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Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama
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Jun 23, 2017
Dec 20, 2011
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Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama

Fancy footwork, from Cerulean City

Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama was last seen:
Jun 23, 2017
    1. Nodame
      [ Whaat? o.O they said that? .. lol that's not true at all. The haters will always look for excuses. She's the ONLY member of team 7 without some form of power from an outside source. She trained her *** off to become powerful and now look at her. By her own devices, she's now at the level where she can help save the world. I'm really proud of her.

      Did you finish your Sakura video?.... I know what you feel. Hinata's character is always revolved around Naruto IMO. As I mentioned in my post. I liked that she was inspired by Naruto in part 1. I have no problems with that, but what I don't like is her Naruto centric view. Basically, she fights and train for Naruto. All she does is for him. I disagree with P.fan because even in Part 1, she was a fangirl even before Naruto cheered for her. I remember her debut episode where she was all shy around Naruto. I think you mentioned that in your post and I agree with you. She got a lot worse in Part 2 though.

      HAHA IKR? You can just sense how much SS is hurt by this episode. Pierot clearly knows who is the end game pairing lol.


      I feel the same way xD <3 .. we had a great Sakura weak! and I can't wait for more :D]
    2. Nodame
      [ Lol it's sad to see NH/SS fans so desperate and insecure about themselves. I mean, they have no evidences to prove their ship.

      Lol I see xD

      Hhaha can you feel my pain now ? xP .. Sakura debates always lead to the same negative and bashing when she doesn't deserve it. I suffered in that thread defending Sakura all the time, and all I get is nothing but bashing and by you know who, but thanks for the support. It made me happy when you started defending Sakura, I really agree with you, you hit the nail on the head lol...... hahhaa I know what you mean, its fine LOL. It's best to steer clear of those places anyways. We will never change them, and they'll never change us. So why make ourselves miserable? xD its not worth our time anymore, right? xD

      IKR? .. KISHI said in an interview that Sakura was honest, yet people still call her a lier. Kishi is basically distracted us with NH/SS while he set up NS in the background so we wouldn’t notice. That's what I think lol.

      so trueeeee. Naruto never showed any romantic interest for Hinata, like NEVER, which is funny.]
    3. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Yeah, Bright Powder can be pretty annoying in the Battle Maison. That's why I have Blaziken Baton Passing accuracy boosts to Kanga, so the accuracy reduction from Bright Powder won't really affect me.

      Yeah, I was thinking about actually training the Mamoswine as a TR sweeper when I got one that had 1 speed IV. But all its other stats were pretty poor, so I ended up resetting for one with different IVs.

      I remember once sweeping his whole team with a Shedinja. Luvdisc was maybe the only Pokémon that could do anything to Shedinja by using Sweet Kiss to confuse it. None of the other Pokémon could touch Shedinja that I could recall.

      None of the event Pokémon are needed for the Shiny Charm. I have heard some conflicting reports on possibly needing Phione for the Shiny Charm, but I don't see why Phione would be needed in Gen 6 when BW2 never required it.
    4. J Ken
      J Ken
      Yep she did, I think. I'm not sure whether getting hit by a special attack like in a battle where whoever gets hit first counts as a lose or if it just meant getting hit by physical attacks. Her evolving it so soon would be a miracle. lol That's good to hear and if you're into Dawn's contests and Paul related things I think you won't mind it too much. Though if you're not a fanboy for either of those things then that will be a scary thing to finish. xD

      Thanks. :D Yeah I wanted it to have resemblance to Zekrom's tail it symbolizes it's growing power that brings it closer to Legendary tier along with other symbolic reasons. Yep I did keep it. ^.^ I made up this evolution concept back before I heard about Mega Evolution so since I still have yet to design more custom Evos I'm watching out for whether the Pokemon I've decided to give an Evolution like this will end up having a Mega form so I can design it that it does not resemble it's Mega Evolved form.

