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  • I can see why, but apparently they skipped out on some things like Gilgamesh's encounter with Angra Mainyu which would have made the ending make a lot more sense imo x) Oh I definitely found it funny, the Lancer gags are the best (I don't even like South Park).

    I've heard that but someone I know on another forum has completely ruined it for me by her yaoi fangirling ;_; I'll probably check it out eventually though. It's not actually shounen in itself I love, I just love the idea of long series with individual story arcs that are strung together for whatever reason x)

    Maaan, so many forums. I'll give it a look though.
    I actually didn't mind the stuff with Misato and Kaji in the original but gotta agree. I still haven't watched 3.0 so I can't answer that question yet lol.

    Always happens with me, I tried watching FMA in Japanese but I just can't do it. Yeah, I find it really wrecks the enjoyment for me if I have to try to get used to the VAs. That being said I tried watching some shows like Fate/Zero in dub but I just can't do it either because I'm so used to the Japanese.

    How and why? o_o

    Fair enough, I can't say much about KlK yet since I'm only 2 episodes in yet. Yuki Kaijura is probably my favourite composer a long with Shiro Sagisu but I've definitely been enjoying KlK's soundtrack more than SAO's. I felt SAO's OST was good, but one of her weaker ones and seemed like she just recycled the ones from F/Z and Kara no Kyoukai (which I started btw). Well I'll let you know how I felt about it once I finish, I'm definitely not expecting it to be as great as TTGL at least x) It was awful, but dat RinxSaber action. In all seriousness that scene should have just been omitted lol, just the whole idea of sex = mana transfer seems like a way to shoe-horn hentai into the game. There is, but it's either the PS2 version which is Japanese only with no patches or the PC version which costs like $500. I was gonna get the Realta Nua patch (the all ages one you're talking about) but that doesn't do anything about the cover :p I'm kind of disappointed they haven't released an official English version of the V/N yet, I just bought one of the art-books and it's fully translated and they translated Fate/Extra and released it over here.
    ...not sure how I feel about it. I like the idea of different difficulties but that's just taking the two-version releases too far x)

    I really enjoy basketball... on the other hand none of my friends do so I don't get to play it much. I'm assuming you're gonna want to suggest Slam Dunk or Kuroko no Basket to me :p
    Indeed... and honestly, I don't care about the love life of 14 year olds x) Yeah, her addition was always kind of weird to me.

    Yeah, I've heard it's pretty good, I'm just waiting for the dub of 3.0 to be available online lol. I really just realized how hard it is to switch over after being so accustomed to one set of voice actors.

    I'll refrain from making my snarky comments about Apple then XD Well my phone's been working surprisingly well lately so I guess I'll put that on hold for awhile.

    I'm surprised though, you like SAO more than KlK? (referring to you giving the former a 7 and the latter a 6). I just started it, it seems interesting enough and at least good for some laughs. While the animation is definitely not the best I absolutely love the art. Because I wanted to see if it was as bad as I remember... it honestly wasn't besides Shirou being annoyingly sexist x) Meh, about 5 hours into the thing and there's barely been any player input, I scratched the idea of actually buying the game because they just had to have topless Rin and Sakura on the box, not something I want to have to explain to friends/family if they stumble upon it. To me it's really just like reading a manga except with a lot more detail and a soundtrack x) Been thinking of doing that, heard they had to cut out some stuff in the anime, which is understandable. I've heard very good things about the Tsukihime VN, on the other hand it's apparently a fandom joke to pretend that the anime adaption never happened because it's that bad. I started watching it but then stopped for whatever reason, I remembered finding one of the first episodes hilarious but the Tsukihime parts go over my head lol.
    yeah that's annoying, but magmortar is probably better than houndoom other than it's evolution. i didn't even know you could do that o.o having egg moves is pretty beast, at least you don't have to breed.
    and don't forget magmortar too! he was probably my favorite fire type in platinum. oh i think dialga was the only mon i used once i caught it xD

    their parents might freak. yeah but it's kinda late to change it.
    gah, only having two fire types in a game until you get the national dex can really be a pain. i think mine was infernape/luxray/dialga/staraptor/pikachu. and sialga was really overleveled once i reached the e4, like level 70.

    yeah that's probably what they meant, i guess that the term shiny also sounds better than saying, 'oh, i caught a differently colored pokemon!' lol. sounds a bit racist so i xan see what they were doing.
    My dear, it was indeed =/
    Could have sworn it was Get Luck and Chance, haha! That's what happens when you don't pay attention.
    I suppose you have watched Angel Beats too? =3

    By the way, episode 8 was aired yesterday. It was good enough, it also cleared some questions we had, as how they get their power and a bit of character plot. Hopefully, the next episodes shall clear even more queries.
    Talking about this, how come you only care for Ene? Haha! She's awesome indeed. I prefer Kido and Kano though. They're so awesome!
    i used infernape on my first playthrough and the pnly other mons i had were pikachu and maybe dialga? maybe it was dialga. yeah rapidash is really not worth training, it lacks a good movepool, it dosen't hit very hard and has limited coverage.

    oh yeah now i think i remember it. if they're shiny shouldn't they literally have a shiny aspect to them :p

    by the way, do you have an apple device?
    yeah same, i never really used setup, and i don't really recall how i beat garchomp, maybe i spammed close combat from infernale and it didn't use eq. yeah and it's gyro ball was annoying if you were trying to take it out with something frail.

    i don't even remember what shiny dnite looks like. isn't he blue or something?
    if only they had the air balloon in dp :p would make it much easier. bronzong was super bulky, you pretty much needed to get super effective hits on it or have something that can set up.

    i guess certain ones look nice/natural, i like shiny rayquaza, black and yellow fit well together. then there are shinies like garchomp who look the same...
    KagePro is a lot confusing, tbh. I too am still wondering what's hapenning, but hopefully things will start to set-up now.
    I know nothing of the anime as of now, although I have watched all seven episodes released so far. Eagerly waiting the next ones.

    And whaaaaat! Episode 06 is awesome. But three was godly awesome. I can't love Kano, Kido and Marry more tbh. Specially the former. They're awesome!
    i found it worse in hgss xD in dp i would just spam the vs seeker lol. at least you had the advantage of rebattles. but yeah, garchomp just rapes, i remember beating the elite 4 then always being beat by cynthia. that's good. yeah i think i only have two shinies, but i find that most of the colors look awkward and i prefer the regular sprite.

    no i did not :( but i got pizza <3
    You're watching Mekaku City too!
    I have just started to watch it. I'm on the fourth episode. How's the anime for you, so far? I'm enjoying. Specially the characters and the comedy moments, specially on the third episode with Kido and Kano. Though it's being confusing for me, at least.
    yeah hgss really was dissapointing to me because of all the grinding you had to do. i'm assuming you can re battle trainers in sacred gold? yeah well people are obsessed with shinies. still i find it removes the accomplishment of actually getting a shiny, just feels ordinary.

    and thank you!
    yeah i have the entire rbg arc then i have the first few for the gsc arc. yeah i think rbg had a really good ending, giovanni ends up being good, wat. yeah you're right, whilst roms don't keep me as occupied as the regular games they're fun. lol, sounds like fun, but i guess that if you caught a shiny it wouldn't be an accomplishment xD
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