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  • not this weekend, but after that I should be good to go monday and after, but definitely not the 20th (if we need to go out that far for some reason)
    I'm a wuss.

    If you're tuff enuff to stay up for like, two more hours, I might make it. But srsly, I didn't get sleep the whole weekend.
    When do u wanna fight for Mosh Pit? Im Free tomorrow after 830 PM my time (unless something comes up), and all day tuesday except 2 ( I have other battles then). Ill be out of town Wed-Next Monday, so Id prefer to get our battle done beforehand.
    Wtf go to sleep. I'm too tired, just came from a weekend vacation, need sleep.
    Will be online tomorrow at 2:30 PM your time tomorrow, same for the rest of the week.
    Should be gmt +1 or 2. Its 20:58 now. You can check the time I posted this messages to see the difference :) anyway, shall we pick a time friday when we fight? Im tired from work so sleeping soon. Setting a time isalso easier for both of us.

    Am lookong forward to it!
    Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I will be available tomorow an wednesday from 4 pm till 10 pm at yimezone UTC +1 (Im not good eith all this time zone stuff hehe). Wednesday ecening I might not be available. Thursday I'll be available in the wvening. Hard to say at wich time. Friday, I'm completly free!

    let me know what suits you best. I'm bussy with work but I'll try to battle you asap :)
    Sorry for the late reply. Had a very bussy weekend. Anyway I'll be available in lile an hour today. I'll send the other times I'm available this week then too. I'm looking forward to our match.

    Kind regards,

    Oh ok wow I seriously thought you were someone else haha sorry. But nice to meet you too.
    My name is Simba and I like warm hugs.
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