      That's true. xD Tbh what I've always disliked about animes is when they can't portray something as strong without devaluing the hell out of previous characters and plots in the process.
    5. J Ken
      J Ken
      That's good to hear, hopefully they do something for Karin as well. Tbh I've been out of the loop when it comes to information on Revolution. That sucks, from the looks of it Juubito might be a DLC as well. >.<

      That's true as for me I use characters like GT Goku or Cell to fight and usually resorted to transforming if I was overwhelmed in my current form. Damn that sucks, I hope that they at least make the dashes better. Yeah I've noticed, I usually just use fast dashers like Tobi when I fight since the slower ones are kind of hard to use efficiently when I'm so used to fast hitters. IKR? Plus his quick awakening is kind of hard to use as well considering if he's getting a beating he'll stay in place rather than being sent flying to at least create a distance. Agreed, if only I had a PS4. lol

      Agreed. It's so hard to tell how strong everyone truly is when they're either fighting someone multiple tiers above of them, relying on Naruto's chakra or just fighting fodder. :x

      I know what you mean. lol I'm not really all that uptight about hax after I rewatch it, though some unevolved Pokemon vs fully evolved Pokemon battles are too much even for me.

      Oh I see, good luck with all of that it sounds like one hell of a hurdle. Though I think for OP that there's enough content for you to not need fillers for videos. I'm struggling with just catching up with the manga and watching certain amount of episodes in between the time I finish arcs in the manga and it's almost impossible with other things getting in the way. I'm still waiting for the FT anime to finish the GMG arc so I can move forward to the next arc and finish Rave and FT manga as well.
    6. Lluc
      Doubtfully, it'll be even longer than that I feel for a game I want for PS4 to appear xD Thanks, but I'm not sure which part of my message made you think that ^^ Cave of the Past also seems like a good idea too..

      Lluc danced crazy
    7. Nodame
      [ This is exactly how I feel.. I'm so tired really, I just can't handle the stupid fandom anymore. They're so biased and in denial when it comes to Sakura or NaruSaku.

      Hahah IKR? its funny that not a single NH have seen the movie.

      You're welcome! .. lol I can't wait as well, I'm sure your upcoming video will SLAY.

      I'd scream if they got rid of Naruto saying Sakura is his girlfriend. I'll stop watching the anime if that happened.

      LOLOLOL I WANT TO SPREAD THIS PICTURE ALL OVER THE INTERNET. I feel bad for NH fans because reality is far from what they actually want......

      - Akashin Kamix and P.fan made a HUGE Sakura debate in the Naruto thread, but I didn't reply to them because I might explode and get banned lol.]
    8. Nodame
      [ LMAO are they serious? wtf? I understand that NH/SS fans can be more loudly than us because they are more numerous on the internet, but this is toooooooooo much. "NaruSaku fans are not welcomed" ..Really? this is so childish omg o.O .. LOL this picture killed me...

      could you do me a favour and post this in Facebook please? I mean, what more proof do they need? Kishi himself wrote this -.-

      <”The day on which Naruto fell in love Sakura”
      Shonen Jump released a calendar in 2010 which included the day Naruto fell in love with Sakura.

      YES please, I'm so ready for a Hinata debate. I like her, but her fans are too much. It's unfair that people criticise Sakura on a daily routine while they treat princess Hinata sama like a god when she's actually worse than Sakura.

      LOL they're stalking you? ok that's creepy xP

      That's great! thank you ^.^

      This is ridiculous tbh. Love is not about deserving or not. It doesn't work that way, in anime or real life.

      Naruto tried to take his burdens and Sakura’s onto his own shoulders and fix everything for her from the POAL throughout part two. And Sakura tried to take her burdens and Naruto’s onto her own shoulders at the summit and fix everything. THIS IS LOVE!

      Funny how NH fans never admit that their ship is one sided? -.- Hinata's feeling for Naruto have been one sided since the damn series started. 600+ chapters and just a few of them showing one-sided love...yes this pairing sounds so logical. Literally, every time Hinata would give Naruto one of her famous "I'm indirectly telling you I LOVE YOU" speeches, he didn't respond as if he was loving her whatsoever. How can he end up with her when he doesn't have feelings for her? ]
    9. J Ken
      J Ken
      There really isn't much common sense in Pokemon anymore tbh. There are some instances every now and then but its usually just the same old same old I guess.

