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  • It's okay. I'm generally a pretty patient person. I never really got impatient with Quote when I asked her to RNG me a Skarmory. And considering my patience, she even gave me a shiny Yanma with the Skarmory.

    I would be somewhat doubtful of a game that includes all regions. It would require a very strict level curve to ensure the levels can keep rising as the player progresses and so the player isn't overleveled. And I doubt Game Freak would ever have all Pokémon available in one single game, since that would ruin the aspect of having to socialize with others to get version exclusive Pokémon. Having all the Pokémon available in a single generation is feasible though, as they've done this with Gen 3, 4, and 6 now.

    Well, I know Brawl wasn't all that easy to clear everything. I know it took me a few days to clear Boss Battles on Intense, because I'd have to spend some time memorizing boss attack patterns and how they telegraph their attacks.
    -I haven't gotten a chance to play online yet. I actually had scheduled matches with a couple of people on here, but then my Internet had been acting up and my 3DS couldn't connect. Of course, recently I've been back into Pokémon preparing for the upcoming Trick or Treat Friendly.
    I understand, personally I just go with that idea because I'm stumped on what else to consider for her. xD Though I'm guessing everyone gets their happy ending since no one seems scarred or gloomy (well aside from Sasuke) so I'm hoping they all achieve their dreams. :D He should but please no Chunin Exams, it's not fair to anyone who'd have to compete with him. lol Do you like the new designs that were shown for Ino, Kiba and Shino?

    Nice! Hmm I'll probably get it within the first month at the earliest. I've been a huge slacker on my Pokemon games for the last year so that's why I'm not certain at a specific time that I might get the game. xD

    Thanks. :D Yeah, I've only briefly watched some episodes from all series but I understand how things work in Digimon so I think I can manage. Here's the equivalent to the first rival from my old story, I tried to make him cheery and relaxed compared to Kyoya's stoic and depressive expression.
    Really? I honestly had no idea about things like that for Pokemon. o.o

    I don't even mind her winning all that much, it's just the manner in which she wins that irritates me. I think it might have at least have less backlash since at least it'd be a character who's not as overrated or glorified as Erza is. Btw did you like the new FT Chapter? Personally it was nice to see Natsu and the Twin Dragons work together to fight Mard Geer. I think it benefits Natsu's character more to work together with them and fight alongside old enemies then it would have to just have him overcome Mard Geer solo just cause Igneel asked him to.

    It seriously blows when the likable characters are the ones who either always lose or never get proper screentime. :(
    I wish I did but I don't think I do. lol My PS3 is ancient, it's like from 2006-7. xD

    IKR? It's so cringe worthy to see that, I mean I disliked some of what Kishi did during the latest few chapters but that doesn't warrant a bunch of senseless hate and criticism. :x
    No problem! ^.^ I figured Kurama would be tough, one second he's a devious monster fox the next he's like a giant Naruto. xD
    I understand what you mean, I can't really cut him off though. It's probably the Team 7 fanboy and nostalgia speaking but I dunno even when he was gone I never really considered him an enemy aside from that Psycho phase. I want him back personally but I want him to do a hell of a lot of work and atonement for all the grief he put them through. It's the least they all deserve for everything they did for him. It's so unfair, everyone and their mother gets their designs shown but they're holding back on full designs of Hinata, Sasuke and Kakashi. >.<
    Yep and when it's not that they're over glorifying the things that happened in the show. Like Serena for example, I have nothing against her and am glad she's getting focus but there's nothing monumental or outright amazing about her catching a single Pokemon when most characters have done the same in less time and better fashion than she did but don't even get half the praise.

    Haha I forgot. xD No problem and thanks. :D Have you gotten any exciting school projects yet?

    I don't remember either but I agree. It hurt everyone more to have gotten knocked out by chopsticks than it did to help Beerus look like a threat in the last movie. :x
    I'm conflicted, a rival would be nice but it's been so long and considering how terrible the rival appearances are in Pokemon I feel like a new rival would just get the shaft.
    [ there is that twitter from the official twitter account of the movie and a review article based on the official poster of the movie.The article said that "Hinata turning sideways looks impressive. And the red scarf around Naruto's neck could be a key item of the story. And fan want to speculate about it" something like that. After retweeted that article, the official twitter account made a tweet regarding the poster "Naruto's red scarf and Hinata's looking sideways!? Pay attention to the big caption text!!" "The last story is the start of/first love."

