady is depressing. Like most of the characters on FFVI, bar Kefka!

      Okay, I exaggerated a bit with Naruto. Only Noctis shares a similarity with the design there; And that is because os Sasuke.
      And Backstreet Boys because... There are only boys there? Haha! I like female characters better than male ones, mostly because of their personalities. But for some odd reason, all playable characters there are only man. Although I'm clueless. There's ages since I've last searched for some XVI information.
    14. KillerDraco
      Okay, you win. Drain Punch Alakazam is pretty bad, although I do still see people all the time who don't really pay attention to physical vs. special even to this day. I mean, it's pretty obvious, especially with Pokemon whose stats are as lopsided as something like Alakazam. But then again, I suppose that's what the rating sections are for, to help people learn.

      If you want to know about me, you'll have to pay the toll... or something. IDK. The basic thing to know about me is I'm forever tired and having very little time due to my job. I work in child welfare. It kicks my *** due to the high stress and long hours. The money and benefits are pretty good, though.
    15. peacemaker987
      Because bragging about a 4.0 dingerdonger is as impressive as a perfect GPA. Please have more faith in me.

      A notable example of this is that one chinese king with a wife for every single day of the year. I must've been annoying to know that your husband gets it on with everyone in this crowd of women.

      How can one run out of clothes three times a week. I don't even.

      It would be the most illogical thing but it'll be so much fun people won't even care. Ladies please contain yourself B)

      I don't know mang, I'm pretty hawt, becoming a plastic cyborg will only make it better.

      Peaches great, they're good as a fruit and as a flavour! Unlike cherries.
    16. KillerDraco
      Don't be fooled. They're just after my Nutella. But they'll never take it from me... Never!

      My competency comes and goes depending on how tired I am which directly correlates to how my day at work is, but thank you. I'd mostly just observed from the sidelines for a while (went for years without making an account on Serebii), but eventually I got tired of that, especially considering some of the suggestions I'd been seeing (with things like Aerial Ace Tyranitar being front runners).

      I also have a deep hatred for Belly Drum, given that even competitively, most a lot of people use it wrong by just Belly Drumming ASAP rather than waiting for an obvious switch. Makes me facepalm so much... I guess people must not like half of their HP bar, huh?

      Also, hello.
    17. gyaradosuseddragonrage!
      You can be anything
    18. peacemaker987
      How does that even happen what. GPA is 4.0 thank you very much.

      That's kind of hot.

      I also thought that having internationals would be fun, except they're all super shut in chinese guys/gals that only every talk to be about school and laundry. Someday I'll succeed in meaningful conversion.

      It'll be a masterpiece I promise. The tsundere will be named Jiyun who likes school days and me lol. it's funny because it's not true

      And then I can embrace my inner korean and surgery my way to perfection!

      same goes for many fruits.
    19. Aura Sensei™
      Aura Sensei™
      I wouldn't say fun, but it's a great way to pass the time lol

      Yeah well once you're used to snow you get tired of it. It's also cold here :(
    20. Sohryu
      Hallways, haha! That's true, actally. I wonder what's happening SE... I mean, what the **** were they doing before with FF franchise? Square Soft were know before for they awesome games (although FFX were bad enough for me), and SE wasn't exactly bad... I just don't what they tried to do with FFXIII. Three sequels, and the last one is a shame, sounds a lot like Barbie to me. Light' does that, uses those clothes, does cosplay of Prince of Persia and take care of the World! It's just idiot!
      FFXIV, however, isn't that much like Barbie... It's a mix with Naruto and Backstreet Boys, hahaha!!!
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