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  • oh nice. yeah i'll try to, i've read the red/blue and a bit of diamond/pearl. yeah i get what you mean, there are also a lot og grammar issues as well. still they're a pretty good replication of the anime/manga. light platinum is fun too, but i just got bored of it since by the 2nd gym you can already get the hoenn and johto startes iirc. wait it's really called 'yet another fire red hack'?
    oh nice. let me know when you get a 3ds and i'll add your fc. haha by the time you get xy the hoenn remakes will be out (confirmed btw). rom hacks are really fun, there are a lot of good ones like ash gray, it's basically a hack following the events of the anime up until orange islands and you play as ash. red adventures is another nice one, if you're interested in the mangas as it follows the events of the manga. those are probably my two favorite lol, i've never played sacred gold though. dosen't it have the same story but more pokemon?
    I never found her overly likeable but I did find myself disappointed by her lack in development in the first two at least, I haven't watched 3.0 yet.

    Gurren Lagann's are pretty bad too from what I recall, only a couple made very much sense x) Yeah, not something I really want to rewatch but I may someday. May just end up reading the manga though.

    Not too old, just LG's aren't very good phones in general lol. HTCs are blazing fast and really well built, that's why I'm kind of leaning towards them but if I don't I'll probably go with Samsung.

    Yeah, I watched one of the fight scenes... soooo choppy. Anyways, just rewatched F/SN actually... it held my interest a lot more this time for whatever reason and I absolutely love Rin but I'd still say it wasn't that great (though better than SAO *cough*)... and oh god that CGI Dragon, I forgot how bad it was. I decided to just watch the VN on YouTube, some guy has a playthrough up but thinking I'll buy the actually VN when I can... the sad thing is it's $100 cheaper than 13 episodes of Fate/Zero. That's the Garden of Sinners right? No I haven't, but I've been wanting to get into more Type-Moon stuff, was thinking I'd try Tsukihime (the VN, heard the anime is awful) after F/SN.

    I still haven't beaten it... and what. So you have to own the game twice to play the challenge mode? That just sounds scummy.
    How's college going? What are you studying? So much to catch up on! :D

    Yeah I definitely know what you mean re: not being as active on SPPf due to a lack of time but eh, what can you do. I've been pretty busy with uni and work myself akjsdhf but overall doing pretty okay!
    I would agree with that, but in terms of expectation and the position the show was in (regarding it being a prequel to the anime adaption of the light novel), I feel that it wasn't handled optimally. For example, there's some form of expectation for a focus on Saber, right? Contrary to this, she's focused on almost none at all, imo. And when I stated Archer while citing character development I was referring to his catalysis of Kirei's development, I just thought it was self-explanatory :p More or less, most of my issues with the show stem from the limbo that's caused with them attempting to fabricate this show but maintaining its persona as a prequel. It seems to flip back and forth, which I found irritating as someone who hadn't watched the original and found myself attached to certain parts only to be cast aside as parts of the show expect the audience to make inductive leaps from prior knowledge. Basically that's where I'm coming from in terms of frustration with focuses too, lol.

    Do keep in mind I'm writing this like three weeks late and super tired so I'm probably senseless :c

    Shhhhhhh. Speaking of lolis oh my God Toradora like what the hell, thanks a lot Japan

    I mean I doubt you will but okay whatevs :p

    I can dream. I can dreeaaam. But alas you're right, Kamina will always be the epitome.

    You goof. I meant what color, style, etc. I don't care if he's wearing a tux and you're wearing a dress lol, I care if he's wearing like a black tux with red accent along with vest and bowtie and you're wearing like a ballroom gown with heels, as examples. x)
    Well I thought it'd just be him being spectacularly dumb or something like that and people would eventually catch on (sooner) and he'd get whats coming over a longer period. I was basically waiting for that the whole time but ended up watching people getting sappy and sad over random sex room in the school. Apathy really does stop me from enjoying most anime from that genre, it's kind of like a handicap.

    Romantic anime you say.. realistic? That's insane there's no way. I'd have to see for myself to believe it.
    Everything looks so kawaii in Little Busters :3

    I got top 30 in 600 people for a 59% on the final exam in one of my classes. Striving to be one of the best Steph, I want to be the very best.

