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  • Heheh, good point. I can only imagine Azur's reaction. Speaking of which I might know of a way to distract him from his self-pitying state. =P It depends if he'd be more focused on his self-pity than being awkward around Pyra.
    xDD I was thinking of one possible way to get Dunk to swim- Tyr could be drowning, either faking it or actually.
    Haha, that's true. It'd be a highly amusing chase, though. xD Tyr could probably use the Dramon Breaker to distract him.
    Heh, no problem. At least you'll get some eventually- should be fun. I'm sure Tyr would love to teach him... but something tells me those swimming lessons would put Dunk off water forever. xD

    Now to study some more.
    Hmm... It's entirely possible. On some sort of aquatic digimon is probably more likely. If you like, you can probably pitch the idea to Storymasterb, I doubt he'll say no and it'd be a nice change of scenary.
    Me the one with long posts? xD That's a first. Hmm... I'm not too sure. At least 30 minutes for the long ones, but I'm a sorta slow typer and I often don't pre-plan my posts. I would've said you, Kamotz and Storymasterb all post longer ones than me, but I could be wrong.
    In my experience with RPGing with these guys, it's just a temporary power-up. Though I do plan to have my character from the other universe be able to hold the power up for longer periods of time, via training.
    I think we can pull it off. I'm sure Tyr might have some trouble with the growls, though. xD

    I got the green light from Storymasterb and he said we should use it sparingly- probably for a really big battle.
    Haha, that would be funny. xD I'm game if you are. I'm guessing the way it would work would be we each can control Susanoomon's actions and our own character's mind and dialogue? And would it require any strong emotional bond or something? (I guess Dunk and Tyr already have a bit of a bond, though)
    Hehe, I looked at your sign up briefly and saw that Dunk and Azur could jogress/DNA evolve into AncientGarurumon. I also know that Tyr will eventually be able to reach AncientGreymon level. Hypothetically we could pull off a jogress/DNA Evolution between them to get Susanoomon. And when I picture that, I crack up. Azur having to share a body with both Dunk and Tyr? I'd feel so bad for the guy. =P
    Heh, I don't think I'm thinking what you're thinking, but what you're thinking sure sounds interesting... but what are you thinking? <eyebrow raise>

    You did a much better job at being mysterious than I did. xD He might need to be uncomfortable around women? Hmm. I'm not sure what you mean, but that's probably because I was up til 3:30 doing a 6 page essay and I was going through hell and back trying to figure out how to do footnotes right, this morning for about 3 hours.
    Good news for Zur, at some point during the RPG, he'll have an outlet for his softness/protectiveness towards the opposite gender. =P <hoping to seem mysterious>
    Hey there. Do you think you could have your sign-ups for Unholy Crusade in by Saturday, because that's when we're starting it?
    Really? That's pretty awesome, I'd personally love to go overseas for Uni =D Instead, I'm stuck here with a missing Science book and my School certificate in a few weeks >.< And an overdue religion assignment. And a nearly-due history assignment o.o High School is frustrating.
    Heeey Tundra~ Haven't seen you (because, y'know, y'can't actually see peopleon the internet but I digress) for a while. How've you been?
    You're welcome to use either, though, I got a message about using Leormon in a line from one of the other reserved people. Its up to you which one you use (if you get to Leormon first, its only fair that you get that line), but if that helps you rule one out, then yeah. I dunno.

    Either line is acceptable though. :)
    I can do appearance, but its just well, I can't describe too much. Its like "Yeah. He looks like a person. Nothing fancy," but I have to say it in so many words. But yeah, History is the fun part, because its where you get to mentally scar your characters! 8D I'm always mean to my characters when it comes to history.
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