    << NH fans are screaming canon. Also the fact that they didn't show her sketch is weird tbh, but she could be the leader of Hyuga clan and they didn't want to spoil it, or she could be pregnant LOLOL. What do you think about that? LOL

    LOL of course not, but he sounded too nice for me to ignore him, so I replied nicely to him, but I know he's trolling... well because they hate Sakura, and don't care about her.

    Haha okay I'll call you whenever I need help xD <3

    LOL do you read the manga? I don't know what will happen after the anime has finished. I'm waiting for season 2 to be animated. ]
    [ I'm very annoyed that the messages got deleted. I don't remember what were we talking about xD but I'll try to remember LOL. I agree, he ruined Sasuke's character. He used to be my fav, but now he's too emo for my taste. LOLOL WTF? I can't believe that they're saying this. That chapter killed SS, and there is no way for it to happen. The only possible way for SS to be canon is for Sasuke to redeem himself for her sake which will never happen lol.

    Yeah :') Chatte thinks it will happen at the end of the fight. She said that Kishimoto knows about that OVA, and its really famous in Japan, they had a huge event about this OVA, but the event focused on Naruto x Sasuke bromance, they sold millions of T shirts and stuff like that, but I'm glad that Kishimoto saw the part where Sakura touches Naruto's face. It could inspire him ya know xD

    Yeah basically this. I can't believe I forgot to say that when they were arguing about NS, but when NS is confirmed, I'll do it, but tbh I think we made a fool of ourselves saying that Sakura got over Sasuke when she didn't LOL.

    Awesome, Death Note is a MASTERPIECE. I'm watching a lot of anime atm, like, Code Geas, Fate/Zero, Claymore, SAO and Tokyo Ghoul. I'm also reading One Piece because the anime is very slow, and I don't have time to watch 660 episodes xD

    I doubt she'll die tbh, maybe she'll just give Kakashi her position for unknown reasons lol ]
    Yeah, I remember I was gonna respond to you on Saturday afternoon when the forums went down.

    Yeah, I have it now, but I haven't started training it yet. I've mostly been busy with Smash 4 and reading ORAS news.

    It's been pretty good. I've fought Master Core a few times, but not on a high enough intensity to fight all his forms yet. I know the sword form has an all out slash attack. If you get hit by one slash, you'll get hit by all the others, and the final slash has a lot of knockback (and usually ends up killing me).
    I hope Sasuke rebuilds all of his bonds with Team 7 aside from just his bond with Naruto. It'd be bittersweet if he never reestablishes and strengthens the old bonds he had with Sakura and Kakashi considering they went through just as much a hell to have him back safely as well.

    The only thing that irks me is when a large amount of characters are portrayed as helpless and seemingly insignificant since they're so hopelessly inferior to the main character and the villains.
    I'm so proud of Hinata if she really is the heiress. *sobs* Ihope Sakura is the head medic of the village by then, Sasuke is either Kakashi's right hand man, an undercover Anbu or a member of the Police force and Naruto finally advances past being a Genin. I mean I know rank doesn't matter but still. lol

    Are you planning on getting ORAS?

    I'll try to get on deviant some time this week and follow you back. xD I've been trying to draw a picture for Halloween but I'm having no luck. :/
    He's a new character he'll be the main character of the Digimon story, he looks familiar cause his design is basically a reworked, older looking version of Golen's design. I did the same with the main girl as well.
    I wish we got databooks for the Pokemon anime or something cause some of the things that happen are the type of things that confuse the viewers as to what to think about a certain action. lol

    Tbh I think Fairy Tail's biggest problems is that it hypes characters up too much. I mean if said characters delivered it'd be fine but 90% of the time the characters don't deliver and look like fools. Erza's fights are so cringe worthy now and it's a shame cause she used to be so fun in battle but nowadays I only prefer her when she isn't fighting. I think Kyouka got robbed in that fight, she didn't even get pwned by magic Erza just beat the hell out of her without any sense. :/ I wish we had more legit villains in Tartarus, the Nine Demon Gates along with Mard Geer may seem like a lot but then you have characters running double duty and taking out more than one of them along with FT having such a large cast already so it feels like there's barely anyone.

