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  • I don't usually go to bed until at least 3am. I'm so hardcore :')

    (sorry for just vanishing, I went out to whinge to my friend and I was kind of in a state cos I needed to whinge so I forgot to say I was going x])
    Hey, people my age do that too :p My niece though, she's like a few months younger than you and she's a hilarious lightweight. I'm sure you were dying to know that. I have a couple of friends about your age too and they're no strangers to getting drunk. Not really sure what I think of that. I suppose as long as their parents know and are ok with it...
    I didn't start drinking till last December. That first time was...interesting. I ended up sitting in the toilet shaking and convinced that I was dying. And that was only 4 vodka and coke's worth of drunk. The most I've ever drunk is two bottles of WKD and three glasses of peach schnapps. That was fun xD
    I'm hoping to do Zoology, but, yeah.

    Not bad choices. We didn't get the option to do Drama, although I wouldn't have done it anyway. I dropped Geography after year 10, it was just a nightmare. And I hated Maths, and History, I had a terrible teacher for that one. Still got As in them, somehow.

    Don't diss Science though :(

    And bye, have fun at school. Or don't. Your choice :p
    Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. Chemistry needs to burn in hell, I should've done French except it wouldn't have suited my career choice >_< And if you hate GCSEs, just wait for AS and A2. Blargh.

    What GCSEs are you taking?
    Year 13, technically. No idea what the grade equivalent is but it's the last year of high/secondary school and you leave when you're 18. You?
    Um, life is good if you happen to like being me, which I don't :p Nah, it's ok. School isn't an issue and I haven't seen a lot of my friends for a while, which sucks, but I should see them soon and they're still pretty awesome, so... :D
    The thing is, though, in-class socializing at my school has been greatly reduced in the transition from middle school to high school. Fortunatley, I'm not much of a socializer.
    I reviewed your fic. I'm surprised no one else has posted there.

    By the way, did you check my 3DS Club? I feel uncomfortable having it be myself and someone whom I feel doesn't know the rules be the only members. (I also told Shadow about it.)
    The only reason that I like school is friends, but even that number is only at about...seven. Maybe eight or nine.
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