      Here's a filler list for OP. xD http://www.animefillerlist.com/shows/one-piece That should make it easier but you still got a lot to watch. I'm only at episode 77 and I'm barely 10% through with the series. :x I don't mind much either since I'm basically caught up with everything I see and I still need a few more weeks until I catch up completely with Fairy Tail and finish up Rave Master. I don't blame you, Kishi's trolling prevents me from getting excited bout anything anymore.

      Yep she apparently creamed Mirror World Ash but got taken out by the weakest attack of Ash's Froakie in 1 hit. xD Rewatch Pokemon? Good luck with that man, I'm not sure that I could stomach rewatching the entire series again. lol That's typical of them though I don't think that they've mentioned his aura ever since the Riolu special in DP.
      Yeah I got some drafts. :) Nah I meant that I've only got a few chapters until I have to use the custom evolution. The first one is how it normally looks while it becomes a darker color as it fights at full power. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

      Typical. :x Good choices! I like Cell the best, Frieza and Buu were cool but Cell just tops them imo.

      I might do the same. lol
      That's a reliable site, I check it out too :)
    10. J Ken
      J Ken
      I don't mind him not portraying it, I mean we already get enough of the Susanoo without him anyway. I agree though but I hope that she at least has the Chakra Chains as an Ultimate. That would be awesome. That will most likely be the case, though I'll only ever get annoyed with attires if Taka is still in the same garbs, I mean do you know how awkward it is to use Juugo in that attire? xD That does suck but I expected as much from CC2. :x

      It took me weeks to get to the point where I could solo entire teams using a single character. lol Agreed and I am unusually pumped for this game. xD IKR? I still have a PS3 atm but if the PS4 version is that much better I might save up for a PS4 in the future. lol
      That really made me uncomfortable but nothing tops Imperfect Cells's creepiness. o.o That is most definitely the case, cause usually everyone knows about DBZ fan or not while Naruto is a big thing, its still ongoing and people are interested in seeing the series conclude.

      Agreed on Neji and yeah he did become really minor in Pt. II. :( I agree on that listing. Of the girls alone I think Sakura is hands down the strongest but if Neji made Hinata a badass I think she could give Sakura a run for her money not power wise but with her abilities giving her a good chance against brute force fighting styles.
      I agree with that too. Tbh I think that the stats of some guys are too high to be recorded. xD
    11. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Just remember, you need a Truant Durant to breed for a Truant Durant. I believe I have a spare lying around if you ever needed one.

      Well, the Pokémon doesn't come EV trained, so you'd need to train it with the exact EV spread the person used to get stats identical to their Pokémon.

      Yeah, I remember Wallace being much harder than some of the newer gym leaders. I think he had 4 or 5 Pokémon on his team, and his Whiscash and Milotic could be a pain to take down.
    12. Nodame
      [ *claps* you deserve an Oscar for this post, I couldn't have said it better myself. Tbh the fact that Sakura used to dislike Naruto for getting in the way and now she cares for him and trusts him was one of the reason that got me into loving Narusaku, but I guess people don't appreciate good development, its their loss really..

      LOL true, I want Sakura baddasery in the movie, but don't worry, she can't be Hinata. If it was Hinata, her hair would be shaded, but it wasn't. Kishi can pull a RTN and show the rookies as fodder who appeared briefly not getting any major roles in the movie. I mean, we've seen RTN trailers and people immediately went off saying how there was NaruHina and SasuSaku in it, but that's what really happened lol

      So true, plus, Naruto has been in love with Sakura since the beginning of the manga lol. He recently introduced Sakura to his dead father as his GIRLFRIEND with a straight face. NS is canon. :)

      O.O Wooooooooooooooooow.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT O.O .. its flawless, the scenes and song fits perfectly together!

      Yeah, he said to Kakashi to take care of the new era or something.. hmm

      Me too :D I can't wait!

