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  • although I usually get higher, and 70 ain't good enough for mummy.

    she should really get a life.
    Yeah but if I get like 70 my mam will be angry. And if I get lower she'll go apeshit.

    she's left x factor at least.
    Thanks. I hope so too~ I'd say I didn't do too great in maths though :c
    misha or amelia I'd guess.

    I've seen bits of it, but not tonight no.
    Yeah, they finished today :D I just sort of wish that I could forget all about them, but there's still results D:

    I'd say Kelly will lose someone tomorrow. Probably misha.
    all of my Christmas tests :[ I did all right though, hopefully. 89 in History yeah BD

    He sucked on Saturday though.
    Sorry, but doing something like that would be unfair to everyone else who's waiting for a slot and would be a pain for me. You'll just have to keep checking.
    Taylor TOTALLY deserved her award. I'm obviously biased because she's my favourite artist, but she definitely deserved it.

    "she has no writing talent" please gtfo. I am not a little lovesick girl and neither are any of my friends/people I know that like Taylor. Her songs are not all 'whining' and they're not all about relationships. For example: Mean, The Best Day, Never Grow Up, Long Live, Better Than Revenge (sort of), Change, Speak Now, A Place In This World, Tied Together With a Smile, The Outside, Innocent etc. etc. That's at least 11 songs that aren't whining about relationships.

    And to say that she has no writing talent is absolutely ridiculous. She is an extremely skilled songwriter in that her music appeals to people of all ages and they're extremely easy to relate to. So what if a lot of them are about relationships? It's what she knows about and it's what she's going through. Of course she's going to write about them.

    To call Taylor untalented is ridiculous so please do not make any more ludicrous statements such as that.
    Have I ever told you how much I love you?
    Living with lions were good. The Ghost of a Thousand got the crowd going which is good and then August Burns Red was more of a fight for survival so
    yeah :3
    I got kicked in the face by a crowd surfer so now I have a really unattractive bruise but other than that it was great :D
    Yes, you are. As is everyone. We're all fabulous, some of us more than others.
    Dunno, I guess you're taken more seriously when you're older. Most young people want to be older, but when they get to a certain age, they want to be younger, it seems. xD
    I wish.

    Mais, non, j'ai quatorze ans. I don't know know why I just said that in French. Oui, je suis très bizzare. Or that. I'll stop.
    Well, I am fifteen in January.

    What age would you have guessed, out of interest?
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