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  • Yeah, I used my Gardevoir to revenge kill a Mega Blaziken, so it was able to outrun the Lucario that came out after. But unfortunately, my best Psychic attack right now is Confusion, so I wasn't able to put much of a dent in it.

    I guess hidden abilities aren't guaranteed then. And I'll at least try to get a nature that doesn't hinder its special attack or speed.
    Yeah, at first I thought it was a dumb idea to restrict them to 1 per team. But when I realized their BST goes above the 600 limit that non-Ubers have, it makes more sense now.
    -Usually, I don't. I usually save Gardevoir for dealing with an opponent that has a really good ability, like Speed Boost (Mega) Blaziken.

    I believe Serebii posted about it a couple days ago and confirmed that the Jigglypuff line has it.

    Yeah, I ran into a horde of Scraggy, and one of them had Intimidate. I couldn't figure out which one though. And I don't care what you give me for Staryu, but it may take me a while to find one with a +speed nature, since I don't have a Sychronizer yet.
    Yeah, but you can only Mega Evolve one Pokémon per battle. So, for example, if you Mega Evolve your Lucario, then you won't be able to Mega Evolve your Aerodactyl in the same battle.
    -Well, if you switch in on a Pokémon whose ability gives it immunity to its own attacks, you can often times benefit from switching into something like an Electivire using an Electric attack or a Flygon using a Ground attack.

    It doesn't seem like we got such an ability. They did give us a special variant of Defiant though, called Competitive.

    Oh, I see. And I don't need any specific nature. I'd just like it to be female with its hidden ability (Prankster). Rumor has it though, that you might be able to breed for hidden abilities using males now.
    Well, the Mega Pokémon are supposedly on par with legendaries in terms of stats. I think a lot of them have BSTs between 590 and 640.
    -I'll be sure to. I know Starmie has quite a diverse movepool.
    -It's been one of my favorites since Gen 3. I've always liked its design and what used to be its signature ability, Trace.

    I'm guessing it's probably because there aren't as many ways to hinder special attackers as there are physical attackers. I mean, physical attackers can be crippled with Intimidate, burns, and even a new priority move called Baby Doll Eyes. Special attackers, though, can only be crippled with moves that are rather situational, like Captivate and Memento.

    Well, I can wait as long as necessary for a Liepard. And I thought you said you just got a Staryu through Wonder Trade. If not, I can go fish one up on Route 8 after I beat the 5th gym.
    Well, the only Mega Pokémon's stats I can recall off hand is Mega Mewtwo Y, which is 106/150/70/194/120/140. All Mega Pokémon seem to have a BST 100 higher than the original form.
    -I'm currently at the fifth gym right now, and I'm trying to get my Staryu to be on par with the rest of my party.
    -It's number four on my favorites list, beaten by Dialga, Gardevoir, and Liepard.

    I know they nerfed a lot of special attacks as well, like Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder, Hydro Pump, and Hurricane were all nerfed from 120 base power to 110 base power.

    Ah, well okay then. I actually have someone else who is gonna trade me a Skrelp sometime later (I just need to find a Clauncher for him). It's unfortunate for me that Purrloin and Liepard are exclusive to Y, but I'm happy they're in the Kalos Pokédex.
    Absol was for quite some time. But not Mega Aerodactyl takes the cake with its incredible attack and speed. And yeah, I did get X because I liked Xerneas' design better than Yveltal's.
    -I've heard some thoughts that the roaming birds in Kalos might have their hidden abilities. It would be nice to finally have Lightingrod Zapdos.
    -At least a lot of the old Pokémon are available within the Kalos Pokédex. Unfortunately for me, there's no Gastrodon in Kalos, but maybe I could find one in a Friend Safari.

    Well, they apparently set Hidden Power to a base power of 60. That might free up some IV combinations for HP Fairy.

    They do have a hack check. But I believe it only checks to make sure your moveset and ability are legal. It doesn't seem to care about things like a shiny Infernape caught in a Master Ball or a Cherish Ball Registeel. I've heard Random Matchup doesn't care about illegal egg move combinations either, as I've heard of someone running into a Whimsicott with Beat Up and Encore on the same set.

    Sure, I'll see if I can get one with a Timid, Hasty, or Naive nature. It's kinda funny you mention Staryu, as I'm using one on my own in-game team.
    He's a general duh! A general with a french accent obsessed with flowers and the color pink. He killed one of my favorite characters :( I miss Gremio.
    -I die whenever I touch a pumpkin.
    -That's right! Me!
    -Games are my life pretty much. It's sad but it's true and I don't care. Whenever someone tells me that I say"Life sucks". Laughing mad loud huh? Well you sure do that an awful lot.

    Okay, my dad says he'll get it next week. I look at my activity board with envy 'cause it seems like everyone has it except me D: I'm not too interested in any Y Pokemon but thanks for the offer! Hooray for shiny trophies! The only shiny thing I have is some medals.
    You're starting to remind me of General Milich, and that's not supposed to be a good thing o_o *Cries in corner* WHYYY?!
    -Mmm, that sounds questionable
    -Then I'll get revenge on your revenge and it will go on forever.
    -I shouldn't underestimate you..
    -Yeah, the series will never die out and keep going despite their wishes. What does that last thing mean? Is it an emoticon or abbreviation?

    I'm getting X but I won't gurantee it'll be today. Whenever I ask my parents for a game they take sort of while to get it for me. Sure I'll get you a Staryu! Dang you sound really busy these days :( I would've been thinking of suicide to get out of it but then I remember it's not the right path. Plus I need to play X and finish the Suikoden series xD
    This ship is already getting popular in Japan. It will surpass the Pearlshipping popularity because unlike Dawn, Serena is showing blatant feelings for Ash....
    Serena; 5th female companion, loves fashion, Dawn imitation, lives in kalos, Ash's Childhood friend, in love with him.
    From the manga :) In a sense, these two also started it all. YUBO <3

    [Yeah, he disliked her, but had to put her forth because he hated romance. I find this all in one to two interviews that Akira answered. I believe The Goku/Bulma route would have required romance, which Toriyama stuggled with... because they've known each other for sooo long... I believe that there would be more emotion involved in Goku's decisions which Toriyama avoided because he struggled with romance. LML and GoBul would require at least a little bit~

    The thing is, GoBul, Boku, & Golma are all taken by name wasters. >.< What should I do? There's only two options. Either GokuBulma or Gokulma. The former or the ladder, what do you think? Maybe the former...

    I don't know, but I haven't given up on it. Editing & Sony Vegas will always be my hobby, so I won't surrender it. I just don't have time on my hands at the moment. I don't have the tools for it either, yet. I need to prace & learn too because my editing skills were meager. I will someday be a top editor~]
    [Toriyama actually dislikes Chi-Chi. He says that he didn't like drawing her because he didn't like her personality, but would have to if he made her marry Goku as a punishment to himself. And even the interviewer said"So that's why!". We all know Goku loves Chichi, he's just not 'in' love with her. LML and did you know, Chi-Chi wasn't meant to go beyond her short kid phase? Yup.

    Hey Yoko, do you think "Gokulma" is okay for the couple name of Goku & Bulma? Be honest lml.

    TBH. Bulma & 18 are fan favorites. When they had children, their roles diminished a bit though.

    You're welcome! :)


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