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  • I once was very active, but for the time being I'm just dead as far as pokemon goes!
    Maybe once Black/White 2 come out and I get them I'll revive around here- but with the death of groups and the lack of personal interest in being 'professional' as far as competitive fighting goes~ I just have no reason to be here much :D
    Hi! Sorry I am not as active as I used to be but do still have some Axew (I think). My Time zone is GMT+0.

    I don't have the time just now to get FCs and such but I'll dig out my DS and send you it when I can.
    Ooooh....Tyson's wall. Yeah. Well if you want a clan, join the Hoenn Triangle. We can help you hone your skills. I'm the co-leader there in the Sea sector so you'll be accepted!
    So, I noticed that you wanted help with your team. I'd be happy to help, and can even help you get an avatar if you wish(ex, my avatar's a Swellow).

    I can give you links you need on were to post, or you can just send me your current team details.
    I know this sounds weird but...do i know you. I'd be happy to accept your friend request. Where did you find my name out of all the users?
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