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Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
Last Activity:
Jun 23, 2017
Dec 20, 2011
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Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama

Fancy footwork, from Cerulean City

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama was last seen:
Jun 23, 2017
    1. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Now that I think of it, I think Garchomp was the particular Pokémon. Even though Garchomp can easily outrun Charizard and OHKO with Rock Slide, I have an Aegislash with Wide Guard to block Rock Slide and let Charizard beat down on Garchomp.

      I didn't find that one too hard once I realized Aerodactyl had enough HP to make four Substitutes. The key to winning is to PP stall it out of Hydro Pumps and Thunders.

      I should be ready in a moment. I just need to catch Cresselia on White 2, and then I can transfer all the needed legendaries from there.
    2. Nodame

      That makes sense because in Japan Sakura is not hated as it was mentioned by some japanese users in NaruSaku.com

      Not at all, I was shocked tbh, it felt really off, but oh well

      YES <3 I love my two dorks <3 they can finally live happily ever after and get married xD

      -Because fan service sells xP .. I agree with you, poor Fennekin. She's treating her like a pet. Also, didn't you know that Serena will get a Pancham ? :p LOL

      - IKR? that moment was adorable, good old days <3 .. really? if you like her, then I will like her for sure LOL. I only saw few episodes of BW so I don't know her very well.

      Haters gonna hate and our smile won't fade :D ]
    3. Nodame
      [ Haha I still haven't finished FT. Its my first time watching it. I'm on episode 153 now... OMG yes, please make some Lucy videos! I'm looking forward for your future videos :3 I'm obsessed with AMVs LOL... You're so right. Did you see how they twisted my words? LOL thanks for the support!!

      - LOL don't do that. If it didn't happen, then just act normal... Haha yeah <3 I saw this post on Tumblr and I thought i should show you:
      " Good writing would have NH be a red herring, that way all the focus it’s gotten would make sense in the long run. It’s basically, “Oh, I get it, the author distracted us with NH while he set up NS in the background so we wouldn’t notice, makes sense.” This is why I strongly believe SS was the red herring of part 1. It did get moments and build up, but when it hit its climax (Sakura’s confession) Sasuke rejected it and it died. I can’t help feeling that NH is following in part 1 SS’s footsteps." << I really agree with her.

      Yeah I know which is why I blocked my VMs, I can't stan people stalking our convo, you should do the same if you want xD .. I remember your long break LOL. I dont blame you tbh.

      Why are you nervous? if you need advice, let me know. I'm an expert LOL, only one year left for me to finally graduate!

      Really? 0.o wow I'm shocked. I really agree with you, he was trying to rile us up, which is why I lost my respect for him. Funny thing is he keeps saying that Sakura's crush is ruining her etc.. yet he's supporting SasuSaku in the shipping thread LOL ]
    4. J Ken
      J Ken
      Apparently it is though imo it's only bad with how lopsided his winning ration without Pikachu is. Him winning is alright in my book considering how rarely he won in general back in BW (barring tournaments). It'll probably be Pikachu vs Mega Mewtwo Z or something. :x IKR? Funny enough he was confirmed to have a Jellicent in one of the PWT downloads and by the looks of it, it would have been one hell of a beast. I understand how you feel, they basically gave her more of a 1-on-1 battle for her finale to solidify that the rest of her team wasn't all that strong while a 1-on-1 finale could at least let her off without showing how good she truly was. For Stephan I feel like he became overrated for not being Trip or Bianca. I actually thought he was playingdumb and would sweep the league when he stopped playing. lol

      Poor Starmie. :( Oh cool, just wanted to make sure the spoilers wouldn't ruin the experience. xD I so far have it planned to be used by a trainer who's part of an antagonistic quartet that plays as the opposition to Golen and his rivals over most of the story. These 4 trainers are ridiculously powerful where Starmie is able to pwn the toughest of Pokemon without even being noticed.

