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  • Well, I did see the pictures though. I'll watch the English Version for sure.

    Maybe he can catch a Pokabu in BW004. Futachimaru & Janobii debut in BW004, so it would be cool to see a Pokabu there which Ash could catch. Pokabu & Mijumaru were both seen in the Sanyou Gym. There is Mijumaru VS Yanappu & Pokabu VS Baoppu.
    I don't really "watch" it in Japanese, unless if it is severely awesome, but I have seen the pictures on the main site and it seems awesome! Ash will likely get Mijumaru in BW003.
    Cool. I usually get a Water/Fire/Grass/Flying and two wildcards which have lately been Electric & Normal.
    Wow, cool! Hitomoshi is a Fire Type, right? Now you only need two more to think of, right? f you want a specific type, the main site and Bulbapedia show a list of Pokémon from each of the types.

    Yeah, I saw it! Pretty good!
    Hey, TurtwigFan. I have all the moves planned out for my team! I just need nicknames and held items. For future reference, I also put when they evolve and they earliest location they can be caught at. You are going to have at least Tsutarja & Mamepato, right? Have you thought of others yet?

    I find it cool how I am getting Mijumaru, Shadow with Pokaba and you with Tsutarja. If Shadow gets Mamepato as well, we'd all have our starters and Mamepato!
    Not really. Only Emboar (Pokabu's Final Evolution) because Serebii had to take off all of his BW Pics (even those Pre-Release Ones), so now I don't really remember what some of the Pokemon look like when I look at the names. Meh, I guess we'll see what happens. Knowing you, you'll probably use Tsutarja right? Have the others planned out?
    Well, nothing really. I don't listen to music, except Pokémon Music and maybe music from other TV Shows as well.

    Nothing really. I started school on Sept. 7, 2010, but nothing major. How about you?
    Daikenki, Hihidaruma, Mebukijika, Kenhorou, Zeburaika and a sixth one. You'd also get Hiyappu (Water Monkey) early on, although the monkeys have horrible stats, but they are good for early on for when you get a replacement. I'd get Baoppu and wait for Darumakka. Shadow would get Yanappu, so he is choosing Pokabu and is getting Black. I'm getting White. Which game are you getting?
    They look awesome! Wow, it's ironic how we our current conversation is on the day of the game's release and our previous conversation was when Reshiram & Zekrom were first revealed!

    Do you have a planned team?
    Thanks for the compliment! Feel free to post a review if you'd like, and I'll happily reply to it.
    The Pokemon images themselves are movie artwork that I found hosted around the net. I don't know who drew them, and the person hosting the work just had them all in one spot.

    The banner itself I made.
    Hey, long time no see! I forgot to ask.. how do you put the accent over the e, like in Pokemon? I have a Laptop, and on a Desktop it's different, but I remember you said something about an Alt Gr button, which is one my Laptop.

    New Legends ROCK!
    Except for school its been good. Only a few days left until the Europe release of HeartGold and SoulSilver. Are you going to go pick one up?
    Ah. I already have 13 badges and I am going to head to Pewter City soon. Feraligatr, Typhlosion and Meganium are at LV 60 with the rest at LV 59.
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