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  • Oh that's a relief. Knowing Naruto, saving the world from near destruction classifies as the best birthday ever. xD How long do you think the gap between the end of the manga and The Last is?

    Yep, unless Naruto gets really weak compared to his end of manga self than no villain would be a credible threat to him, especially with his god powers.
    I hope she modifies the seal to make it stronger than Tsunade's seal, that would be so badass. I'm curious at her future as well, though I seriously hope that the girls don't slack off and end up weaker than their end of manga selves. The last thing I need is for the Naruto world to become like a nation of Gohans, who slack off just cause there's no crisis. Maybe he cut his hair so it'd be like the hair of his idol, Obito? lol jk I sure hope so, but please no more side bangs. lol

    Aw man, this'll be a long wait especially if it comes out for PS4. You heard any word on any new Xenoverse news?

    Aw cool. Well if you do, I'm jken1031 over there and besho has an account over there as well. I'm considering making a tumblr and maybe a twitter account but I'm not sure just yet.
    The newer Gary was cool, his portrayal in DP kind of left a lot to be desired though. Like he was mature and still showed his old rivalry with Ash but he was underused and seemed weaker than he was before despite his portrayal at the end of AG. Ursaring was a bigger monster to me, Drapion only got so far cause Ash kind of sacrificed Torterra for no reason, I mean Torterra was in the disadvantage just going by his moves alone yet Ash still used him despite Toxic Spikes and type advantage putting him at a disadvantage.

    I dislike that about her portrayal too, I wish she had more moments like her fight against Meredy. Tbh I forgot that Levy had Second Origin. o.o I know, I'm so pumped. :D The next arc is mostly just a set up for Tartarus right?

    Harley was awesome, he lost a bit too much but his charisma was on a whole other level which made up for his constant loses. I felt bad for May that she had to go and lose in front of her rivals to a beginner. lol Hmm aside from Ursula I didn't really care too much about Dawn's rivals. Like I didn't hate them but they were kind of boring tbh.
    Cool, I hope you have fun with the game. :D I sure hope so, I usually get my brother to buy the games for me so I think he won't mind waiting for a price reduction. xD

    Agreed there, you know that people even complain when authors take elements from their own past series and implement them on their newer series? I mean seriously? lol
    Thanks. :D You just gave me a great idea, I'll use that strategy myself. :)
    Ash is even denser than Goku. xD Nah I understand what you mean. lol For Pokemon the only ships I find myself liking were Ash x Misty, Red x Green (Pokemon Adventures), Gold x Crystal, Ruby x Sapphire, Diamond x Pearl, Black x White and Lack-Two x Whi-Two. My personal preference is hothead x calm and collected. Have you ever found yourself supporting a ship and then abandoning it after you lose interest?
    That's true, I doubted him for the longest as well. Imo he has changed since he at least isn't senselessly trying to kill everyone but his revolution belief is terribly short sided. I mean how will he find a system to replace the abolished old system? How will he deal with the war survivors who were injured, the destroyed territory, financial troubles, economic finances, etc? He's just acting like a hot head, like he has ever since Itachi died.

    Agreed, he had solid Pokemon on his roster but the writers always forced him with the weaker, less powerful mon cause they were cuter and easier to animate.
    Thanks. :D You think you'll be ready by the time you get into college next month?

    I sure hope so. lol Agreed, I mean I'm still convinced that SSJ2 is probably the most popular advanced SSJ form so hopefully the fans talk some sense into Akira.
    That's true, with Ash he needs a serious and somewhat antagonistic rival to at least keep him on edge, I mean OS and DP Ash were at their best against Gary and Paul while BW Ash was mostly only serious if it came to Trip while XY Ash doesn't even seem to take Tierno like a serious rival.
    The reason Pal Park gets put on hold is because it's one of the various daily events in the game. Other events, like daily swarms and the ability to get massages also get put on hold from changing the clock for RNG abuse. And I'm actually trying to get Stealth Rock, Defog, and Whirlwind all together on a Skarmory.

    I plan on getting both of them myself, as I have the 3DS version pre-ordered, and I'm hoping to get the Wii U version for Christmas. And I've heard of those rumors, but we'll have to wait until the Wii U version to see if they're true. I've heard from someone the Ice Climbers were intentionally cut because Sakurai was having trouble getting them to work together properly. And I did try Galleom with a friend. We died way more times than we did against Tabuu.
    That battle makes me so nostalgic. xD It's one of my favorite battles in the entire series.

