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  • I'm mostly the latter, but I've been trying to do different things lately. I've been playing Alpha Sapphire lately and I think I've got my Hall of Fame party planned now! My party would be..
    Tomoe the Blaziken
    Thanatos the Shedinja
    Amane the (male) Gardevoir
    Kaguya the Castform
    Isis the Tropius
    Wendigo the Walrein
    I've got everyone but Wendigo ('cause I'm not at Shoal Cave yet) but I'm planning to have a Walrein with that nickname as my final Pokemon.
    Sorry for the super late reply :(
    Yep and during the Exam in Pt. I they had to do prelims just to cut down on the amount of competitors so there were roughly about 8 people so it makes it all the more confusing how the K11 and Sand siblings all got promoted in the mid way point of the timeskip.

    Ain't that the truth. :x She does seem like she'd be amazing around kids, so I hope Kishi does go that roue with her. Though apparently she's the top medic in Konoha so our girl officially is stronger than her master. :D Plus apparently Ino is still her equal so maybe she's still active too. ^.^

    lol It's awesome, while I'm not sure on the poncho and I'm curious as to what the chains truly symbolize. Agreed there. :D It also ties into her new found confidence so you know I'm hype. xD

    That makes me eager to try and play them someday. xD I've only ever tried Pokemon Ranger and Mystery Dungeon and I was such a noob at those games. o.o

    My bad, they're still new characters but their designs are kind of like redesigns of characters from PGo!. It's kind of like how Mashima based FT characters designs on RAVE characters along with how they kind of did that with HXH and Yu Yu Hakusho. Thanks! If I colored it I'd give her hair a violet-blue color scheme while I'm not sure on the clothing or eye colors. But since she's the reserved and quiet type I'd probably go for a darker color scheme.

    I'm so hype for that, Sakuhina was always something I wanted plus it sticks it to all the haters who think they're rivals or enemies. lol I hope so too. :D I remember that I was doing a Bijuu drawing challenge and I tried to draw all of them from 1 to 9 but I think I quit after 6. xD

    I'm kind of sad that she wasn't at least an interim leader of the group and led the Hyuga until Hanabi was old enough. If she really isn't heiress then I hope that maybe it's more of she felt her sister was better suited for it rather than her dad just overlooking all of her growth.
    Oh I see. I'm always out of the loop when it comes to the Pokemon anime. Like I watch it but since I stopped taking it seriously ages ago I kind of don't really try too hard to look deeply into things.

    I feel the same way about her, it's even worse cause whenever I think that she can finally be beaten she pulls something that I should have expected and then wins anyway. Same here, though if the twins and Natsu are the ones to beat him I hope that they don't overpower him too much so that his loss doesn't seem unbelievable. Maybe a Triple Dragon Force will be enough to stop him? You and me both, after reading FT Zero I'm just too pumped to see her do something amazing. Though I hope that they manage to counter the whole Face thing before something terrible happens.

    Agreed there. I feel like they sometimes try to make Ash look so superior to his companions that they place restrictions on them so that no matter how good they get they'd just be inferior to him. I feel bad for Iris, she was so hated during her run in BW and a lot of people only appreciated her after she was gone.

    Well things aren't too bad atm so I think I'll pull through. ^.^ Nice choices and I understand, I only ever buy Naruto and DBZ games.

    Alright though I can't help but worry sometimes, you know cause of the stress on working on projects. xD Aw that sucks, do you try to find a song that fits his dual personality or do you try to focus on his demon half when you you consider things for potential AMVs?
    If their arms were just blown off then I can see her reattaching them but if they were annihilated in the clash then I can only see them getting some sort of replacement arm or Naruto just does what he did with Kakashi's eye and regenerates them. I just hope Sakura has the stamina left to help the both of them, I mean Naruto getting fixed up is a given cause of the movie but they've been hiding Sasuke's arm every time he appears. I hear that! Him finally being back to normal seems almost like a dream come true considering how long he was bad.
    Though I dunno why but he seems kind of gloomy in the new movie.

    I'm upset cause he didn't even go out in a blaze of glory he just showed up after years of nothing and got killed. :x

    They could have even had her mention more often that she's confused as to what she wants but nope all she did was stand there and tease the shippers. :/ Hopefully she does. She might also be getting a Braixen, Treecko and Rhyhorn in the future so hopefully those Pokemon don't go to waste.

    Tough break, I know that feeling of not wanting to work with people. Is it that you have troubles relying on people for projects?