      Agreed, though I'll never know what they have against old companions reappearing more than once. I mean wouldn't the return of older characters interest people into looking up the older seasons?
      Everything about Hiei really was badass, especially the Black Flames. lol Personally I'm more attached toe FT's characters cause it's a longer running series but so far I prefer RAVE's story but then again I think FT might surpass RAVE by the end.

      Thanks. :D I tried to make the symbol on her shirt look like a Pokeball symbol but I messed up a little. lol Nice, she's actually more skilled than Golen it's just that her goal doesn't require her to be too active just yet so she hasn't really gotten to fulfill that superiority over him and has began to lag behind a bit until then.
    5. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Yeah, I guess you're right. I can't even remember why I went for Dragon Pulse over Air Slash now, especially since Air Slash can extend across the field just like Dragon Pulse.

      That reminds me of a Battle CD in Pokémon XD where you had to KO six Shedinja in one turn. You just need to set up Spikes and Sandstorm, and the whole team pretty much dies at the end of the turn.

      Okay then. I'll try to be on sometime this afternoon.
    6. J Ken
      J Ken
      I'd at least settle for the other of the Rookie 9 to get the moves they used to take out the fodder Juubis. That's so true, outside of you and besho I don't even talk to any other Naruto fans or go to Naruto forums cause I know how ridiculous things can get over there.

      Agreed, as awesome as DBZ is I feel like it's a step back every time we stick to using the same old characters. IKR? I wanted them to do more than they ended up doing considering their lineage would at least make them legit fighters but alas. Nah I'm not that good, I just use hit and run tactics which is what lets me win. lol You're probably still better since I don't really fought anything outside of com which means I'm not used to fighting against people with a more flexible style.

      That's true, everyone forgets that cause of her filling in her role as a healer more than her role as a badass fighter along with getting soloed offscreen by Madara. Yep and how The Last appears to be it looks like he's gonna have a life as a typical ninja before his time as Hokage so that'll be good.

      IKR? xD As much as I love the Oshawott line I stopped caring for Ash's Oshawott after the 5th Gym Battle where he basically became a joke. They were probably like "Sh*t we're pleasing the fans, better change that." right before they scrapped about everything.

      IKR? lol Considering that's half the series, OP will most likely reach over 1,000 chapters. I understand that, I've got to deal with things since I missed my appointment for a meeting at the college. Same here. :x If it aired uncut from the start and remained in a timeslot around Bleach's we could be at around 300 episodes.
    7. Nodame
      [ Awesome :D update me with the news xP
      I think he was talking about the American ones though I'm not sure ;/

      LOL IKR? Also that happened 2 days before the valentines day xD

      You're so true. I expect that Ash will remain hopelessly oblivious to everything, and that Serena will ignore Ash's obliviousness and still maintain her crush, at least until the two part ways to make room for Gen 7. I think the only real chance of a relationship between them (other than Serena being friend zoned like the others) would be if this were the last season of the anime and they don't plan on continuing on for Gen 7, but I don't think that will happen.
      I agree with you about May. Her relationship with Drew is so obvious at this point, nobody could argue that... btw do you like Iris ? :p

      Finally someone who understand me :'( <3

      LOLOL .. you post the most hilarious pics xD ]
    8. Nodame
      [ Its fine dear, I'm sorry for replying late as well. I was also busy arguing with the haters and watching Fairy Tail. Tbh, I really feel miserable now. Talking with them is like talking to a brick wall. I don't think its even worth it anymore. I need some fresh air.

