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  • I understand. I think humans are the most broken though, what with their dual wielding capabilities and all. I read it, it was extremely short...

    I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to have hope.

    *does an elaborately choreographed dance to dodge trip*

    Indeed. Speaking of Toad, a friend let me borrow Super Mario Galaxy 2.

    And what would you gain by that? Otay. But idk why...
    I don't.

    No it is not.

    But stfu. All possible reasons, although I do not have "drinking habits". It's more to do with the fact that I don't handle vitamins and stuff in food right. Or something. Idk.

    No, but seriously, that just makes no sense at all... And k, bye.
    DO IT. Haha Disgaea's cool too. Haha sweet, vieras are good. Yeah I know...it would, right?

    Haha not really.

    *spins out of the way*

    This is true...

    Plus, even if you weren't, you have nothing to gain from me by lying lol. Oh sh/t, that sucks. Um, idk why one would want a new account lol.
    I said he can worship me. :U Although we have a good amount of mutual respect for each other tbh.

    Not this again.

    w/e. Well, define "normal". Although tbh I should be taller since my dad was like, 6'3".
    I don't, it's really funny. Annoyingly, Joe, who I may or may not have told you is my cousin, isn't scared so baww.

    It is a load of lol. The first years are practically scared of me, and I'm shorter than most of them. 8D

    You didn't need 10char there.
    Mine was FFVII, and yes, you have haha. Look it up; it was my first Nippon Ichi Software game, and I love the company now (they remade the game for the Wii). Really? Well then that is impressive. Actually, I read it in less than 48 hours, so. I would hope that he finishes this story first, but I guess that'd be a good idea once he's finished.

    Aw haha why do it?


    Hahaha does he also make unintelligible sounds?

    Well you know that you told me of your lack of FF experience, as well as FFT:A being your first, which is consistent with your FF experience. Your admittance of a lack of proof of being you also helps to prove it's you, oddly. Why'd you change though?
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