    They really do. Guy rivals are nice and all but the overall portrayal of girl rivals is criminally underwhelming I mean aside from tournament rivals and Zoey they are all always treated as punching bags and jokes.
    [ I always liked Sakura, and I used to multiship Naruto with Sakura and Hinata, though I was more fond of NH. The anime affected me.
    - I saw your epic post, and THANKS :') .. he's got nothing to counter your post lol. I can't believe that all NH fans deny Naruto's word to Sai ( the promise) even JKen refuses to believe that Naruto is in love with Sakura :/
    Aaah and I always wanted to tell you that you're my best internet friend <3 thanks for supporting my opinions, and always being there for me! ..words can't describe how much I appreciate you.

    Watch Lorde overreact when Sakura's surpasses Tsuande (his fav girl) ;p

    THIS IS ANNOYING :'( LOL I'm hollering at this. Do me a favor and fu**king show him the raw, I think Chatte has them..

    NH/SS are making fun of us but..

    [imgsize=200]http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/95/f9/68/95f9685cbe107f5eccb44910fcea0e44.jpg[/imgsize] ]
    [ I really hope he confess by next chapter, I mean Kishi can't just throw all the NS development to waste. Shall we talk about the movie? Did you see all the Hinata marketing? I am going to wait but it really doesn't look good. Its all about love and Hinata is the main focus. AND Kishi said that the movie will be about love. Way to forget about your main heroine Kishimoto, good job :/
    I know I shouldn't jump to conclusion, but WTF? I'm so done with this movie. So basically:
    -she will give the red scarf to Naruto, it was also mentioned how she always wanted to give him that scarf since she was a child.
    - Sakura is cleaning dust.
    - Everything is one sided on Hinata's part though, so were of advantage.

    I agree with you, though I didn't like NagisaxTomoya at first, but I like it now.

    [ I swear if I hear Hinata's name again, I'll puke.

    "It's still an unfulfilled love/desire. Her secret feelings' whereabouts are...
    The Winter festival is approaching in Konoha village. Naruto passes good time in the Ramen shop "Ichiraku" with his friends who have grown together. Meanwhile, Hinata's feelings put into a scarf knitted secretly did haven't still get through (him). Hinata loathes herself for doing nothing but watch over the whole time. Then all of a sudden, a mysterious man appears. But Naruto came to help in the nick of time, he disappered by leaving with strange words "You guys are destined to die. First Hinata, I will pick up you without fail."
    "Destined to die" ? Why Hinata is being targeted? At that moment, a meteorite with an intense light pierced the night sky..... " ]
    I'd hope that is the case but if it was the Chunin Exams it'd be odd since so many of them were promoted. Yeah that would suck for Naruto. lol
    Btw I was wondering. You think Sakura might open up an orphanage for kids in her older years or maybe even be a teacher? I mean she's had the fortune to have a loving family but considering her close teammates all grew up as orphans and how much of a hell people went through cause of not having a family and her own experience with loneliness, you think she'd decide to not have anyone else go through that and use her medical skills and personal experiences to mold kids so they don't end up miserable?
    You're right. xD Ino looks like the model type who doesn't get too involved with things to me as well, so that'd be a shame if she didn't do anything. What do you think on Sasuke and Hinata's designs? Personally Sasuke's look reminds me of Piccolo while Hinata's makes me assume that she gained a ton of more confidence in herself.

    I didn't. o.0 That'd be awesome, I never played any of those games but I'm interested in playing more than just the main series games.

    Thanks!! :D You've got talent too. ;) Here's the latest pic I drew for my Digimon fic. It's basically another redesign of a character from my Pokemon story.

    I haven't but I've always wanted to draw Hinata along with Sakura as well. But I suck at drawing Naruto girls so that's what stopped me. :x

    Yep I've heard about it, Hanabi is the heiress as well apparently (f**k!), the new villain while isn't Hamura is predictably related to Kaguya so I guess that gives us a legit villain especially since Sasuke isn't there to help Naruto out so it gives us more of a challenge.
    Thanks for the images. I'm guessing the Serena to Ash one says something about her liking him but what do the OS ones say?

    Agreed there, she's reached the point where I think that if her heart stopped beating she'd still beat her opponent just because she will always fight as long as her nakama's hearts still beat. :x It really would, I mean losing isn't exactly all that bad, especially when everyone has at least lost once at this point (even Gildarts). Tbh I didn't think much of Mard Geer until the newest chapter, I mean before hand he just came off as a scrub who'd get stomped but he proved me wrong and I'm excited for what'll happen next, especially with Mavis joining the fray.

    Tbh I think May and Dawn spoiled us. I mean we're all so used to Ash getting the focus but then these two came along and showed us how much could be done with the companions so we're never satisfied now when the newer companions don't do as much as them.
    If my current PS3 doesn't work then most likely. Aw cool, what games are you planning on getting along with the PS4?