      Lucky you. I was screwed :c .. Don't worry, she's sadden because Kishi likes to troll. Lol me too. I'm very positive that NS is happening, I'm getting over confident tbh, now imagine if it didn't happen? LOL... ask her if you want. IMO yes it would be bad writing because it’s an insult to him and his manga to ignore 80% of the developments in it and then claim an ending that signifies horrible writing should happen. Do people really want the author to ruin his reputation THAT badly? :x

      Hahaha. I used to be quiet as well, but not anymore. I will start a shipping war but I'm waiting for the perfect approutniy. LOL omg this is so true its painful. Tbh I need a break from all the arguments I've had today :p

      IKR? Tbh I lost all the respect I have for Lorde. I always agree with him, but I disagree with his opinions about Sakura. There are certain opinions and arguments I simply can't stand to read not because they don't have a right to say them, but because they are worded in such a harsh way that it makes me defensive for the character.

      LOL I can't wait to troll the world :') <3

      Statement of the year ;) ]
    9. J Ken
      J Ken
      Same here and when it's not her, it's about Ash doing too much and wining too many battles though I checked and funny enough Ash hasn't even won 5 of his battles without using Pikachu. Agreed, tbh outside Virgil I think he was the strongest important trainer at the league cause let's be honest. Ash's team was in no shape to take on a team of fully evolved beast Pokemon which Trip most likely had and other then that Bianca was criminally underpowered while Stephan was never a threat and Cameron wasn't really smart enough to be a true threat against anyone who excels at using strategies.

      You'll be the first one I show it too. lol I already decided to use base Starmie since for this story I planned on using underrated or under exposed Pokemon from the start to kind of take a step away from how things are in the anime and games. I could tell you how I plan to use Starmie but that might spoil it for you if you ever read the story. xD

      I know how you feel. :( They got that cameo in Ash's thoughts at the end of BW but that was it.
      From what I remember he was awesome, the only character I put above him was Hiei. :D I'm a Rave Master fanboy. lol I get a bit too excited when Mashima draws his old Rave characters in Fairy Tail style.

      Thanks. ^.^ It really motivates me when I get feedback from my friends. :) I've got one of Golen's girlfriend female companion.
      The team here is Pignite, Slowpoke, Gabit, Roselia and Vanillite.
    10. J Ken
      J Ken
      Almost no ones Ultimates were updated. :( Darn if it doesn't then I'm scared with how little of the manga the game covers. lol How does one character enough to abandon getting a game wih 100+ characters? They really are illogical.

      Agreed there and I'd like to see DB characters as well. It's criminal how underrated DB is despite being where it all started. She had on of the best redesigns imo. Along with Videl and Marron. lol Nah it doesn't sound stupid, handicap is when you adjust the level of damage one side does to the other. Like if you put the completely handicap against yourself your moves would barely do damage while the opponent's moves are enough to chunk off a bunch of your health with barely many hits. I do it to cause it makes me feel cool when I win in a disadvantage. lol

      I'm alright with the decision though I think Tsunade is really getting no respect as Kage. I mean does what she want not matter or something? I think it'll be alright to Naruto. I mean imo I'd rather he spent the next few years relaxing with his friends, settling the love triangle stuff and having fun after the years of stress he endured before becoming Hokage.

      I remember how hated Oshawott became when he turned into Piplup 2.0. xD Agreed, it my sound weird but I kind of shipped Ash and Trip's Snivys. lol

      Thanks. :D My goal is to finish the first saga of OP which us 597 chapters and 516 episodes. I hope you have fun watching/reading it when you get to it as well, I can tell that you'd be interested in it after you get deep into it. ;)
    11. J Ken
      J Ken
      Everything is bad writing to them. They've been recycling the same arguments for a year and it's not even things about the entire series just about Serena's character. :/ That is funny. xD I dunno who my favorite rivals are tbh, I just know that the top 3 are Ash's main 3 rivals. I liked both of them though I did find that Paul became too overrated just cause Trip ended up being BW's equivalent to Sakura, in other words a good character who is bashed for their lack of focus and onscreen development and not given enough credit for their good qualities. Plus outside his rivalry with Ash and battling I think Paul's character itself was a bit underwhelming backstory wise. I'll never understand it either tbh. Damn you're a faithful fan, I can never rewatch anything of any anime I'm a fan off. lol