    That sounds good but it sucks how that's all the supporters do. :/ The anime GMG arc is ending in 2 episodes, so I'll be up to date with the manga by the first week of October. :D

    That definitely was fun, May's rivals always felt like the best group of rivals a main character ever had in Pokemon so in a way that inspires me.
    Thanks. :D They have that? o.0 I wish I had money to get the game when it comes out but I'm broke at the moment. :( You gonna get the new game when it is released?

    That's awesome. ^.^ I like seeing mangakas respect each other's work and pay tributes to each other, it opens up the possibility to better story ideas and characters. When Kurama's name was revealed the first thing I thought abiut was Yu Yu Hakusho. lol
    I'm at Episode 238 of One Piece, approximately the half way point of the first part of the series. I need to catch up with the manga but I'll continue on with the an time since it takes more time to finish.
    I understand. xD Hmm well I'd say I'm into the type of ships were characters show a bond of intimacy. Like multiple interactions would be nice too but as long as both sides show that they value each other greatly that's all I really need to get into it. Along with that I usually prefer shippings of opposites rather than similar individuals and differing color schemes that compliment each other are nice as well. Though overall I guess it depends on the mood of the series I'm following.
    Hmm I think Orochimaru, the rest of Taka and Kabuto will just leave and live peacefully. I'm still thinking over the whole Sasuke thing tbh, he's the one who confuses me the most.

    It sure does and the use of his Pokemon was questionable. I mean if I heard about a secret weapon I'd at least bring in big guns rather than what he ended up using in his final match.
    Thanks for the support. :D My parents are barking at me for not rushing into college like my sister. :x

    Agreed, though sadly it seems he is already implementing the ban on any forms past SSJ. I mean Vegeta and Gotenks specifically stuck to base SSJ in the last few films/specials while Gohan already abandoned SSJ and SSJ2 ages ago and only uses the former during energy transfers.
    That's definitely true. The no rivals thing worked cause Ash and the series itself had enough energy to not need rivals but XY feels kind of lifeless atm and while the rival trio might return I'm not really excited to see them use the final form Kanto starters. I'm kind of surprised but that's mostly because I was used to Water starters only being loved for their base stages. I hope Ash at least gets Frogadier by next March.
    Wait wasn't the war mostly on the day before Naruto's birthday? Or did the day just pass by and become Naruto's birthday at some point? IKR? It's a bittersweet occasion for me considering how long I've been following this series. xD

    I hope that the movie at least resolves some of the Kaguya related plot holes, at least that'd be better than a random villain showing up and conveniently being a match for God Naruto. lol I understand what you mean. xD I remember as a kid getting so pissed when they just wouldn't stay down and I even thought after they lost that they'd come back again. lol
    I get what you mean about that, personally it feels off seeing Sakura without her trademark hairstyle and with a seal on her forehead now but other than that she turned out better than I expected. I always saw Naruto as ending up like Goku by keeping his hairstyle the same till the very end which is why his shorter cut freaked me out. xD Kishi really went out of his way to make the girls look good I hope he makes Hinata and Ino look good too. :D

    Yep, the all energy wave movesets feel too spammable for me so I guess it's just a preference as a normal player. It'll be a shame if he doesn't make it in the end but I can see what you mean on the storyline. I think that Revolution was just meant to give us one last taste of the old formatting style before they moved on to the newer PS4 games.
    [ Yep, Amour is exactly like NH. Its done for fan service only, nothing more.

    Haha yeah. I told you, when things gets serious, its always NaruSaku, even biased CC knows that ^.^ I wonder if kishi saw the mecha episode xP

    I saw the ending, it was adorable! .. I couldn't care less about their ultimate, since we've got jealous Sakura and Naruto admitting his love for Sakura. What more can we ask for?

    It seems that at the end of the episodes, they aired a shor clip regarding the new movie. It should a simple clip that described the new designs of the characters in the movie that we have already seen in recent weeks.
    When it came the Sakura's turn, they told briefly this.

    " Narrator: 美人はそう -> This beautiful woman is Sakura uh...

    Narrator: 女性らしさが増したサクラに きっとナルトは…。 -> should be basically "Surely Naruto is..... for Sakura which her womanhood has increased"

    I'M SO HAPPY :') ]
    [ Exactly, I gave up on Serena tbh. I couldn't care less about her anymore BUT SHE NEEDS TO STAY AWAY FROM ASH :p I'd rather waste my time on other awesome shows then to watching Pokemon..

