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Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
Last Activity:
Jun 23, 2017
Dec 20, 2011
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Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama

Fancy footwork, from Cerulean City

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama was last seen:
Jun 23, 2017
    1. Nodame
      [ HAHAHAHA omg I can't believe I never noticed that. You notice the little things! TAKE that NH fans ;)

      LOL please show me.

      LMAO you're so clueless. I WISH THAT WAS REAL :'(

      LOL @ SS fans. They're gonna choke when it turns out thats not the case :p


      I'm so sick of NH fans saying Sakura doesn't deserve Naruto...she deserves him like they deserve a punch in the face, a**holes ]
    2. Nodame
      [ Really?? :p I respect your opinion. Between Naruto and Natsu. I choose Naruto anytime because he's so original imo.
      I realized you like Juvia a lot lol. I like her as well, I can't decide who's my second fav. I think I like Mira slightly more than Juvia, but Lucy will always be my number 1.

      People just don't know what they want really... which is why I never liked SS, it degrades Sakura and I think Kishi made Sakura in love with Sasuke for drama's sake really becuase that's what makes it a love triangle.


      The only time Kishi made it obvious there’s a love triangle in Team 7 was here:

      You see when things gets serious, it always NaruSaku..

      Sadly, I lost interest in Ash. I don't like him anymore, he's so bland. I only liked him in OS and to an extent AG tbh, with Misty around he used to have more depth to personality.]
    3. Nodame
      [ No problem, yeeeees you should make another one :D

      Yup, he's trying to piss us off, but I won't degrade myself by replying to him.

      I wish all Hinata fans were like Ken, he's too nice... omg those arguments are so annoying. People are saying she looks like a man because of her flat chest. Clearly they're blind. Sakura has a cute athletic figure lol... Yeah, well he do believe that Hinata is overrated by fans. He mentioned that so many times. He hates us for defending Sakura, because he can't counter our posts and specially your posts.. LOL @ SS fans. They're so desperate, its sad. Ok :p

      My grades are good I guess, not perfect though. I got a B in the project and I'm not satisfied at all. My instructor's grading style is unfair tbh. I'll probably initate a grade appeal or something.

      That's awesome *.* haha.. just ignore that celebrities freak. ]
    4. Nodame
      [ Lol SasuNaru is so wrong. I'm not a Yaoi fan.. lol I agree, Kishi can't turn his 2 main characters into gay.

      Haha exactly, tbh I found Natsu a little bit annoying. Curious, what are your thoughts about him?

      Then the complain about how Sakura's crush is ruining her...

      I see ;p Tbh Tsunade is outclassed by Sakura which is why I prefer Ino over her.

      Lol maybe. Hinata fans be like: "They're saving the last for best" "She's pregnant with Naruto's baby and Kishi doesn't want to spoil" "She has a wedding ring" ... NO COMMENT

      I know that he lost :x I read that somewhere in here. That's sucks so much. Hopefully, he wins the Kalos league... Yeah, so far Clemont is the least annoying one, but he isn't that great. ]
    5. Nodame
      [ Hahaha yeah xD btw I think I saw your Sakura banner and it looks very neat :D

      LOL me too. Aaaaaand P.fan started complaining again "Sasuke's still a unlikeable *** with a unlikeable personality that only villains and shallow girls would like" << Ummmm excuse me? so only shallow girls would like Sasuke? LOL what is up with this guy?

      I will ;) .. LOL omg he's such a troll, but I guess he's a boy because I have him as a friend in my 3ds, and I saw his Mii. He's male xP

      Yup that's exactly the case. P.fan said " Sakura fans are just like the Hinata ones" ... our long debates will keep them quite for some time lol... I agree with you. I wouldn't hate a character just because I dislike a certain pair. I mean I don't like Hinata, but I don't hate her either. Some Hinata fans are literally holding grudges on Sakura for having a deep relationship with Naruto.
      - Hahaa yup they're ignoring us. LOL he's so ignorant that he doesn't even want to quote you. That's so childish. Though Lorde replied to my Pokemon posts which is weird :p

      Haha thank you. I wish you the very best as well. Business is nice and it isn't that hard. Hopefully that would help me maintain my GPA .-.

