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Recent content by Tsunami16

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    Things that grind your gears!

    When you're trying to capture a wild Growlithe early in Crystal, but it keeps Roaring you away because your Gastly can't land Hypnosis to save its life.
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    Racial and Class Bias in the Justice System

    I don't think the US has a race problem. I think the US has a media problem. The media takes incredibly complex issues and tries to boil it down to one thing. The media tells us that, if a black man killed by a white cop, it has to be motivated by race. There's no other possible explanation. The...
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    Favorite D/P/Pt Gym Leader

    Maylene. I liked her story on the show, but also her in-game backstory. The games strongly imply her father has a gambling problem and she grew up poor because of it. She managed to make something of herself in spite of that. I also like how she gives no ****s. Winter clothes for traveling to...
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    Red, Blue and Yellow on 3DS Virtual Console - Discussion

    Ugh. Now that the running shoes and fast-forward on emulators have spoiled me, that casual stroll all the way to Vermillion will be tough to handle. Can't speak for others, but Mew was supposed to be inaccessible in the games themselves. Finding a way to catch a pokemon that wasn't supposed to...
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    FATAL mistakes you've made on the internet.

    2G1C. That's all I'm going to say. People who know will get it. People who don't...just let it go. I voiced support for Toph Beifong in a Toph vs Gaara death battle video. I forgot all Naruto fans on the internet are certifiable. I joined a Zelda forum and talked about how swords are terrible...
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    Favorite Gen 2 Pokemon?

    I like Espeon because it was my workhorse. Espeon + Bite leveled most of the E4. I loved Xatu's and Ampharos' design, and use both every now and then. Heracross was strong, but it had a terrible learnset. Seriously? No Karate Chop? Skarmory had a great design.
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    Which Will You Start With?

    Not sure if I'll use a starter for the whole game on any of them, but Bulbasaur is most likely to be on my team. He has great typing for Gen 1 and is the only starter that has a STAB with a guaranteed crit in his learnset. Even if they patch the ~100% crit on Razor Leaf, he's still faster than...
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    Red, Blue and Yellow on 3DS Virtual Console - Discussion

    Of course, my 3DS picks this month to die of all times. I hope the VC version has a fast-forward feature. I forgot how the Gen 1 and 2 games were slow af. I wonder if they'll keep the RBG and Y learnsets separate or merge them for this port.
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    Wild Tsunami Appears!

    Hey everyone! Figured I'd join the site, since I've used it a lot over the years. A little about myself: I've been a fan since Pokemon Blue, and recently started playing Crystal again. I'm always looking for different ways of playing through the games, and have also taken a recent interest in...