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  • You're back! O.O :D
    You don't eat the pot, you smoke the pot.

    At least I can confuse you and raise your Sp. Attack. I don't know, who are you kidding?
    -*Pouts* So mean! So mean!
    -This is is why in my tablet of stars, you represent the Chima Star ._. (Which is the devil star)
    -I think I'm about to make some friends in high school. There's two boys in art class who like talking about video games and considered their table the nerd table. I heard them talking about Pokemon which sparked my interest in talking to them. Today I shyly asked to them if I could sit with them, they said yes. I was a bit shy and didn't say much but they might be some new friends ^^. I just wanted to tell someone.
    Yeah, it seems like the Megas are meant to be extremely powerful, and I think people look at them throwing most balance out the window. I mean, Mega Blaziken is like Speed Boost Blaziken on crack..
    -Zapdos lasted for a while, but Lightningrod activated too late to really make a difference, as I beat it on the same or proceeding turn (can't exactly remember).
    -It's a shame we have to wait so long to transfer Pokémon from Gen 5 to Gen 6, but I'm guessing it might have to do with TPCI releasing a few Gen 5 events between the release of X/Y and the release of Poké Transporter (maybe Unnerve Mewtwo and Extremespeed Genesect?). Speaking of Poké Trasporter, sine they will be able to block hacked Pokémon from being transferred, it makes me wonder if Pokémon like Feraligatr, Zapdos, etc who haven't been released with their hidden abilities in Gen 5 might get new hidden abilities in Gen 6. I mean, Tyrunt's ability of Strong Jaw makes perfect sense for Feraligatr to have as an ability.

    It would be nice if they made it easier to get good IVs. I know HG/SS introduced the ability to pass on one IV guaranteed, but it would be much better if you could guarantee more than one perfect IV in some way. I know I've read about a lot of people demanding a way to simply change the IVs of your Pokémon. Speaking of IVs, I wonder how they'll handle adding the Fairy type into Hidden Power. Since Hidden Power is tied to IVs, I'm guessing some Pokémon may have a new Hidden Power type when transferred to Gen 6.

    Well, I was quite happy that they seemed to start improving their online hack checks. I know apparently on Random Matchup, you can run into Pokémon that have illegal egg move combinations (like Beat Up and Encore on Whimsicott). And I'm doubting the 3DS will be hacked right after the release of X/Y. If they haven't hacked it by now, then why should it all of the sudden be hacked immediately after the release of X/Y?
    Really, that's interesting. I wonder how she knew of him? He's not that
    Serena is a Dawn rehash tbh. The hat, eyes, skirt, will she be a trainer or a coordinator? Or a whole new sidequest for her??

    Wow really? Yamcha is okay to me but I felt mad bad for him. They accuse him of cheating on Bulma!! Its all lies!! He wanted to marry and settle with her it makes me sad. I prefer YamBul than Vegebul. But Gobul is my OTP.


    Dat pic is LOVE omg it looks like Miroku wants to be with her. Mirkag has some good moments tbh even with Sangos presence but I love more before she debuted.
    It really did. And since Toriyama wrote this movie its canon omg I'm so happy!!

    LML she yelled mad loud but she was spilling truth tea. She had shut her down she couldn't even retort after that LMAO.

    It wasn't needed but he kinda did deserve it.

    WTF, why does she even want to kill her. You knoe what these love triangles in anime slay.

    Please elaborate, what do you mean a different timeline Hinata? Is this like DBZ with the timelines?
    [ PYRAMID ; "We built this on a solid rock, it feels just like it's Heaven's touch" ]

    ["Even if I do fully become a demon, will that make me stronger inside? Can I ever truly forget Kikyo?"]

    [Hinata looks FUGZ.

    OMG Serena looks mad pretty. And I'm guessing the other blonde is the male companion? I can't rn @ all these blondes. SERENA HAS MUSTARD HAIR AND THE OTHER ONE HAS SUNNY HAIR. DYING.]
    [OMG IM CRYING. In the movie Bills told Goku there are 12 different universes. There's definitely a possibility that G and B get together in one of the universes!! They get married and have a blue-eyed son. And that will be a whole other DBZ world.

    Me too tbh.

    Yeah, it was awks and OOC. And it was also strange how much she forced Kagome out of the Feaudel Era. She was beast when she did that tho~

    Because Goku said that maybe next time someone should slap Bulma again to make Vegeta pissed. He deserved it now that I think about it. And she slapped him so hard like wow.

    TBH. BULMA<3 She slays too.

    A lot of NaruSaku in the movies.

    Have you seen it, are there subs?!]
    Bulma really respects Goku’s fighting instinct and is always really engaged watching him fight. Goku respects Bulma’s genius mind and is always thankful when she helps him out with her skills. They just have this mutual respect for each other (with an added bonus of Bulma being attracted to Goku) Because they were the originally two set that stared the show.
    Some Jap site, the quality is wonderful!

    I sometimes rewatch the Kikyo eps. Got 3 movies left to go.
    My Inukik heart.

    Bulma slapped Goku so hard @ the ending of BOG that it cracked my GoBul heart.

    Omg, that's so ridic.

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