    Harley and Ursula's treatment was unfair but no one got it as bad as Burgundy did.
    I'll try and see if it's just a temporary problem but if it isn't then I think I might have to take it to Sony.

    Mangakas have some pretty jobs and rough schedules but fans don't appreciate them enough cause they're too hungry for action. It's irritating tbh.
    Have you managed to overcome your block and make new AMVs?
    All messages from after October 7th were deleted. >.< I don't see Sasuke leaving with Taka. No offense to them but Sasuke's true family always was Team 7 so it'd kind of suck if he left them to be with Team Taka especially after the hell Naruto and Sakura went through to get him back.
    Thank goodness he's getting an evolved Water type. Hopefully the typing get's the love that it's been neglected of for the last 17 years. The users on the anime thread are the type to complain just for the sake of complaining. :x

    Good luck on your next weeks of college. :) I know it'll be tough but you've got this. ;)

    I hope everyone fights and I mean fights for real not those oneshots that we saw against Beerus. I like Goku and all but I really hope the focus is on someone else this time.
    I hope that they start treating XY Ash better now that he's got a stronger overall team. I want him to get a rival but I think now is the perfect time to reestablish him without making him someone else's punching bag.
    [I feel the same way, but the series might reduce in quality if it kept going on for too long which worries me tbh specially since the war arc kinda ruined Naruto for me.

    IKR? He's lame. I reported him for being rude to me, and he got an infraction for it. I also sent him a message telling him to stop mocking me and things like that, and he replied saying that he actually likes my posts and that he didn't mean to mock me, he actually apologised to me lol.

    ANd.. I pointed out to Lorde how he's shipping SS yet complains about her crush, he replied saying that he changed his mind about SS, and that he dislike it now... l don't blieve him tbh, because I know he's a big NH fan, and want Sakura away from Naruto.

    I agree with you. Tsunderes FTW!!
    I agree with you so much, I'm glad FT shipping isn't as complex as in Naruto..

    LOL you're funny. I don't blame you tbh. Pokemon isn't the same anymore.

    I know, he's so childish. Let us not get worked about him becaus he's not worth our precious time.

    Lol exactly, he hates NS but likes Sakura x Lee? Mmm exuse me?? I swear this guy is trying his best to keep Sakura away from Naruto so that NH can happen. One day I will point that out to him, and I will criticize him like I did when he shipped SS and called Sakura a fangirl.

    Really? That's awesome! .. I knew you will like it. I feel its different than your typical shonen, which is why I find it interesting. Mu favourite characters are Levi and Annie. Though Mikasa is a mary sue, but I like her. Eren is pretty good as well. ]
    [ lol SS fans thinks Sasuke is a " cute Tsundere" and that he actually liked Sakura, but hiding his love LOL yep they're totally reading a terrible shoujo not Naruto. Plus, like Chatte said, the latest chaper pretty much confirmed that Sasuke has no interest in Sakura at all. He only considers Naruto as his best friend. Trust me, its Kishi's way of ending SS. Sakura will choose Naruto in the end.

    Fu** Kishi for belittling Sakura like that. If she didn't leave the genjutsu I'll scream.

    P.fan is saying that Naruto will be a subsitute if he ended up with Sakura .. And lorde is saying that he rather see Sakura single or to end up with Rock Lee then to end up with Naruto. By their logic, Hinata will also be a subsitute if she ended up with Naruto. I want to point that out to them, but I just got an infraction for talking about shipping in a non shipping thread, so I'll wait till my infraction expires lol, but I won't shut up about this, I want to debate with those two ASAP.

    Ah I see, I will do the same if I were you XD .. So what anime are you watching atm??

    I want Sakura to defend Tsunade and Naruto but knowing kishi..]
    That definitely sucked for Naruto, but as consolation he'll finally get Team 7 back. ;) I think it'll at least be 5 years, mostly cause Sakura and the other girls along with Naruto seem a bit too grown up to only be 2 years older then in Part II.