      LOL I feel your pain :p .. SS fans are saying Sakura will leave konoha with Sasuke when the war ends lmao]
    13. Nodame
      [ So true, NH fans gotta be determined when reality is far from what they actually want. LOL I'm getting seriously tired of the NaruHina/SasuSaku sh*t. Seriously what are these pairings even hanging on to? It's all pretty messed up, that someone could actually ship these...

      OMG that's an awesome post! :') I agree, Sakura is not only stronger than Hinata, but also stronger than the other squads. Also, she'll surpass Tsunade. Genjutsu comes into play, Kakashi said that Sakura will be surpassing Tsunade via her genjutsu skills. And she will be a sanin when the war ends, but sadly, people will still bash her no matter what, when it comes to Sakura, everybody looks for excuses :x

      IKR <3<3 I can't wait to play with her when the game comes out.

      The whole mecha Naruto crush thing is ridiculous tbh, it's so unnecessary and pointless omg. I mean really? Mecha Naruto x Hinata? I almost feel bad that they are getting this desperate....

      LOL just ignore them, SK is threat to them and it's driving them crazy...... thirsty?? the same applies to Hinata really, but HEY don't you dare say that! she's cutesy wootsy and shy and adorable -.- seriously, I'm so done with the Hinatards ]
    14. J Ken
      J Ken
      Funny enough despite how obvious the problem is Ash never really suffers for it and everyone just goes "OMG Yes Ash is using Pikachu he's awesome!" rather than going "Pikachu again? Doesn't this guy have anyone else?"

      I'm on episode 71 for the anime and am on Ch. 54 in the manga. That's true, I might just finish up the manga and watch the anime casually afterward so I could at least make more progress in one of the two. That's exactly why I expect something like that from Kishi. lol He's the type who'd confirm something one thing then screw up what he established just for lulz. :x

      That's the most impossible goal ever than, that kid makes Goku look like a Casanova. o.o Funny enough in the new mirror world episode Serena's counterpart battled with her Fennekin before our Serena did anything, she lost easily of course but still. I agree with that though I watch the episodes sometimes to see if they interest me a lot. Nah, she's too close with that thing to even consider it. Plus they overly stressed her bond with it already to make that possible. Ash x Lucario seems like an impossible dream now. :/ Sure is, though there's one user who always calls Ash "The Boy" but he doesn't seem to get in trouble for it no matter how often he says it.
      Emolga is currently the one I'm thinking about. I'm coming closer to my deadline and I'm stuck on a design for said evolution. >.<

      IKR? In fact Digimon and Pokemon came out around the same time and Digimon couldn't really copy them considering they would have at least been in production with the franchise for quite some time before Pokemon came out. Btw who was your favorite out of the big 3 DBZ villains?
    15. J Ken
      J Ken
      Agreed and don't tell me while Kishi bothered to make Mecha Naruto and unnecessarily give Shisui a Susanoo that he couldn't design a few custom moves for Kushina so she wasn't Karin 2.0 and used normal items for attacks. I mean I love Kushina but seriously? Why add her if that's what they would do? Oh I understand that definitely makes sense. I myself am quite the slouch as well when it comes to playing games. xD IKR? lol They all showed a few new moves in the war yet they're the exact same while we're getting characters like Iruka and Konohamaru who've had what 4 chapters of relevance each throughout the entire series? Agreed, btw are we getting Rin as support?

      That definitely makes sense. Btw I was replaying Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (on easy mode of course) and I remembered how awesome the game was. I got so nostalgic playing that games and makes me realize just how it rose the standards for DBZ games so high.
      Agreed, I mean this is the same guy who let Super Buu turn everyone into chocolate along with 18's 3 year old girl and get even alive. The scary part was that all of them retained their consciousness when they were chewed up. I think its cause Naruto is a more recent anime and while DBZ is a classic almost everyone knows everything about it. No problem. :D

      Tbh I like the Konoha 11 but without Naruto they most likely don't stand a chance. I mean with just regular Mangekyo they could give Sasuke one hell of a fight and possibly beat him but that's only cause he'd get tired out from it while I wouldn't be shocked if he soloed them all with the EMS. He should be glad that he was stopped cause he wouldn't have made it past Naruto. Btw how do you rank the Konoha 11 from strongest to weakest? (not counting Naruto of course)?