    Definitely, though I'm glad it ended how it did. It might have been a bit short but I'd rather it got rapped up like that without it potentially dragging.
    Oh my bad. lol I didn't think you'd struggle with him since he's your favorite. xD What about him do you think makes it hard for you to do more AMVs about him? Like do you have such high standards for him that you don't feel satisfied with anything you think on doing or do you struggle to find the right mixture of songs and footage?
    Things seemed settled now after Ch. 698 so I'm just hoping he recognizes everything Sakura and Kakashi did for him in the next chapter and considering they're both near death now I guess it's Sakura's time to shine. ^.^ I kind of dislike how some Sasuke haters are praising him now and acting like they were right about him all along, I mean they spent years hating him for everything but now he's a great guy cause his obvious true feelings were finally revealed. >.<
    With all the new content I guess that is the case. :D Though it just came to me right now that Neji ain't coming back....

    I get the same feeling tbh. Like I can understand that the writers might have wanted to make as much from the shipping aspect of her character but considering it took them 30+ episodes to go anywhere with her own character it's kind of a waste.

    Aw I see, that sounds cool. How've you come along on them?

    I hope so, I've been so caught up with Naruto's ending along with a bunch of other things I've forgotten about the new DBZ movie. :/
    Yep, though it should be a league rival with character that isn't too perfect but not too annoying either. A female preferably like maybe someone like that Katie girl in AG.
    Ah, yeah, the Master Edges form of Master Core can be quite difficult to deal with. I especially have trouble dealing with his attack where he slashes you from various angles, because it seems like one failed dodge can lead to him comboing you, and the last slash can be fatal if you have enough damage.
    -Well I think the GCN controller adaptor could be difficult to find. I know one friend of mine on here wasn't able to pre-order the Smash 4 bundle with the adaptor, because the store was supposedly only getting so many in and couldn't take anymore pre-orders. I think he was able to pre-order the adaptor separately from the game though.

    The unfortunate thing though is so many people had disconnected on me, so I was disqualified from the rankings. It's a real shame, because I think I would have placed in the top 200 if I weren't disqualified, and that also meant I couldn't get my Kyurem C-Gear skins for BW2. And my Landorus currently runs Hammer Arm as its last move, but I think when ORAS comes out, I'm going to catch a new Landorus and run Knock Off as its last move.
    [ LOL this is hurting my heart and soul. They should try doing the same to Kishimoto's work. I'd like to see how they manage to find enough Hinata shots to replace Sakura. :p

    LOL they bash Lady GT and her art, but they still edit a doujinshi made by her. AH! My eyes they burn! How dare they ruin Lady GT's magnificent work?!

    [ This. Hinata never cared for Naruto's dreams, she only wants him for herself, yet she's glorified by fans for being cutesy wotsy girl that loves Naruto. People just don't notice the little details that makes NS so beautiful. Not everyone is blessed to understand NS I guess lol.. and PLZ could your reply to Tak? I can't even with him.

    COOL!! alright, thanks <3<3

    Maan, the advertisement is sickening! :( I am so done with Hinata's face and SP. I swear! I have had it with Hinata all over. I could care less about the pairings but for f**cks sake STOP replacing Sakura as the heroine,you f**king idiots! so, queen of irrelevancy will have a big role -.- I can't even imagine Hinata of doing something else other than worrying about Naruto.

    They look so cute together <3 matching poses FTW haha.

    and we are getting new databook <3 I wonder if Sakura's stats have improved]
    [ I'm pretty sure she will, she woke up for a reason of course ;) OVA INCOMING!

    You have a point tbh, but I'm pissed that most people thinks that she actually loves Sasuke, I can't even debate with them because they might think I'm biased, I can't wait for the next chapter, I'm pretty sure something big will happen. So, I'm reading some of Chatte's posts and I'm always amazed by her confident of NS happening, she never gets worried. I'm so happy that most of her theories turned our right, like how Ino and Sakura's rivalry reminded her of Sasuke and Naruto. Everyone was bashing her back when she first wrote it, and now look at her. This girl is a genius, she gives me hope LOL.

    YAY Kyou ftw <3 .. will you make a NagisaxTomoya one? or you're not a fan of it? :p

    I agree, Sakura is my favourite character, and she's the one I care about the most tbh.