    Hmm well knowing Kishi everyone will be pissed regardless. Either Naruto will be too OP or everyone else won't do anything of importance. :/ Hopefully she would have far surpassed her by The Last, it'll be a bitter sweet moment if she's only somewhat stronger or barely even. I understand what you mean and I understand your concerns. Hopefully Tenten does get to do something meaningful and if Ino still works with Shikamaru and Choji then I bet she'll still be getting screentime. I'm confident in the girls aside from Hinata. Imo she always seemed more like someone who'd rather settle down and live a peaceful life outside of training after all was said and done. :/

    I'm excited for the game, I hope the rumors are all true because if so then I'll get the game even if I can't play in it. lol

    Her name over there is clefairy-tales, I think. Btw I finished drawing a picture of the main character of my new story, hope you like it. ^.^
    IKR? I was so pissed as well, I hope they portray him properly in his next appearance. Agreed. xD Though as much as I like Paul I still think he didn't get any real comeuppance for his actions, I mean Cynthia praised him like crazy and everyone who ever came across him basically spent their time either talking about how he's a jerk without doing a thing about it or pondered on about how he's amazing or did both at once. :/

    I finally caught up with the series and I agree. xD I'm liking Narsu and Igneel's reunion but I hope Mard Geer shows real strength while Acnologia wrecks Igneel. (for hype reasons and personal development for Natsu) I want to be excited for Erza vs Kyouka but Erza's portrayal ever since Tenrou Island makes me skeptical. :x Btw is it me or does Kyouka look a bit too much like Satan Soul Mira? xD Tbh I was too busy marking out over GaLe moments to remember it. :p I heard about it and I hope the filler isn't too long. Lucy's awesome but I kinda wish they used the filler to showcase other aspects of the world not relating to her, the Dragons or Zeref.

    IKR? Some of May's wins were a bit unfair as well so it felt like he was mostly just a comedic punching bag. >.< Me neither and I'm certain Harley and Drew probably chewed her out for losing after she returned to Johto.
    It really sucks that I don't think I'll be buying it anytime soon, especially since any PS3 games I play in my PS3 freeze up for some reason.

    But anything with a resemblance to another series is called a ripoff. :x You know people even complain when authors recycle concepts from their own shows?
    Yep and I'm glad as well, I've progressed enough so I'll be working on my story again. :D
    I understand, shipping is such a weird thing tbh. lol I can understand why you'd dislike Sasuke for his actions. Tbh he's still up there at my favorites but his actions had me confused at what Kishi was going for. Well until the two latest chapters that is. His mannerisms and words along with his comments before he fought Naruto proved my hypothesis that he wanted to be hated. At times Kishi's portrayal made me think Sasuke really hated his teammates but after I looked over everything and remembered my old thoughts about him I realized that Sasuke was set on being hated and alone from as soon as he decided revenge against the Leaf.
    It's Ash's. :D People were trying to be d*cks and say that it would be a random Frogadier that showed up but thankfully the info and picture of Froakie evolving shut them down.
    I understand how you're feeling and I wish you good luck. I'd say that you should most likely take the classes just to ease yourself and you should probably get in contact with some of your friends that are already in college just in case your still not sure.

    IKR? lol Though I'm curious what next year's DBZ movie will be about? I mean what deceased person can possibly possible pose a threat to the Z Fighters at this point?
    It looks unlike sadly, there is Sanpei but how long he took to reappear along with his ninja gimmick makes him look like a simple recurring character rather then an actual rival.
    Well, Quote just told me she finished RNGing the Skarmory for me, so now it's just a matter of setting up a time to trade with her.

    Ah, I know college would eat up a good amount of my free time, especially one class where we had to write three 300 word papers each week for the first 12 weeks of the class.
    -Galleom was still quite difficult. Originally, I blamed the difficulty for me not having Charizard in my lineup. But even when I made another attempt at him the next day with Charizard, Galleom was still pretty difficult. And I know I've heard rumors about the Wii U version having a mode called Tower of Smash, but other aspects of the article seemed a bit fishing, like the wingless Ridley and the November 21 release date.
    [I found some of his recent posts in the shipping thread:
    "The recent chapters have made me stop supporting that pairing tbh. I mean it's just painful to watch Sasuke belittle and sometimes completely ignore Sakura. If I were in Sakura's shoes, I'd give up on my crush and move on because it's clear that Sasuke doesn't care about her romantically in my opinion. I kind of hope that Sakura ends up with Lee, but even that's a stretch imo."

    he posted that after the latest SS moment on 19th July 2014, the jacket x Sasuke one lol

    "Well we haven't had a big SasuSaku shippy moment in a long time, so the next chapter will hopefully provide one. If not, then maybe we'll see Sasuke return Sakura's feelings when the current arc finally ends (if that day ever comes). Either way, I still pray that Sasuke will redeem himself for Sakura's sake before the manga ends."

