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  • Just to remind you, you've got a match against Kindrindra that you haven't posted in yet. Also the one against Foo Fighter is awaiting your orders, but that's not quite as urgent.
    Its nice to see someone else realize the problem, but you do have to look at things from their perspective. Since if they want to do the high quality judging they usually do they probably don't want to do that many entries. Not to mention that things would take a while to start and people would lose interest in the contest if they had to wait for a preliminary round.

    My problem was more the fairness of the people who were getting in, as I could really care less about the contest with the wsc around. But I'm fine with it, its their contest and they can run it as they see fit.
    Hey, would you mind if I resprited your Fairy and Berserk fake legend in your sprite thread? I think I could make a good job of it.
    Your sprite is an official sprite :/

    What Noobies did was make Bugsy how HE VIEWED BUGSY- not how Bugsy was changed via the new HG/SS which would have made it alright if they had changed Bugsy along with Sabrina evidently.

    But they didn't change Bugsy :/
    On another thread someone complained because their fake Luvdisc evo had the same name, "Valendisc". It didnt even look the same which was the worst part. Common things like that I don't believe belong to anyone.
    That was actually me. I didn't complain; I was just being a cautious spriter and double-checking.

    By no way was I complaining or accusing the person, though. Though I have actually had my designs/names stolen in the past for my Fakemon, so better to be cautious, right?

    Depending on how unique the name is, it could belong to anyone. At the time I didn't really notice how uncommon a different Luvdisc evo name could be, and that Valendisc seemed to be the best choice. But when it comes to other names, for other Pokemon, some are far too unique to be called common.
    Oh come on. Thats just childish. A cosplay plusle and minun just makes sense. There arent that many pokemon that work with the limited trainers we have so noone can really claim "credit". Cosplays are just as common as recolors and noone can say its thier idea just because they were the first to say so.
    Oh man, I love you. 8D
    Tried to get that across yesterday and all she replied with was: "............................"
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