    That's why I was waiting, there's so much I want to watch this year. New Mushishi, remake of Stay/night, eva 4.0, gundam unicorn episode 7...
    It's like any other song I guess, really ruins it when you over listen it. idk, osu songs tend to make good playlist material for studying and such. I really enjoy Ailee pls don't judge.

    There are only so many women out there with this kind of dedication. You would know right? >:D
    I'm just pretty deal with it.

    Usually how it goes with schools around here. Once we get a bit further up most people end up moving out into their own apartments and such anyways.
    I like it when they are of the kawaii tsundere variety but I guess that combination can be hard to come by sometimes. You can say it's a bit of a preference.
    Well it was not quite as spectacular as expected. When a show is a let down at being hilariously bad it's pretty bad. Apathy is a terrible thing steph.
    Sell me Golden Time, why would I watch it.

    As in a pretty decent mark.

    The original Eva was kind of lackluster I guess if you're not really into it to begin with. I'm just waiting on 4.0 to come out before I start watching the rebuild movies. whatwhy how can you not like that song ;-;

    You should be able to tell from my lack of aptitude with words and my dense train of thought. Please I expected better.

    I'm moving back home for the summer, my contract's only for the 8 months I'm here studying hard. I've already applied for this dorm again and the fobby dorm just in case, mind you the fobby dorm has a lot of pretty asian girls :3
    The only real complaints I've had with the movies so far (only seen 1.0 and 2.0) is that Asuka's character has kind of been pushed to the side. Now she's not my favourite character, but I feel like she got the most development in the series.

    Well of course, exactly why I'm glad I don't know German because it sounds good XD Yeah, some of them make some sense like Counter Attack Mankind but then the rest are just random numbers, letters and symbols x) Well at least with EVA there were actually some deep concepts going on... whether they were pulled off well enough or not is up for debate.

    I tried too and couldn't fine one D:

    Basically x) Literally my phone becomes unusable for 10 minutes+ sometimes because of the lag... even after factory resetting it. Probably gonna look into a HTC or Samsung next time.

    Hmmm, after basically marathoning One Piece I don't think any show could bore me just by watching episode after episode, though you have a point. Yeah, I've heard that, and that the animation isn't quite as good but it still looks fun. Well red heads are common... but more like Mikuru Asahina redhead, not just red but that's just me x) Honestly it's basically the only scene I remember... except for that one other one, and I'm sure you know which one I mean. Indeed, and ufotable means it'll at least be gorgeous to look at :D

    Ahhh, yeah, I'm always like that too, it may be part of my inner completionist though x) Yeah, seems like Nintendo is catering to younger audiences a lot with things like that, I think what you said would have been a good idea if not something like Easy/Hard mode. I haven't talked to that guy in a couple years now ;_; I think that would have helped, yeah. The only real problem I had with it was that I always found myself overleveled at gyms and I didn't even battle wild Pokemon very much, just trainers.
    Oh my God the character limits. Jesus.

    Overall, I mean I thought it was great; it was a beautiful anime, it had the most intricate and multi-faceted characters I've ever seen in one, and the plot was incredibly interesting as well as thought-out and (barring fantasy aspects) cruelly realistic. I just disliked the fact that it felt it was there purely to cover bases and not much more than that, it felt. I would've enjoyed it so much more if it weren't a prequel and was instead the original story, I think.

    (let's take it from the top now)

    That's good, just making sure I'm not crazy, haha. And that's what I'm saying: the source material should have been longer x) Hey, don't bad-mouth Gurren Lagann like that! It's a great one :< Ugh don't even get me started on how much of a waste that character is. Lol he and I are Facebook friends, play League together a bit too.

    That and they're all stupid. I can't tell if I've just grown out of it for if the quality's deteriorated that much, but it feels like visiting the IGRMT nowadays gives me an aneurysm. Mmmmmmm I dunno about that. It'd still just be easier for you to get a different mode of communication xD

    There is in America. Why the hell would I do that? Just who the hell do you think I am!?