    Don't worry about that song. " The theme song for the movie will be Hoshi no Utsuwa (Star Vessel) and is said to have a gentle, yet powerful outlook of the world that conveys friendship and the bonds between people at a medium tempo." << it doesn't sound romantic to me at all. SP are teasing us and trolling NH just like in RtN.]
    Yeah, I've gotten used to it over time. In fact, I almost got used to the grab and shield buttons in the demo being reversed from what I'm used to. Luckily you can flip the grab and shield controls in the full game, so you don't have to get used to grab being on L and shield being on R.
    -Yeah, I don't think I did too bad during the first match I played in the demo. But that could just be because I know how to play as Bowser compared to when I played as Greninja during the second match. And I'm glad too that they are making a Gamecube controller adapter. But I think after having played Smash 4 on the 3DS, I might be able to adapt to using the Wii U pro controller instead.

    In some competitions I've done pretty well, but I've also done pretty bad in others. I know the Eevee Friendly didn't go over too well for me, because a lot of Eeveelutions have the same base speed. So a lot of battles would be decided on a coin flip of who goes first. I remember the 2013 Spring Friendly went over very well for me though, as I ended with a rating over 1800 in that competition. I think my Scarf Landorus-T caught a lot of people off guard, as I assume they thought their Keldeo or Kyurem would outspeed and OHKO me before I could attack.
    I know it took me a bit of time to get used to the controls, because I was so used to playing Smash with a Gamecube controller. The 3DS doesn't have the same layout as the Gamecube controller though, because the X button (which is what I use to jump) is above the A button, instead of to the right. I felt I had the same issue when I played the Smash 4 Wii U demo at Best Buy a few months ago.

    Yeah, Mega Banette can OHKO most ghosts that outspeed it with Shadow Sneak, except for Chandelure and Mega Gengar. Luckily, I've done some damage calcs and find that Aegislash can safely switch in on both of them, and a Weakness Policy can allow it to OHKO both of them with a +2 Shadow Sneak. I feel like Mega Banette and Aegislash will likely be my main core for this team, since Mega Banette can almost guarantee two kills with the right matchup, and Aegislash handles almost everything that can threaten Mega Banette.
    [ Yeah, I heard about the Jiraya book, it will be awesome if something like that happened <3

    The thing is that it would have been better to keep her feelings for Sasuke as supposed from the reader, not her saying it out loud :x not 5 chapters before the end of the manga...

    LOL good luck with your anime journey xD I know how you feel, I've been stuck with exams and assignment, so I'm having a hard time managing my time :( anyway, I'm looking forward to your Clannad AM <3 I love that anime so much.

    Tbh, at this point, I don't care about the Naruto story anymore nor do I care about characters dying, I just wan't NS to happen. I'm sick of Naruto and its annoying fans.

    That scarf theory is worrying me tbh. The movie promotion tend to lead us to NH ( the tweet), except for the narrator comment. So I think every pairing has an equal chance of happening

    LOL it sucks that your best friend supports a pairing you dislike :p... what about Hinata he says? tell him that SHE'S NOT A MAIN CHARACTER SO SHE'S NOT IMPORTANT, SHE'S A FODDER CHARACTER THAT SERVES NO IMPORTANCE TO THE STORY WHATSOEVER errrrr I'm sick of fans treating her like a an important character. All they think about is her feelings, they never cared for Naruto's feelings and his love for Sakura.]
    I can't promise I'll fight too well in Smash. I haven't played in a couple weeks, and I'm nowhere near being on a competitive level. I believe most competitive players would know how to perfect shield and cancel attacks into other attacks, plus they always have all items turned off.
    -I'm quite enjoying it. I've gotten through all ten missions, and now I've been trying to see how to potentially trigger the secret mission.

    Yeah, I think that sort of thing happened when they made GSC. I remember hearing somewhere that GSC was supposed to be the last Pokémon games, and they happened to include all the regions that existed at the time. But considering the amount of success they saw, Game Freak couldn't help but make a third generation.

    Well, Gourgiest is really only there because all teams are mandated to have one. Mega Benette is the only Mega available besides Mega Gengar, and I couldn't really pass up the idea of using Shadow Sneak off 165 base attack. Plus, Mega Benette has priority on Will-o-Wisp and Destiny Bond whenever I need those moves.
    Yeah, but I haven't really gotten around to training it or my Skarmory yet. I've just been so busy being distracted by other things recently. I can be on to trade in a moment after I finish a mission from the ORAS demo.

    That's the same thing I had been thinking. Perhaps each region could be assigned its own marker, and you wouldn't be allowed to use Pokémon with other regions' markers until you've cleared the Pokémon league for that region. That way, they can curve the level any way they want for each region, maybe starting with level 5 opponents and ending with level 60+ champions.

    My wi-fi seems to be working fine now, and hopefully it stays that way all through the Trick or Treat Friendly. The team I have planned for it includes Gengar, Mega Benette, Dusclops, shiny Aegislash, Sableye, and Super-size Gourgiest.
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