      Thanks and it definitely was a shock to see Mega Evolution revealed. xD Thanks and I will, I'm planning on Salamence for now while latter down the road I'll do something for Starmie as well. :D

      IKR? It's nearly been a decade since Misty and the AG siblings showed up. Btw nice profile pic. :)

      Btw here's a pic of Golen along with his team within the first 40 chapters of PGo!. There are some spoilers so I apologize if you ever end up following the story. [IMG]
      If you can't see it the team is, Emolga, Servine, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Vibrava, Gurdurr, Skorupi and Snorunt.
    12. J Ken
      J Ken
      That is an improvement. lol I never actually used Karin or fought with her outside that one time against Sasuke but I'd wish she had actual moves so the experience could have been funner. I hope so but even if he isn't in it everyone will probably just complain about what they didn't get rather than enjoying what they do have. That would be unfortunate, though if it happens hopefully I'll have the game in time to get the DLC.

      Those reasons are weak. xD They just don't want GT cause more characters will pollute the game. :x Personally for me I'd like a good amount of GT characters like the GT versions of Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Vegeta along with GT Goku and maybe GT attires for characters from GT like 18, Videl, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, etc. I used him once but since the gap between me and com is pretty huge even at maximum handicap against me and highest difficulty I didn't need to do much other than attack. That does suck and it especially sucks how Tobi of all people can't instantly awaken or have his serious persona as an awakening that lasts the entire battle. Hopefully my schedule clears up enough for me to enjoy the game when I get it since I've been busy lately.

      Sadly I do, which is what makes it so terrible to see him reduced to a light-weight who gets soloed in a 5-on-1 offscreen battle, even if the opponent was the main villain Madara had no business beating them so easily without fighting seriously or without the Perfect Susanoo.

      I would have preferred all 3 middle form starters over Emboar, I dunno I think Emboar should have just been Bianca's thing.

      Trust me Yoko, my sleep schedule is already pretty messed up. xD For OP I'm up to Chapter 108 for the manga so I'm at the 1/7th point while in the anime I'm up to Episode 161 so I'm at the 1/5 point for the anime as well. I'm pumped for the ending, I wanna get to Tartarus really badly. lol
    13. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      I've encountered Speed Boost Blaziken a few times in my Super Triples run. It can be really annoying if it pops up with another Fire type, or if it starts across from Sableye. My main strategy to deal with it is to put it to sleep with Venusaur's Sleep Powder, but maybe I should consider dropping Dragon Pulse on Charizard for Air Slash.

      Yeah, plus entry hazards have become extremely common these days. Any team running Shedinja would need something that can get rid of hazards and a way of disposing of the Pokémon laying them before they can safely bring Shedinja out.

      Sure, I can do that. I'll just need to transfer all those legendaries first, because I traded the ones I had in an attempt to chain trade Bank legends on the GTS.
    14. Nodame
      [ OMG that is prefectly great *.* I really hope what you said id true.. btw do you think Kishi is aware of the Sakura hate in the american fandom? I heard that he was indeed intrigued by some western Hinata fans/NH fans. Kishi also defended Sakura in one of the interviews saying Sakura is not Hinata...WHAT? LOL CC2 are going too far with this one :P

      LOL omg this is too funny. If Hinata were actually the heroine, maybe something like this could happen. But Hinata is a secondary character so she's NOT important.

      LOL did you see? .. ironically, the pokemon company are really pushing Amourshipping, it never happened before. LOL yeah Serena is the Hinata of Pokemon, no wonder she gets a lot of love.

      LOL I laughed so hard while reading your Karin and Team Taka posts. I really agree with you. Tbh I hate how the fandom describe Karin as an obsessive freak. I mean agree with platinum that she shouldn't go easy on Sasuke when he tried to kill her. I couldn't argue with that tbh.]
    15. Nodame
      [ Hahaha yeah. There is an inner Sakura inside of me that nobody'll dare piss me off... I feel you pain lol. Tbh P.fan and Tak annoy me the most. I think Tak left that thread completely LOL. Someday we should post the databook scans in that thread just to shut them up. They're so in denial when it comes to Sakura's strength. P.fan even said Hinata is stronger because she has the byakugan... I should have replied but its too late now.

