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  • 1D were sooooo good omg i honestly preferred their concert to Taylor's Red show

    yasss busy year haha!
    Awww. Yeah I'm going! Had pretty good tickets ready to purchase and was typing in my credit card details on the ticketing website when Safari on my iPhone crashed and I lost those tickets x__x So we don't have great tickets but at least we're going! :D :D should be good! Going to Ed Sheeran and 1D this year as well (and just came across an ad for really cheap Sam Smith tix so fingers crossed those tix are still available) asjdfhk so keen
    ten years late but omg glad to hear it was so good!! :,) Can't wait for her next album as well! :D
    Eh. I just think it'd be really Disney if the exiled princess flew in on her dragons and claimed the throne.

    Yeah if Jon's Azor Ahai and Dany if the Prince person then they'd actually tie into the title really well. Apparently it's going to be a surprise though, so idk about the two of them.
    To be fair only Dany and Stannis have any claim at all so it's pretty much open to anyone.

    The theory's been around so long it almost seems too obvious, but I think it's gonna work out that way. I don't think they would have focused on it so much in the first book if his mother was going to be some really minor character (it's also kind of ironic because it means Jon's probably not a bastard which will just destroy his world haha).
    Yeah, his whole replacement Catelyn thing is super creepy but he does seem to care. They've totally built up the pawn to player thing with her, and considering Littlefinger is like, the ultimate player I think she'll be the one to get rid of him. Fingers crossed she sits the throne in the end (because it's sure as hell not going to be Dany)!

    People are saying that Joffrey dies in the second episode because George Martin is writing it, so I guess we'll see how things play out pretty quickly.
    I used to hate Sansa but the more I think about her story arc the more I love her. Calling it that she's gonna kill Littlefinger at some point.

    Also doesn't Sansa become Alayne almost straight away? Unless they totally ignore Sansa/Littlefinger we're probably gonna see her.
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