      Err.. I know. I'm so not ready for his nonsense! :x ]
    6. J Ken
      J Ken
      I heard about Akira's terrible memory too. He forgot about SSJ2 and thought SSJ3 was SSJ2. :x Agreed, what annoys me is that we have a rookie that's a good trainer but then everyone downplays it and says it's hax cause apparently everyone in that world has to suck at being a trainer when they start. It feels like merchandising is the entire reason they do anything with him, but just cause they are scared to evolve them shouldn't mean they need to have weak moves or lose all of the time like they usually end up doing. That definitely sucked for her and her fans, I remember thinking she developed after the Club Battles but then she reverted back to normal in later appearances.

      Yeah I considered Suicune for an instant but I was already gonna give another one of them Entei and while they're all part of the same group I wanted them to have distinct Pokemon who weren't of the same groups/families to set them apart, plus I wanted the strategic one to see like an extreme beast to be able to pwn without a legend. Agreed. xD IKR? I wish Ash and friends were strong enough that they could fight bosses in solo battles and win. lol

      Really? lol Nah I'm not reading it I'm still up to where the anime is at but after 2 weeks it'll be done so I'm gonna marathon the rest of the chapters. Agreed, didn't most of them leave after the timeskip or will they come back to FT since they won the GMG? Yep, I've decided to do that though where are you up to in Pokemon?

      Yep. xD What really makes it hard is that the requirements to enter a regional tournament are formatted in a way where they give you information on what to do and what not to do but they'll always leave out aspects of the rules just to screw anyone who doubts themselves during the courses. Hmm I planned on having her to win it or at least rank highly but I'll need to see by then if I want to extend the story or do a sequel.
      Thanks! I planned it out a year ago but I'm still working things out till I hit my stride. :D
    7. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      I've read somewhere that Life Orb Greninja can OHKO Multiscale Dragonite with Ice Beam. The only way I can see Dragonite beating Greninja is if it either runs a Sash, Yache Berry, or a Choice Scarf (since Outrage OHKOs Greninja without any boosts). I've never really seen Dragonite much in doubles though. But in singles, I usually have Stealth Rocks up to break its Multiscale on the switch-in.

      I quite enjoyed the SSE too. I've even done a couple complete playthroughs in Intense, and it's made me come to loathe dealing with Armight and Autolance (and Galleom when it comes to boss fights). I know I've been meaning to record a co-op LP of the SSE on Intense, but I've still yet to get the materials I need to capture footage from my Wii.
    8. J Ken
      J Ken
      I understand why you'd be so skeptical about the war being over, after all these years of twists and turns the ending seems a bit too perfect. xD Agreed, I hope Kakashi gets a fame boost as well, these guys should become legendary for what they did.
      No worries, I understand why you'd feel underwhelmed by that. Tbh I would have much preferred 128 palms too but I think Kishi just has something against Hyugas in general, I mean when was the last time Hinata's supposedly superior sister appeared in person? Yep, Kishi really did mess up with how he treated these girls. My hype for the females was so high during early Shippuden but then it died out by the Pain Invasion arc.

      I'm looking forward to character creation, I'm not sure what I want to create first but I'm eager to ply as a female Majin and female Saiyan. I hope they have more what-if forms liek Dragonball Heroes. Agreed there, War Gaara is slightly better than Pt II Gaara but I'm really glad we're getting Shukaku as an awakening after years of waiting.

      I agree with you. Tbh I used to browse through forums back in the day and the nasty things people said about characters just cause they hated shipping really turned me off from the Naruto Big 3. I'm not exactly against any of them happening but I can't deal with those guys throwing a tantrum when they argue with each other about the slightest things happening in chapters. IKR? lol 17 with a wife and family while nice felt kind of weird to me as well.
      Black Zetsu felt like the real evil to me as well, tbh I'm just curious as to what her real motives were for her actions. It felt like she got done in way too easily.

