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  • OH HAI and oh god sorry I took so long to reply D: It's going very well thanks, how's your it going? :3 (also you missed me I feel special)
    Yeah I feel the same way but I doubt it's going to happen, I guess we're just going to have to go to America and see her in 2013 then :,(

    It's just a random name I made up for my player character for Diamond when I was like 12 or 13 ahaha. No meaning whatsoever :p

    my life is just school work and angst about school work right now ahfjsgjsh I HOPE YOU DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT ME?????
    The whole look of the games is sort of strange but I guess I'll get used to it. Love the new Pokemon, particularly Yveltal and Froakie. Froakie is a bro. Fennekin is cool too, but Chespin... eh.
    I agree with you in all of that, the spriter's community is gonna have to stick to 5th gen. And I don't know what serebii will use for their pokedex. Maybe Sugimori art.
    we are no longer on speaking terms </3

    Great, but I'm pretty sure I put on like a stone. Doing nothing but eating and sitting on the couch does that to you.

    Also that Froakie thing is adorbs.
    Gen 6 confirmed! But you've probably already seen.

    I love that rainbow-antlered legendary. And I don't really like the water and grass starters. The fire one is cool though.
    um that's Chris Evans obvs??? Although it may or may not be replaced by Matt Cardle soon.

    (beast mode activate)
    Yay yes Speak Now is right up there for me as well <333 Have you seen the Begin Again video btw? And omg WORLD TOUR as well?! guess we're waiting until 2014 though

    UGH DECISIONS DECISIONS why are they so hard to make :,(
    Awwwwwwwwww! :,)

    Yeah I feel the same way you do, especially in that although I love it, I don't think it's better than 'Speak Now' (that album was just perfection). Yeah Starlight is really nice as well! :) kjashdfkajsdfh and yeah ikr, she does no wrong! Speaking of, how brilliant is Ronan?!

    also omg help me I'm sort of thinking about changing my username and atm I've asked for it to be changed to Soliloquy buuuut eh I'm not sure whether I should maybe use a Taylor-related name... thing is, Wonderstruck is taken. Swiftie isn't though, but idk asjdhfkajsdfhkasjdfh
    I spent a while debating whether or not I should download it when it leaked, but figured since I'd buy it anyway, it wouldn't hurt. n_n

    HOW GOOD IS IT!?! It's hard to pick a favourite but I really like 'Holy Ground' atm, and I also like '22' (who's Taylor Swift anyway?). I'm sort of sad that there's no extremely-country, banjo-filled song like 'Mean' on this album, although 'Stay Stay Stay' is pretty close.
    It's... kind of boring but also great? I like being able to take a break and all, but there's only so much nothing that I can take, hah.

    We're going paintaballing though, that's always a plus.
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