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  • Ah! I'm so glad there are still people who remember me! I feel the same about sprites, the new games are cool but the 3D models aren't really working out for me, and I think the old sparkles are the best, haha. Thank you for the luck and welcoming me back! :D
    Hi there! It's been awhile since I've posted in the shiny thread, so I'm not sure if you still remember me, haha. Anyways, I hear Cranidos has finally shined for you! HUGE congrats! :D Congrats on the Murkrow as well! Both are beautiful shinies.
    Good luck with your hunts! ;)
    That was a pretty awesome summary post, congrats on your lovely shiny Murkrow!

    Also, huge congratulations on the pretty cool Cranidos as well, it certainly looks pretty impressive as a shiny!

    Best of luck on your next hunts by the way, looking forward to your next shiny!
    Thanks - and congrats on checking another one of your list! That's fantastic that you got it and it's such a great shiny! I like the gen 4 fossils and their shinies (especially Cranidos) so it's definitely one I want to go for at some point, just need to finish enough hunts to get to it x.X
    Congrats on finally getting that Murkrow! Awesome to see that story come to an end :) And welcome back to the thread!
    Holy crap, it's so great that you finally got murkrow!! Good luck with cranidos, at least there's no chance you'll encounter anything else in that case.
    Aw, I'm sorry about the duplicate budew! This might not be super helpful but have you thought about going for buneary on platinum in eterna forest with repel trick? I think it's higher leveled so you'd be able to reduce your odds of getting some duplicates.
    That's a lot of dedication to go for both of them, I'm not sure I'd be able to handle running into more repeats. I hope the rest of your hunt runs into no more repeats. Yep! I live in pretty much the middle of nowhere so there's no chance of me getting the eon ticket. I'll have to do the same thing for Latias whenever I pick up AS.
    Congrats on the wurmple and budew! Out of curiosity what's your main target in Eterna Forest? It seems like you've been there forever :3
    Congrats on the actually quite rare shiny Beautifly! That's got a 2% appearance rate, amazing :)

    Thanks for the apologies for the lost shiny! I'll tell you that it was a Chinchou I lost there, but it did look very nice for the few seconds I saw it :p
    Sorry to hear about whatever happened, Keane. I'll continue to pray for you, and I hope things will get better :(
    Hey, sorry to hear about your friend. Try to look at the positives though, as strange as it might be - sometimes people forget they're there. Hope you're well otherwise!

    I took a GCSE Higher Tier Maths exam today, but I think mine was from a different board (checking now...Edexcel). Mine was surprisingly easy, though that usually means the Calculator paper will be hard.

    What sort of questions did you get on your paper?
    Congrats on the houndour, the color looks super amazing and it's always really cool to see people hunt/mm on older gens. (Masuda Methoding in platinum always felt really slow to me for some reason though.) Good luck with the honey trees!
    May's Wumrple's gender was never confirmed, and the gender is not a requirement to the community hunt; only the species. That means your Wurmple qualifies under the first half of the community hunt. :)
    Congratulations on it, by the way! Wonderful shiny, I plan on hunting one soon!
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