      IKR? Funny enough it almost never used Attract in the end so it felt like a waste of a slot.
      I'm not entirely sure, it feels like a bone might be out of place since when I feel it, it feels out of place compared to my other leg.
    9. Nodame
      [ LOL I can't wait for this day to come. Lorde will probably act that he doesn't care about shipping and nothing can change the fact that Sakura is useless. I'll laugh until my head comes off if he said that because I know its burning him.

      IKR? I agree with you so much! errrr I'm so pissed at Kishi for ignoring Sakura and Ino's relationship. I really like their rivalry ( only if it wasn't about Sasuke) .. Ino is my second favourite girl.

      LOL I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL <3 they're so perfect :') I'm so excited for the new movie!

      Meh you can spoil if you want xD I don't take Pokemon seriously at all lol. As for XY, The characters are either boring or annoying, the plots are nothing we haven't seen before, the previews are too good compared to the anime, there's no real conflict, there's no soul or entertainment value to be found, the jokes used are either bad, overused or go on for too long. ]
    10. Nodame
      [ Thank you ^.^ .. I literally stole it from Tumblr without sourcing it. I know that's a bad thing to do but I don't care lol.

      IKR? every time I see him posting I just wanna scream and punch him in the face really. He's even worse than P.fan.
      One day I will mention something regarding his support for SS and NH. I won't let him get away with this.
      Sakura vs Hinata? I'm so done. LOL nobody will dare mention that now since they know that we will eat them alive. I will try to stay out of those topics but if Sakura was bashed again I will argue with them. I know P.fan dislike Sakura but he doesn't disrespect her like Lorde does. At least P.fan kinda acknowledge her sometimes, but Lorde is too much... btw I think everyone from the thread are intentionally ignoring us LOL

      I'm so happy for you really :D .. my major is Human Resources. I like management, and I like to deal with people in the work place, so its perfect for me I guess.

      LOL you're so right. P.fan says that he doesn't care about shipping. I don't believe him tbh. I want to counter his posts, but as you said, I'll doubt he'll reply to us. I'm still mad tbh. I have rage. I still feel like arguing.

      SuiKarin is hilarous, but I never liked it as well because Karin loves Sasuke so much that its hard for me to shp her with another guy. My favourite crack ship is probably Sasori x Sakura haha
      WHAT? Natsu x juvia is so wrong LOL. Nalu and Gruvia are basically canon now xD .. I like them, but I'm not very attached to them like I am with NaruSaku, Pokeshipping and EdWinry]
    11. Nodame
      [ I agree with you. I will do the same as well because they won't change my mind and I won't change their.

      I agree. My ideal scenario would be for Kakashi to be Hokage, then 3 years for part 3 in order for Naruto to mature and be hokage. I still want more development for the other characters that I like. I can't see the series ending that easily.

      Aw <3 LOL what I found more adorable was how equally optimistic they appeared about things. It's little similarities like these that make me love shipping them as a couple. They're too sweet!

      Great! it can't get any worse than XY lol ]
    12. Nodame
      [ I feel your pain. Its because I feel the pain that I stay away from him and others. Actually he said "Failure" then he edited with "incompetent" right away, but I caught him... yeah I noticed P.fan being wrong, he thinks he owns the place with his nonsense, the sad part is that many people agree with him, but now I know which poster I should stay away from... Profesco was amazing. I couldn't have said it better myself.

      Wow awesome! I liked that you chose something you care about... if you are a morning person. It would be great!

      LOL I know. I was going to say that to him, but I didn't want to sound rude. He's hiding his love for Hinata and Naruhina. Which is why he bash Sakura to make himself feel better. I remember his post about the CPR scene. His response was something like that " It's only a CPR, nothing romantic." " I don't like NaruSaku" " Sakura holding Naruto's heart was creepy" ....U mad bro? lol

      I agree with you a lot. I dislike keep away shipping. I ship SasuKarin because I honestly like it. I shipped them even back in my Naruhina days. ]
    13. J Ken
      J Ken
      That's true but at times the writing in Pokemon can get questionable. It's no problem after all he probably wasn't very memorable to most people. Yep I sure do, the episode 10 sweep probably did boost the hate as well. They are. :x But no one ever mentions Pikachu's other mediocre start performances even though it's basically the usual. The only grudge I ever hold is Ash getting unevolved teams with weak movesets despite deserving better. Agreed, though I feel that the fact they crammed all the rivals into 1 vs 1 tournaments really screwed them all over.