    << he knows that SS is a bad shipping yet he's hoping for Sasuke to redeem himself for Sakura's sake, so he's still a SS shipper, he doesn't even like Sakura, so I can't understand why he cares for her shipping, but he's using SS as a "keep away" shipping.]
    [I'll show you some of Lorde's post back in February this year.
    "Didn't Sakura already have her moment to shine by attempting to save Naruto? That was the highlight of Sakura's character imo and she doesn't really need to do much else. I doubt Kishi would give her screen-time anyway."
    "I want my precious Hinata-chan to get up off the ground and do something useful. I loathe that Kishi keeps going back and forth with the whole shipping thing, but I at least hope that it's Hinata's turn to help Naruto in some way. Maybe she could get a Byakugan upgrade or something. I mean there should be one in the first place to make the Hyuuga clan more on par with the Uchiha clan imo. I hate how they've been shafted in general."
    "She fell down somewhere on the battlefield. Every part of it looks the same to me though so I can't pinpoint her location. I just hope she gets up and does something. I mean Sakura saved Naruto's life and even Karin did something awesome a little while ago; Hinata better step up her game and surpass the other female characters."
    "I really don't expect Sakura to do anything else at this point. She showed her mastery of medical ninjutsu already so she's done her part in this war imo."

    << Did you see? lmao, he doesn't want Sakura to do something in this war, yet he call her useless, he's such a hypocrite. I know the post is 5 months ago, but its funny how he's so desperate for a NH moment LOL.]
    [ Yeah me too, this why I want part 3, because I don't want the series to end without proper character development.
    - He calls them "team baka" .. he thinks he's funny, but he isn't. He's basically two faced I guess, I don't trust him.

    Haruhi is hilarious, she's my favourite with Nagato close behind. I love tsunderes and danderes. I'm glad I watched the sub because part of Haruhi's success was her seiyuu, she did an incredible job, I love her voice. She also voiced Lucy in Fairy Tail. Yeah true, I disliked Asahina becuase I can't stand shy,lolita characters like Hinata, but that's just me. lol

    Wow and I thought the FT's fandom is mature, I'm disappointed xP lol so true, the FT ships are so obvious which is why I don't care about them that much. NaruSaku has more feels lol.

    and Lorde agreed as well, but I don't remember what he said. I remember the Serena and Sakura comparison, and I found the post, it was mentioned by Doryuzu

    - WOW this so childish, I don't blame you for leaving, damn them :x I still post in the Pokemon and Naruto threads, though I still see negativity every time I'm over there :/

    You know what's funny? Lorde dislikes Sakura's personality, yet he loves Iris and Misty. I don't get the Sakura hate when Iris, Misty and even Tsunade are tsunderes just like Sakura LOL -.-

    I will probably skip the Mecha Naruto scenes xD .. yep I will buy the game for sure ;)

    [ I agree so much, I have always felt his way, its because we love Sakura, we know that only Naruto will make her happy, only true Sakura fans will support NaruSaku.

    Yeah, I mean I just want her to contribute in this fight, I just want her to do anything for Naruto's sake, just like what Hinata did to Pain, but knowing Kishi....

    Thank god we have Chatte and ladyGT on our side lol.
    -Lol wtf? Hinata Narutokuning is complex? omg this fandom is cancer.

    Cool, but I heard HxH 2011 version is basically a retelling of the orignal with better animation and art, so you don't have to watch both versions xD However, its is not the case with FMA since both FMA and FMAB are completely different versions with different stories. We have FMAB that follows the manga exactly, while FMA doesn't.

    -If this ever happened again, I'll scream.

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