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  • *Has managed to finally pull away from RL messes*
    Heh, Rosh would have followed Ask's digital footprints around and snooped, but he is easily distracted. They can trade hacking tricks later probably ;)
    Will work on getting one, sorry, just been hectic with work because it's getting near Christmas and I work retail. Griff has the NPC personalities because I PMed him them when I was brainstorming, I'll forward them on to you, Clewt and Solsabre for now until we get a discussion thread.

    Think salarians are carbon-based, wiki only says they're warm-blooded amphibians. Yulik's addicted to basically anything that makes him more energetic, legal or illegal, so it could be caffeine or some alien equivalent he's high on. He's a daredevil who's constantly trying to beat speed records essentially, the only reason he's on this mission is bills to pay.
    Yup yup, On it! Had a bit of a slow start since my week has been... hectic, but I will have my post up momentarily. ^_^
    Oh. I hope you find one soon too. I can only imagine the problems. I get that. But there's nothing wrong with it. Especially since you're still looking.

    I actually found that some time ago. XP But you're probably right. But I really am listing tropes already.
    I've just noticed/realized it. Oh? That explains why you haven't been online. Is it going okay for you?

    Also, thanks for what you said in Civil War's discussion thread. I'll ask him when I can. Because I'm already listing tropes. XP
    Just curious, is Damgerous Fusion still gonna continue? 'cause I'm really just waitin' for ya. Not sure if Huntress Wizard is still in on it though...
    Threads not posted in after 30 days aren't actively displayed anymore. Go to the RP Sign-up sub-forum and scroll down to "Thread Display Options" and click the drop menu beneath 'show threads from the...' and select from the last 45 days or 2 months and then click the "Show threads" button on the right side of the screen. The Digimon Civil War Sign-up thread should appear.
    You're good to post it in th signup. I'll look it over when I'm not on my phone
    Sorry, about the delay, but Titus's portion is up. I hope you're okay with what I did. Though if I puppeted Nika in anyway you don't like let me know and I'll change it. I kinda wanted him being the rescuer even in bad odds. :)
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