      Thanks. :) I was gonna give him a legend but no other water type other than Starmie could fight the way I wanted him to fight so I stuck with it. IKR? xD You ever notice how lucky charcters are in general with only having to fight weaklings till the bosses come out at the end?

      I sure hope so, Pokemon fans should at least know about all series to show they're at least loyal enough to check it out whether they grew up with it or not.
      Agreed, imo the Fairy Tail quad are kinda distant now. Natsu and Lucy are still the main duo but Erza will usually deal with her own rivalry with a female competitor or her love plot with Jellal while Gray will deal with his drama from his past or with his love plot with Juvia. lol Sometimes I get mad that we barely have fighters but sometimes with too much fighters things would get cluttered and kind of messy so I accept having less fighters since we get better fights from them. Same here, in fact I'm tempting to start now but I feel like I won't give it enough attention. I'd die of joy if that happened. lol

      She will but it'll be a long road, there are 4 of them and you only need to beat 1 to enter but you could challenge more if you want to.
      Thanks. :D He's a Unova Gym Leader but he chooses not to use Unova mon to catch his opponents off guard.
    14. J Ken
      J Ken
      Yeah I agree there. I dunno why but new Team 7 felt underexposed to me.
      Definitely, though it kind of grinds my gears how they complain that she finally reached Chunin Exams Neji's level, I mean I'm sure she's stronger than CE Neji and was just held back by lack of confidence.
      That makes sense. I should probably do the same considering most people on my list aren't even active anymore.

      Agreed, I remember wanting BT4 cause I thought that would be the next game but I was wrong. :/ I got him to like low green before he pulverized me. lol The only character I'm worse with other than Suigetsu is probably Gaara, like his moves are a bit too slow for my tastes.

      I understand what you mean, it burns me up to see my favorite characters bashed. Yeah she told me, poor thing. :( The guys over there are the worst, that's how come I haven't gone there in months. Those type of shippers are terrible. Like it's one thing to dislike the rival ship but don't take it out on the characters. I mean they seem to love hating on Sakura and Hinata but no one ever seems to point out that Naruto has just a much a say in whether a ship becomes canon or not but he'll get off free cause apparently the girls are monsters while Naruto is a helpless boy who doesn't know any better. I'm personally waiting to see which ship becomes canon cause then whatever interpretation the sensible shippers of that ship had will most likely be the truth as opposed to whatever rival ships or super shippers had and can hopefully put everything to rest.
      I expected a lot too but if they at least pointed out that Kaguya had too much power but no real control or fighting style that would have been better than just letting it not be mentioned.

      IKR? xD Doesn't it feel like to you that Ash's Pokemon's movesets either suck or are limited as heck when they're on his team?

      I'll definitely try that, though my leg has been in pain lately so I need to see whether it feels better so I can visit the college.
    15. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      There isn't a whole lot of Pokémon that can outspeed Garchomp in VGC 2014 either. And of those that can, the only ones that can stand a chance would be Mega Manectric, Greninja, and Noivern, and Noivern isn't really seen all too much in VGC. Of course, in VGC 2015, you'll have the Lati twins that also outspeed Garchomp.

      Well, okay then. I know I haven't been on a whole lot lately. Ever since I had to get my Wii replaced, I've been playing Brawl a lot to get back to where I was when my old Wii pooped out on me.
    16. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Yeah, Garchomp is pretty much everywhere in VGC. Ground/Dragon isn't a bad typing offensively, and its base 102 speed lets it outrun all sorts of threats.

      I've already caught her and have all the legendaries transferred. I can also still trade you that Feebas I bred for you if you still want it.
    17. Nodame
      [Me too. Both of us just have to stop posting in that thread. I just can't take it anymore. I decided to end all my debates and move on with my life. LOL ... NarSaku is an awesome place. I never felt miserable over there.

      LOL this is funny. I doub't it will end. Part 3 says hi!!!