    Ahahaha lookatchu! Ought to be a fun time then. Whatcha guys gonna wear?
    Depends. School's almost over so I'm getting more time in a bit. I had a problem with how it was set up, tbh. Not quite in terms of plot or character, but in terms of the manner in which all of the mechanics unfolded throughout the storyline. I understand that it was intended as a prequel, but for a lot of it it just seemed to focus on covering bases and perspectives, but didn't much focus on the characters that appeared to be important. For example, there was a good bit of focus into characters like Caster and his master, whereas characters like Kiritsugu and Saber that are built to be the protagonists in the story aren't quite emphasized other than some background about Kiritsugu's past and a couple flashbacks for Saber nearing the end. They hardly interacted on any level more than a mutual dislike for each other and then even that wasn't touched on much, only stated really. You have characters like Rider and Waver where there's a huge amount of character development involved between the two, you have Archer and Kirei that become basically the prime example of development within the storyline, and then you have Saber (who appears to be the figurehead of the series) and Kiritsugu whom hardly regard each other as even existent. I'd understand the theme of masters simply treating their Servants as tools in that respect, but given the implied importance of her character I found myself disappointed by how little that supposed theme was expanded on. It was shown in Lancer just fine, and honestly the only thing that saddens me there is the fact that he's used as a plot device to simply be pitied. And Kariya was just sigh.
    Don't most of the arguments that come out of EVA have to do with the religious symbolism? You know the ones that the creator even stated he put in just because they looked cool XD

    Lol, speaking of AoT. Apparently the woman singing in a lot of the soundtracks completely butchers the German language... makes me glad I don't know German or I wouldn't be able to enjoy the soundtrack so much. Lol of course, kind of funny to see people apply any deep philosophical to any of the Big 3 or basically any long-running shonen x)

    Huh, don't think I've ever had those, I'm sure I'll know what you mean if I saw one x)

    An LG, easily the most unreliable piece of technology I've ever used lol.

    I meant when they come out, also I'm the type of person who likes to marathon series more than just sit down and watch an episode a day, so I just wait until I have time. It's why I left Kill la Kill alone, and it's finished now so I'll probably pick it up soon. Rider, Berserker, Sakura, and Kayneth's wife don't haha. I just found Archer vs Berserker in the actual anime the highlight while everything else was either meh or just bad x) I have, it looks amazing, took me awhile to get used to the artwork but I'm really liking it now.

    Is that just because you haven't grinded or you just avoid all the trainers? lol. That's one complaint I had with X/Y though, the EXP Share made it too easy but if you didn't use it you'd have to do some major grinding. It's amazing how a BLUE RABBIT could be so helpful x) I'll let you know once I get around to it (so give me a year or so). While I'll agree in some ways, they also made X/Y extremely easy in comparison to past generations and it kind of felt like I was having my hand held the whole way through.
    Okay, you had me worried there. I was concerned that this was a normal thing over there in Asia-land xD And that's precisely my point. What I meant was that the arc as a whole within the story should not have been that short and condensed, not just within the anime. Garrett just finished Toradora! actually, so who knows he may bargain with me over it. And I didn't say it was the best I've ever seen, again just that it's my favorite x) Keep in mind that favoritism doesn't always have to do with logic, I mean Gurren Lagann is still my favorite series and that's so nonsensical in itself. I just like how both Kirito and Asuna are in terms of character design. And I mean c'mon, they're adorbs! :3 Ahhh Kerech, speaking of which I haven't talked to him in a few days.

    I've been warned, and we shall see. I think I'll start and see how the VN goes, I feel like given my thirst for the comprehension of everything in the realm of a story it would be the most efficient thing to do :p Besides that I'm hoping that some of the problems I encountered with Fate/Zero can be solved just with more knowledge of the series.

    Haha yeah, lurking told me that. I'm not really surprised at all since they probably lasted longer than I did lol. I think it's pretty fair to say then that IGRMT may as well be dead with them gone too. Mmmmmm I dunno, I'd just have to stop coming here, seems easy enough ;)

    Wait, there's a difference between all of those nationalities?

    Jesus, it's like you're trying to end my social life and turn me into an otaku. We shall see. I've been working on One Piece in my downtime but I think the next project's either going to be Hunter x Hunter or whatever else pops in lol x)

    Ooo sounds like fun! Like the guy you're going with?
    Seriously has this character limit always been there?

