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  • Ah, I see. I've never messed with Super Training at all myself.
    -I can trade now if you're able to trade. And I don't have Pokérus on Gen 6 at the moment unfortunately.

    Well, most Ubers tend to be heavily offensive. The only ones I can think you'd have a hard time hitting with Sucker Punch are Lugia, Giratina, Deoxys-D, and defensive variants of Arceus.
    [SONAZE <3 ]
    I guess so. But apparently you can get evolutionary stones from Super Training, as there's apparently no other way to get multiple evolutionary stones, other than the Fire, Leaf, and Water Stones.
    -Ah, I'll add you in a moment. Mine is 2105-8891-2591 if you haven't added me yet.

    Well, Sucker Punch is stronger than Night Slash anyway. Plus, Sucker Punch gives Yveltal priority against stuff like Latios and Mewtwo, who otherwise outrun it.

    Well, you could try trading something with the Mewtwonite Y to me and see if the game will let you trade them. I assumed that the screenshots Serebii had of Mega Houndoom and Mega Heracross were taken on his game, despite the Mega Stones being exclusive to the opposite version.
    Well, if I have Pokérus and the correct Power item, I can get 50 EVs from beating one horde. And I can usually encounter about 5 hordes in roughly 3 minutes. That's why I'd assume EV training off hordes would be much faster.
    -It's no problem. I have 45 Pokémon ready to be traded. I think I still need your 3DS FC before we can trade.
    -Yeah, I was thinking something along the lines of:

    Yveltal@Choice Band
    Jolly/Dark Aura
    252 Atk / 252 Spd / 6 HP
    -Sucker Punch
    -Rock Slide
    -Dragon Claw

    I would assume they could be traded. Maybe they were thinking about sending them between games with Pokémon Bank, since Pokémon Bank removes hold items from the Pokémon you deposit.
    I know that we all know who Ash truly loves, but in the childhood flashback he and Serena were holding hands.... why are the writers pushing for this ship so much if they know that Serena will be axed come gen 7?

    TBH. Misty was the first and even though Serena was the first girl he met he did not know really anything about her. With Misty? Well she was his first traveling companion who was with him in 3 regions.


    Dont get me started on Kieko, LML.
    They call Botan useless during the DT and onward. I find that to be a misguided statement considering Botan is involved in all the conflicts that happen.
    In the DT, she was still Yusukes assistent and i felt that it was important for her to support him.

    Rumiko said in an interview that first love is never forgotten.
    Ah, I figured Super Training was slower, because I believe the minigames last for about three minutes, and you can only get 12 EVs max from them.
    -That's okay. I can go catch a bunch more Litleo to trade.
    -Naw, I'm fine with it. I'm sure I can make a workable moveset for it.
    Unfortunately, you can't get the Gardevoirite until post game, unless someone trades it to you.

    I've used Zubat for speed, Whismur for HP, Scraggy for attack, Mime Jr. for special defense, and Geodude/Aron for defense (haven't done any special attack training yet). And I've seen those hordes before (had one with four Zangoose and a Seviper). Roggenrolla won't attack Carbink in their hordes though.
    -Oh, wow! I'll need to go catch or breed a few more Pokémon then.
    -Sure, and if you don't want the Jolly Yveltal, I'll gladly take it off your hands.
    Yeah, unfortunately for me though, I evolved Kirlia right a way.

    I've been doing quite a bit of horde battles for EV training, but I haven't come across any shinies in hordes yet. I have come across a few Roggenrolla hordes that had a random Carbink in them. And I don't care what nature you give me, since I can just breed for the nature I want. And you can get it to me whenever.

    I actually have a Modest Ralt and Abra with Synchronize you could borrow, so you don't have to go through the trouble of maxing Eevee's friendship to evolve it.
    Kirlia learns Psychic at level 31 though, so if you delay evolution for just one level, you can get Psychic pretty early.

    I haven't seen any shinies in hordes yet, but I did run into a shiny Amoonguss while running around Pokémon Village. And I ended up getting a Purrloin over the GTS (didn't have Prankster though). Apparently, I don't think you can encounter Purrloin/Liepard hordes, so I'd be satisfied with a Shellder (since they're Y exclusive).

    Sure, I don't mind helping you out. I have a bunch of Litleo I need to get rid of from when I was experimenting with breeding hidden abilities. And Yveltal's base attack and special attack are equal, but its signature move is a special attack.

    Sure, although I already have all the starters from pawning off Ditto on the GTS.
    Ash has a childhood friend and it turns out to be Serena... She has been waiting for the chance to see Ash again and it looks like she has been thinking about him all this time (OS, AG, DP & BW) until they meet again... (X & Y) She's been waiting for him for 5 generations wanting to confess her feelings... & the writers might want to make Ash reciprocate them... Pokeshipping is doomed.... I just hope that Misty marries Dorian from the Coastline Gym if Ash x Serena will become canon. It's only fair tbh.

    Turns out her crush started when Ash helped cover her knee in bandages. The fact that they're childhood friends is mind boggling because now Misty wasn't the first. However, she was his first traveling companion & that's never gonna change... I just' can't believe the writers have come to this... Yet she was never shown in Pallet Town or anything.



    Oh wow, she'll have to show them to Naruto anyway if the creator decides to make them canon. Hinata, haven't you ever thought of that? Ugh mad dumb tbh.
    Yeah, I remember they used to learn Psychic at level 26, but now Gardevoir seems to learn it around level 40 or so.

    Yeah, I've run into a couple hordes that had Pokémon with their hidden abilities including the aforementioned Scraggy horde and a horde of Wingull. And sorry I kinda disappeared last night. But we can trade tonight if/when you're available. Speaking of trading, I don't think we've exchanged 3DS FCs yet, have we?
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