    How come you're not posting in the Pokemon threads?? :p

    We're true fans ^.^ ]
    [ I love all of them, specially Shikamaru, errr I'm having a hard time deciding on who's my fav male. Too bad all konohas aren't as developed as Gaara.
    P.fan has a bad habit of forcing his opinions on others. If he dislikes a character, he wants all people to do the same, but surprisingly, he's been cheering for Sakura to attack Sasuke, and I liked that.

    They disliked fairy types because they're a threat to their beloved dragons lol.

    - Please, don't say Hinata! it annoys me lmao. Now Hinata's face will come to my mind whenever I see Juvia, and I don't want that. I remember watching Haruhu Suzumiya. There is a character called Asahina, and she was voiced by the same english VA as Hinata's. The moment I knew about it, I decided to watch it subbed, just because I don't want to see Hinata in her :p sounds crazy, but I can't help it..
    - Yeah imo Lisanna is a better character than Hinata, at least she's not annoying and one dimensional.

    Yeah <3 plus Kishi doesn't want to spoil the pairing ;) ]
    [ LOL .. Yeah I totally agree, I liked the chapter, another proof that Sakura wil soon punch Sasuke and defend Naruto. NaruSaku is so canon ;)

    - I saw her post about Hinata. Chatte reads my mind, I feel the same way, its scary. I wish all Hinata fans would know that.
    - Yep, she's complex. I said that in the thread, but Lorde disagreed with me as usual.

    Good luck ^.^ .. Wow really? I'm planning on watching HxH when I finish OP and Bleach! .. I heard he's the same creator as in Yu Yu Hakushi (your fav anime lol) .. Yep! AoT slays, you won't be disappointed :D

    IKR? I'd rather see NH happens, and Sakura stays single, then to see SS happening.]
    Yeah, Flamethrower helps to deal with Greninja and Grass types that happen to carry Sleep Powder or Leech Seed (since a good chunk of them are part Poison). And I've read some guides on RNG abuse, but my main issue with trying it is I don't like my time based events being put on hold for 24 hours as penalty for changing the time.

    Well, when you're hanging off the edge, other players can't grab on until you let go. So by hanging off the edge, they're forced to fall to their doom if they can't recover without grabbing the edge. Of course, I've read that supposedly SSB4 has changed this so you can grab the edge while someone else already has it, and it will force the other player to let go. And my main problem with Galleom is he never pauses between his attacks, while Tabuu is nice enough to give you some time to wail on him between attacks. Tabuu also has somewhat of a predictable attack pattern, while Galleom seems to choose all his attacks at random.
    [ OMG this was unexpected. LOL all this NaruSaku.

    [IMG] ]
    [ Ahahahahaaa CC2 Really hides NS inside the game.


    AND I found the scene! skip to 2:41 to watch Sakura scene with her being jealous.


    [ LOL omg that's so OOC like Hinata would ever boss Naruto around? -.- they're trying so hard to copy Sakura's personality, and they failed miserably.

    OMG awesome! I never saw that before. Thanks for showing me :D Pokshipping FTW :C

    Haha Ash will always be clueless xD

    I knowwwwwwww, they're just like Hinata fans. God give us patience!

    -OMG where is this Sakura being jealous scene involving Mecha Naruto!?!? I heard a few people talk about it but I can't find it ! ]
    [ LOL I pretty much feel the same about XY. I only watch it for the Pokemon tbh. I find the battles and animation interesting and that's it.

    IKR? ironically people like Serena and Amourshipping. Guess who's supporting it? its Lorde lol. Serena is a carbon copy of Hinata. Her being jealous and fawning over Ash is annoying. She's uselss, bland and has no goal.

    I agree with you about TR. They're not funny anymore. I can't laugh like I used to. Even though I haven't watched all BW I still remeber couple of episodes. TR were better and actually had a purpose.

    Do you think Team flare will appear? the only way to save the show is to have Team flare tbh. We need action!

