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  • Let's just get this shiny snivy trade out of the way, [why not both now? Lugia/Eevee and Snivy/Diglett?]
    Lugia sounds nice, what was the deal with it again? And definitely :D As soon as RL stops kickin us the shop will go full swing again, I already have more to add and the like xD
    No it isn't, I bred one I liked better nature wise, and still female/dw ability :p

    I like Diglett and tentacool, and believe I might hit you up for more trades for those others once I feel the shop is active as it can be again :p
    It appears I deleted the msg after keeping it for so long ;_;

    So I'm trading DW female Eevee and shiny snivy
    I can't for the life of me remember what you offered :/

    note: The only DW female I have ready for trade is around lvl 34, it has no EVs [was my original breeder] will that be a problem?
    Real Life :p What was the total list that you wanted? Since we're both on I can trade them quickly now so I can scratch this off my to-do list for when I actually have time xD

    I remember Shiny Snivy but that is it, If I dig I might find it myself but please remind me :p
    Lol, I'm trying and trying to get a fem for quite a few people. I KEEP GETTING MALES ;A;

    I DID hatch a female, but it ended up not having DW ability. ;A;
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