      - Lol yeah, he keeps saying that he wants a team Minato spin off... how boring lol.

      - Hahah I will very soon :D .. tbh I really want to start a shipping war in that thread but I dunno how to start xP

      - yep, she the disciple of a sanin, yet people still think she's weak... mmm excuse me? this is the definition of bias.

      - You're welcome :D .. haha yeah xD .. My love for Sakura isn't normal tbh O.O ... YES go for it! I love pissing off NH/SS fans ;') LOL

      LOL what? Sasuke knew of strength of a hundred? Hahaha joke of the year. ]
    16. Nodame
      [ Too bad the chapter was delayed -.- this sucks so much. I think SS has been revived when Sakura was sad over how Sasuke didn't care she got stabbed. I agree with you, Chatte is my idol LOL. It amazes me how confident she is despite people bashing her all the time... OMG YES the bench scene = NS future forehead kiss. I'm pretty positive its happening :') I LOVE this idea so much.

      BTW do you think that Kishi has seen LadyGT's work?

      Kishi's work 2 years after Lady's work.
      [imgsize=300]http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/203/d/b/dan_and_tsunade_chapter_591_by_xxhancockxx-d6em7n9.jpg[/imgsize] ]
    17. Nodame
      [ Omg.. it amazes me how biased they are. This is too much. Why are they treating Hinata like a heroine? They'e misleading the fans with their nonsense. I wonder if Kishi know about this.

      Love at first sight? -.- LOL this is dumb omg. They're so desprate. And why Sakura is paired up with mecha, and Hinata with Naruto? shouldn't it be the other way around? LOL

      We should be thankful that the orignal Naruto is clueless. I don't care for mehca Naruto, he's a filler character that serves no importance to the story. Cheer up :D

      [IMG] ]
    18. Nodame
      [ Ignore them. What do you expect from butthurt Hinata fans? I bet if Hinata was in Sakura's shoes, they'll be dancing with joy..... haha I agree with you. I believe that Sakura is the strongest. I'm not saying that because I'm a Sakura fan but because that's what I'm honestly feeling.

      Awesome awesome! .. I love it :') .. Tbh you deserve millions of views. There is nobody that understand Sakura's character better than you.

      OMG I know how you feel. She's so annoying. LOL I will troll the world if NS became canon. ]
    19. Nodame
      [ LOL go for it. I love your long posts in Tumblr xD

      Did you see? :/ ... He pissed me off tbh, but I pretended like I didn't hear anything. I wasn't in the mood. I don't mind having another debate only if you helped me LOL xD
      I agree, He's a fake Sakura fan I guess. He's very negative when it comes to Sakura. Tbh he does this for every character except for Team Minato. He's such a complainer.

      Yeaaaaaah! I saw the post in Tumblr. Both of them think they don't deserve each other. They honestly couldn’t be any more wrong. I want to put it my sig someday! :3

      LOL exactly! ]
    20. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      That's why I have Substitute on Blaziken. That way no status can get to her, unless the opponent has Infiltrator.

      Unfortunately it doesn't come with Ice Shard though, so the shiny event Mamoswine would need TR to attack first.

      I remember back then I was so paranoid of Shedinja after encountering one in the Battle Tower. I would always carry something on every Pokémon of mine to deal with Shedinja, so I would never get beaten by it. Of course, I now realize Shedinja isn't all that commonly used, so I don't really need to ensure I have an answer to it.

      I don't think Entei should be all that hard to get off the GTS, especially if you have an uncommon Vivillon pattern. I've gotten quite a few legendaries off the GTS for Vivillon in the past.
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