    Im disappoined at some Sakura fans because they're saying they will stop liking Sakura if she ended up with Sasuke. She can sleep with Sasuke and she'll still be my queen. I always said that I would trade NS becoming canon in a heartbeat for more Sakura moments. I never liked Sakura because of NS. I liked Sakura because of Sakura]
    [ Yeah lol. They're typical shonen heroes xD .. but yeah Naruto ties with Itachi as my fav male... Sasuke was my fav, but he's been getting on my nerves lately.
    Haha I noticed your love for water xD .. Water type used to be my favourite but then it got replaced with fairies. I'm obsessed with pink and cute things.
    I like Juvia, she's hilarious just like Karin. I love her water magic, its so pretty. Its awesome that you like Mira as well :D.. I haven't met the FT fandom, but let me guess, Lisanna is the Hinata of the show? -.-

    ERRRRR that's so annoying! he's obvoiusly talking about Sakura. What is up with this fandom?? I really agree with Chatte, "The reason Naruto didn’t say Sakura’s name yet are 5 and pretty simple.
    1. Simple literary device used by Kishi.
    2. Naruto already said once about Sakura being his girlfriend and got his headbutt.
    3. After he got that headbutt he saw the immense power Sakura has and thus promised himself he’s never gonna talk things that are not to be talked in front of her, EVER AGAIN! If he’d say Sakura’s name now, you’d see a 2.0 version of 631.
    4. He still hasn’t confessed YET, remember? Might wanna remember WHY he didn’t also (aka his promise to Sakura, to bring Sasuke back)
    5. He’s confident in all the rest but extremely NOT confident when it comes to his love life (cue insert why he can’t confess yet) and Sasuke has returned back. Do the math."

    <<< Flawless right ? :p ]
    [ Really? that's good to hear. Perhaps the fandom are finally acknowledging Sakura? :D

    That's a great decision you've made. I will do the same tbh. Who needs Serebii when I have NaruSaku.com? lol

    -IKR? that's the main reason why they love Hinata. The perverted fandom are too shallow tbh. Most people want Hinata to end up with Naruto and when they see Naruto and Sakura together, they trash Sakura like piece of coal. What they heck is up with that? That's why it's hard for me to like Hinata when everyone praises her like she some 'cute' god. When she isn't.
    - Err so true. People are basically looking for excuses to hate Sakura. They're denying facts, there bias is always shown in their posts. They don't even mention her positive traits. I know Sakura is not perfect, but she's an awesome character, and doesn't deserve this hate despite Kishi's bad treatment.

    Thanks for encouraging me! .. You could also have your parents schedule a meeting with your teacher if you think she's unfair to you lol.

    Not only chatte gets hates, but LadyGT as well. People are bashing her because she refused to draw SS. there is an anti ladygt tag on tumblr o_O]
    I know my Goodra has no problem with Protean Greninja. Assault Vest Goodra is 3HKOed by Ice Beam at best, but most people are foolish enough to Ice Beam my Goodra, so I just take them out with Flamethrower. And I wish quite a few TMs were still around, including Giga Drain, Stealth Rock, and Defog. The latter two would be especially useful in raising a competitive Skarmory sine I have no idea how to RNG abuse in Gen 4.

    I think I remember reading somewhere the characters you fight in the Great Maze are better than level 9 AIs. Fighting them has taught me how useful it is to grab onto the edge of the stage after knocking the opponent off, and I've also learned somewhat on how to fight opponents while they're over the pit. And I'm surprised I'm not the only one who considers Galleom to be the hardest boss. A lot of people tend to consider Tabuu the hardest. And I don't think I have anything for recording LPs right now, but I did remember you telling me about the capture card.
    That is irritating, I mean we spent all of Z after the Frieza saga having the Saiyans try to break the limits of SSJ yet now they're just extensions? Like doesn't that just devalue the Ascension storyline of the Cell and Buu sagas? I think that most rivals studied to a degree but since we follow the more hands on type of rookies rather than the prepared type that it just became expected for all rookies to struggle and not know what to do. Agreed and apparently Greninja is pretty popular as well and with it being in SSB then it'll only become even more popular.

    Blastoise to me feels more like the expert long range fighter who's bulky appearance tricks the opponents into underestimating its close range fighting abilities. I need to rewatch Pokemon cause I forgot all about that. lol

    I get that feeling as well. xD I think along with that, that since Fairy Tail gets more done in a certain number of Chapters compared to Naruto it feels longer since they don't go too in depth about everything like Naruto does. Aw. :( Has anyone other than Team Natsu gotten to do something awesome yet? Oh that's cool, good luck on getting all of that worked out. :D

    Yep, in a way that's how it is. IKR? xD Along with that people who look to participate usually partake in tournaments and other events like that to get good publicity and try to get a better standing if they win the regional circuit as well. Yep, even if I don't end up making a sequel I already started to employ a storyline similar to that with her jealousy of her companions and insecurities due to constantly being overlooked by about everyone they know.
    Here's another new pic. ^.^ I didn't know what else to do so I just drew Golen with his rival dressed in each others clothing (barring accessories) Btw do you have a deviant account?
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