    I did not, Ampy (or Garrett, dunno what you call him) told me it was basically a waste of time. I downloaded the VN to go over whenever I feel like, but we'll see. As for how I felt about it, I'll have to answer that in the next one because I'm strapped for time (catching a bus in 5) and because character limit haha :p

    Oh I know, but I check in for the anons that we never really cared much for lol. Basically all of the people that sucked as raters back in the day to see if they still suck. That and I look in to see in Joe ever found his way back and if people like Zhanton or Peace are still rating. Well then stop being stubborn, or you shall never hear from me again! /empty threat
    Really? The small Asian girl is going to tell me that we all look the same? xD To be fair it's hard nowadays for anybody to discern someone's nationality if they're white, I like to think it's become irrelevant.

    Nope :p To be honest I haven't watched too many anime shows. I basically shirk off any sort of community for them because I don't really like associating myself with the stereotype so I don't get any suggestions other than like what I find based off of YouTube or what you and Garrett force recommend me to watch :p

    I can't imagine it would be very fun. There are occasions where I like it when girls wear them and typically those occasions involve me being decked out in suit and tie lol. That's great! Chibi's a funny word.
    Um, you mean his cousin? The incest? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    That would explain a lot then. It's nice to know that the future of the series may be better in terms of how the story actually flows and develops, but until then I can deal with it. Oh I know it is, that was a major gripe I had. Like there's a major issue in it that I feel like, as opposed to the typical problem of a series being too drawn out or long, SAO is way too short and rushed. Aincrad alone could have or should have taken a full season if not more to fully develop and synthesize everything (I mean there are 100 floors, like c'mon) and they squander all of that potential away. I don't pay attention to ships whatsoever but Kirito x Asuna are by far my favorite romance in an anime, and it bummed me out to think that in just 2-3 episodes they went from being new friends to lovers. Shame about it too is that it's the one point in the entire series where the story doesn't experience a large timeskip, and so you know that it all takes place in only a couple of days.
    Seems to be the case, especially when involves animated characters x)

    Haha, now you've ruined it for me forever, can't unhear. Yeah, I'm sure there are a lot I've just never had a run in with one luckily haha.

    The coca-cola gummies? I guess I can see where you're coming from x)

    That also lagged too much on my phone, but I remember it being extremely popular.

    I usually find it a hassle just because I don't feel like watching them all haha, but I guess I get what you mean. Oh for sure, personally I identified most with Ryuuji for obvious reasons. He's no Kyon but I thought he was a pretty good lead. I think AoT is one of the very few anime I've seen where everyone has normal coloured hair XD Oh yeah for sure, the only things out of F/SN I really liked were Archer and Rin. I'm super hyped for ufotable's F/SN though.

    That sounds phenomenally more fun, I may just do that. Yeah, but at the same time all Final Fantasy games besides their direct sequels take place in different worlds. I'll have to see for myself I guess. Yeah it definitely did but it's still kind of tedious, in a way I'd like an in-game battle simulator but I doubt we'll ever get that.
    Stupid character limit.

    I've already finished Fate/Zero lol, I was done like 2 weeks ago

    Yeah well he also told me that haha, we're basically like always in contact nowadays xD I just feel like it's unnecessary to remain here, tbh. Literally the only reason I still pop in is to see if anyone at all has returned, or to keep in contact with you since you're way too primitive to get a different mode of communication ;D

    It's kay, even if you knew me you wouldn't be able to tell really. I don't particularly look the part, haha.

    That wouldn't fix anything, that would just make the problem happen again!

    Hooray! :D Maybe now on like 7' heels you could reach my shoulders!
    tl;dr: Regardless of the blatant issues in terms of plot synthesis and how the characters are broadly painted with little outstanding or permanent development, I like the show. My only regret is that the writer(s) failed to fulfill proper responsibility to the story in doing it justice. But being unable to change that, I found myself liking the premise and after taking time to evaluate it felt that it was a show I can justify enjoying, just not my favorite nor the best. And I mean c'mon, Kirito and Asuna are adorbs :3
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