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  • I meant christmas number one gets announced on Christmas day instead of on the 18th, so it'll have to do well for another week.

    your life is just jealous ~
    Ooh yay. They probably won't get Christmas no. 1 though, because it's getting released on Christmas Day instead of the 18th.

    he borrows way too much money off me though :u at least he pays me back though. And he moved to sit behind me in maths because he got cold and needed the radiator :D
    I hope Marcus does well, he's so nice. ^^' everybody seems to love Little Mix, so I'd guess they'll do fabulously.~

    The guy I like? Well nothing has drastically changed, but he's in one of his I'm-his-best-friends spurts, so it's good.
    Cannonball's all right, but I thought they did it well. janet, misha, amelia and marcus will all probably get contracts, or at least do well. I think janet already got offered a contract iirc.
    Oh good, hope you had a good time :]

    woo, they did win. never would have guessed at the start.
    Thankyou :]

    I KNOW HER CAT IS SOOOO ADORABLE! I'm just waiting for a video for 'Speak Now'...that would seriously be amazing.
    Well, my first day of break was November 23rd, and the first day of Winter Quarter is January 3rd. It sounds awesome, but it's way too long for my liking.

    It's nice depending on your definition of nice. I've had a fair amount of maintenance issues here. I like it enough, but it's too small for me and my rabbits, plus my neighbors annoy the bejesus out of me. I'm looking to move in the Spring.
    I'll take your word for it, hah.

    I'm alright though. Been on break for a little over a week and I'm already bored to death. I might have to re-arrange the apartment or something equally time consuming.
    Bahahaha, I don't recall Owl City ever being my overall top artist. Of course I could be mistaken but.. I listen to E Nomine far too much for anyone else to claim that spot.

    Also way to be a creeper How are you?
    YEAH I DID! Awww, well 10k is still a commendable effort, though! :D

    I adore the Ours video. It's a typically Taylor vid :)
    oh lord. We work abortion into a conflict between law and personal morality. I could answer all of the questions in like tow lines but they make us write a page.
    Not here. They're really hard.

    the questions make no sense. "write about the understandment of forgiveness in a major world religion". wtf.
    yeah it's annoying. My hand was so sore ;-;

    Religion was worse because I felt dumb and there was loads to right in a small space of time.
    like an hour.

    English was terrible, we had an essay to do D: I wrote like 9 a4 pages in the whole test.
    WELL MAYBE NOT, but hopefully.

    My technology test was ridiculously easy, I finished in like ten minutes.
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