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  • I'd say probably Misha, she's been in the bottom two twice. I'd rather Amelia went tbh, since she basically skipped half the competition.
    Janet was good, but there was no 'high' point to her song which made it boring :[

    Yeah, or maybe Little Mix. Kitty will most likely be going though.
    I sort of wish they had just brought Johnny back instead. I like Amelia and all, but she pretty much skipped half the competition. :/ I'd say Kitty will go tomorrow though.
    yeah lol, I always found that weird. Sami was like that too, when Kelly said "whatever guy broke your heart" and it was awks.

    Everybody's been amazing so far, great night. :D
    Yeah ;-; There's a power failure in London, so it's delayed.

    I got so confused when Xpose came on :U

    It's back thank god
    I know! I've been busy with finals since the quarter is wrapping up soon. Gross.

    I dunno for sure, but I think they were generally disgruntled with the way things were being run. And I think the new rule about no chatter in the WAYLT thread really bothered them.
    yeah she never really says anything.

    That seems good. I see Misha doing well though, but I also see the rest doing well augh.
    You have come to your sense at last.

    You know when she's interviewed, she just nods and says yeah. She shows no emotion, she's like Ash's Swellow.
    I'm surprised you're not tearing your hair out because Frankie's gone :u

    Misha is good, but she WON'T TALK argh. It's like she's incapable of speech.
    Well if he's brought back. Because if he isn't, there'll be no elimination this week :0

    I like Kitty, but I'd say she'll be gone :[
    They said it on Xtra Factor. Yeah, they were ~fabulous~ at ET. I think they'll get a record contract out of this even if they don't win. I'd say Kitty will go this week, then Johnny, and then I've no idea.
    Yeah, apparently Little Mix got the most votes on Halloween, and were second last week. Probably second to Marcus.
    Yeah, that was a shock. A biiig shock. I can't believe the only group left is a girl group too.
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