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  • goood!!! im gonna try and use twitter more i think bc i'd prefer doing that and not spamming my tumblr with text posts and i added your fc too c:

    i dropped chemistry bc i really hated it omg, i didnt find fp1 that bad and m1 i thought i was great at the exam just didnt go too well??? i have to take a gap year now bc i wouldn't be able to apply with the grades i got its so depressing omg what if i have no friends
    i have twitter that i use occasionally but definitely more than sppf!! im boethiahs on there if you want to follow me c: and omg same also theres so many references to the previous games (and a ton of gen 3 too aaaaaah), im trying to take it slowly since i dont want to finish it too quickly but its so fun omfg and i spend way too much on in game clothes
    also my fc is 3368-1783-3404 if you want me on there too c: wE CAN DO THINGS

    and yee no one knows what it is rly so im not surprised and its shitty but i dont have mine all the time like some people which is good!! and yeah i think you told me you were doing maths and further maths so i have to retake c2, d1 and fp1 sobbing

    c2 i was just ill for, d1 i didnt rly work bc i assumed bc it was easy i wouldn't have to and fp1 i just nO
    I MISSED YOU TOO BB!!! if we're barely on here anymore would you want to use another site to talk?? i have tumblr skype facebook etc etc if thats ok and doesn't sound too creepy c:
    and yeah i got x yesterday so i haven't played it too much yet, i was going to reset for a female fennekin with a good nature so i spent an hour doing that and gave up in the end omfg i guess ill just worry about that in another playthrough and let my first be fun

    i was in hospital bc i have iih but im ok now!! and omfg i just did so badly i didn't work hard enough probably towards the end so i have to resit a ton of maths and further maths modules this year sobs
    man i just logged on because of x and y coming out tomorrow and omfg the last message i sent was iN FEBRUARY im such a bad person im sorry but a levels and work and no time to do anything and and and i was in hospital all of summer sobs aND I STILL MESSED UP MY AS LEVELS ANYWAY

    but yes hello i am still alive are you still alive

    also yes game of thrones i hope you like sansa
    I like Asha and Theon is okay, but Aeron bores me to tears and Victarion was kind of annoying. Nothing really happened in Dorne so it got boring fast. Sometimes I wonder why Areo Hotah is even a character.

    Ughhh, Sansa was such a whiny ***** in the first book. I like the way she developed though, it was kind of cool seeing her vision of the world torn down.
    Prooooobably Jon, Tyrion, Arya and Jaime, but I dunno, I like everyone really, bar the Greyjoys and most of the people in Dorne.
    Haha, of course I remember you! And yeah, I started watching some of it once I finished the books (spoiler: everybody dies) but I never got around to finishing it.
    aaaaaa cue excitement! Yeah not long to go now!

    Yeah I get what you mean, I like tour videos as well but I really like Taylor's "music vids with a storyline" but ah well.
    akjshdfkasjhdfsa late reply but yes I did have a good day! [noparse]:D[/noparse] and yeah I am pretty excited for X/Y, it looks like a great game so far! I just need to get a 3DS hahaha

    btw how amazing is the video for "Everything Has Changed"?!

    Don't u be dissin the Fairy-type. Idk man I kind of like it, a new type is freshness that we haven't had since G/S.
    Also I have Facebook and Skype and that's about it because I still partly live in the 1950s.

    ANYWAY, yes new Pokémon. I love the robin one. Can't imagine why. I already have a 3DS mwahaha. Although the only actual 3DS game I've really bothered playing is Ocarina of Time.
    Less than two weeks from now my exams will be over and I will have no education for three months and I will celebrate my freedom by hiding in my room most of the time yay.
    I'm not really active in the fandom anymore either but I don't especially miss it. I'll be interested again when X and Y come out and I might become more active on here but eventually I'll probably get bored again :c

    ALSO POTENTIALLY CREEPY SUGGESTION, since neither of us is very active here anymore and I'm generally balls at replying to stuff anyway we should totally add each other on another thing or something.
    Yeah, personally I was surprised she's coming here and to NZ before Europe or Asia. Hopefully she announces UK dates soon though! And thanks heaps :)
    Eh, I'll get over it. In September I will go to UNI and I will make NEW FRIENDS. I don't want to get a job right this second, I want to do uni and then get a job doing awesome science like creating genetically engineered sharkwolves. Or curing cancer. One of those. YES I am excited. Got my preorders already. I kind of wish they'd hurry up and reveal more new Pokeymons but oh well. I'm mostly happy with the concept of Pokémon IN 3D!!!
    Idk, 4 days is pretty bad too :p Because I hadn't seen most of them for ages and I didn't really feel like part of the group or like people wanted me there and I don't know just blah :')

    Indeed, when they're over you can feel clever and accomplished and then you can go to uni and get a job and be a Productive Member of Society and stuff. Besides French I'm doing Biology and Chemistry. Woo. I did Psychology AS but I dropped it because it's not that great. It mostly just involves writing reams of information down. Plus doing four subjects at A2 would have killed me. Or resulted in the deaths of many others when I went on a rampage.
    I feel you bro, and stuff. The same combination of people I liked not being around anymore and no good threads happened on another forum I used to like as well, depressing stuff.

    I'm doing my A2s even though I should be in my second year of uni by all rights because I'm a failure (well not really I actually left school halfway through sixth form and started again at college a year later and I've probably told you all this at some point). My exams are later than yours though, u jelly? Except French speaking, that's in about 3 weeks ;_; Are you at a college now or does your school have a sixth form or what? Also what subjects are you doing? I'M MAKING CONVERSATION.

    Also I just got back from a night out with a bunch of my friends and it was depressing ugh hold me.
    Same, I'm not into Pokémon right now plus all the threads in Misc are crap so I don't have a lot of reason to be here :c Plus, yeah, education keeps me busy. Too busy. Ugh go away education no-one likes you. Especially you, French. I'm looking at you.

    You're onto your A-levels now, yes? :')
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