      Agreed. Omg I swear I laughed so hard today about the post you made. The gifs were on spot lmao.

      Tbh this was the reason why I didn't watch BW because it has a vert bad reputation, but I will watch it and then decide for myself. ]
    18. Nodame
      [ Yeah, that's probably my favourite arc. Yeah I agree, too bad that she cheated. LOL I saw and I replied. I wasn't going to but I had to.

      So true :D

      Lol that's good xD I hate stalkers.

      I hope you do well in math. Its aint that hard lol. My advice, at the start, be open to everything. During the course selection period, sample two or three more classes than you'll take and later drop whichever least attract you. Also, have you decided on a major?

      That's so true. I noticed that as well. Tbh he's worse than P.fan. At least P.fan do acknlowedge Sakura a little, but Lorde diminish every Sakura development. ]
    19. J Ken
      J Ken
      Hopefully he'll be like Treecko. XY might be ruined for me if Froakie doesn't evolve despite being the lone starter. You mean Kenny? lol Agreed, they hated him for some reason. If it's not for being a great character then they have no one but themselves to blame. Bianca probably got it just as bad as Trip did, I mean at least Trip left to improve for Bianca she always stayed just to rub it in the face of her fans that she was shafted. I feel dumb for overestimating him so much. xD

      I use a bunch of them just to throw the reader off guard and make them wait to see who the real threat ends up being in the end. xD Well the one with Starmie is more like the most strategic out of the 4 rather than the physical strongest though at this point in the story all 4 of them could sweep everyone in the good guy's side even if they just used 1 Pokemon so you know the heroes are lucky that they haven't revealed themselves yet. lol

      All we can do now is set our standards low and hope they surprise us. Maybe advertising old characters would motivate people to watch the entire series and see that Ash loses a lot so they're trying to avoid that to make Ash look better.
      That is badass. lol Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama were the best power quartet imo. It's good but it has a smaller cast so there are usually less fighters and the story starts off slow but picks up after a while. Cool, how is HxH? I was planning on starting it after I finished OP.

      Thanks. :D I'll show you one more guy but the 3rd companion doesn't have a team so I didn't do him. I just now noticed. xD I think it's also like how Sakura was more skilled than Naruto at first as well. To reach the National's Circuit. It's like a professional battling thing which can only be accessed through winning regional Circuits which are considered harder to get to than the Leagues due to having less but more rigorous qualifications.
    20. J Ken
      J Ken
      That's cool for them though I really think Kiba and Shino should get tossed a bone, I mean Team 8 in general always gets the short end of the stick. True but can't she do a fusion of both moves now like how it was implied after she succeeded with 64 palms? Only 5 is alright after all most people with a bunch of friends don't even talk to a fraction of them. xD That must be saying something if it's that bad among Naruto forums. o.o

      I never played the game before but I heard about the change and I'm not much of a fan either tbh. It feels like DBZ games have just been off for a while now. I had to learn about how hard those guys were the hard way, I mean I dunno why I challenged Deidara with Sasori or why I ever used Suigetsu to fight Kisame. :x

      I understand what you mean, this fandom gives off the vibe of one that would just waste the next decade complaining about what happened. I mean you'll get the super shippers for NaruHina, NaruSaku and SasuSaku bickering and moaning if their OTP doesn't become canon, you'll get the character haters who'll bash everyone after everything is said and done and then there'll be the small group who's at least grateful to have seen the series and are genuinely glad that they got to see it from start to finish. Damn, didn't Inuyasha end like over 10 years ago? Kaguya was kind of a weak villain, like she was strong but a completely sloppy fighter. Hopefully Naruto goes back to his normal power to make it a but fair for whoever they face.

      Agreed, it was nice though he could have at least had Ice Beam. It wouldn't surprise me I mean these guys could do whatever they want but choose to not try.

      IKR? lol I'm not sure whether I wanna catch up fast considering how long I'd have to wait for the end. xD I'm glad that you made it, will I be able to fix it up or will I end up missing this semester? Agreed, though I think for OP they started at the next canon arc that came after the last arc they left off at.
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