      I agree with that. I'd love a crossover with them like they did with One Piece x DBZ but it doesn't seem very likely. :(
    16. Lluc
      Aww D: *pouts with puppy dog eyes* I still don't like the idea of Charizard being his own character :/ I would've preferred the Pokemon Trainer. Roy was also pretty cool, all the Fire Emblem characters so far look cool. I definitely wanna check it out when I'm done with my stupid summer assignment. I'm not getting a PS4 until Atlus releases an awesome Persona game on that console, then I'll get it. I already pre-ordered Persona 4 Arena Ultimax 'cause I love 2D fighters and a bunch of my favorite Persona series characters are making it in, I'll get Smash for Christmas, dunno what to go for next.. and my friends at school want me to get smash for 3DS so we can play it. I still need money for Persona 5,Persona Q, Alpha Sapphire, and Pikmin 3. I think I really should start that commissioning business xD There's only so much my parents can buy me. Mr. Saturn will find a way, he always does... But a Starman would be pretty cool. I would also like Threed as a stage, a city filled with ZOMBEHS has lots of potential but I don't know if Nintendo would wanna put that in.

      True dat. Well, looks like that attack didn't work. *Uses Tell a Yo Momma Joke again*
    17. The Light Ruler
      The Light Ruler
      Yeah, I use Entrainment to give them Truant, then I switch out to my setup Pokémon and alternate between Protect and stat boosting before I'm fully set up to Baton Pass to my sweeper.

      I'm not sure how they choose which Pokémon will be distributed. I'm pretty sure they'll only choose a Pokémon that was shiny in the winner's team though. It's a shame they can't IV lock the Pokémon to have the same IVs as the original Pokémon the winner used.

      Yeah, it was quite a shame that XY didn't boost the levels of the E4 post game. You really think they would have though, since that's been going on since FR/LG. Plus, 4 Pokémon teams just seems a bit odd for the E4, especially since they usually had 5 Pokémon in most Pokémon games.
    18. Nodame
    19. Nodame
      [ LOL typical Naruhina fans.

      - Very true, I can't understand why they support such a ship, it has ZERO development. Was Naruto hinted to have romantic feelings for Hinata? No. Was Sasuke hinted to have feelings for Sakura? No. What does NH and SS have that NS doesn’t? .. NaruSaku will happen. Only people that are in denial say that it won't happen.

      - let them live out their fantasies, well all know she can't be Hinata... The teaser for the movie was pointless, it showed nothing. :x I was disappointed.

      -Was it confirmed that there will be only one couple? ;O in this case, NS will happen 100% because Naruto is the MAIN character, and Sakura is the heroine and she has the priority to be with Naruto soooo..

      - I watched Star Velocity and its slayes tbh, I really like it xD

      - LOL Yeah, that post made me laugh because its SO true ;p

      - I think there will be a part 3 and the movie might be an opening for the "new era" which is a part 3 tbh as long as NS is confirmed, I will be happy reading the manga.

      - Get ready for Sasuke SD...

      [imgsize=300]http://images.saiyanisland.com/data/526/Sasuke-Uchiha-Shuringan-Legend.jpg[/imgsize] ]
    20. Nodame
      [ Yeah exactly, that’s why I have a hard time understanding why NH/SS would be more likely when NS has been build up to be reciprocated. Is it because Hinata wouldn’t have what she wants at the end? She can very well move on off-screen, she’s not a main character.

      - LOL Hinata wouldn't stand a chance against Sakura. Heck, Sakura will be one of the legendary SANIN. Her beating Hinata would be a piece of cake...OMG Hinata has a crazy number of internet supporter most of whom don't even read the manga but are heavily influenced by the anime bias -.-

      -That's so COOL OMG Sakura SLAYS :')

      - Naruto in hand? ... may god give me patience.

      KARIN IS BAAAAAAAAAAACK <3 tbh the animation sucked, but I LOVED the SasuKarin moment. I was waiting for it for so long now, and it finally happened XD LOL she was hilarious. I died laughing at this XD
      [IMG] ]
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