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  • omG this love triangle!!!!!
    [I think she was worried about Goku getting into combat with Cell. She's all worried and Goku's like "Don't worry, I'll be fine"

    Aww, thanks. Well, in Japan a lot of Japanese love HIei & Kurama too. Hence all the doujin is mainly all about them two as a couple.


    I saw it once and thought it was absolutely absurd and nonsensical. They have never even talked... CRYING!!!!]
    Same here dude! I may rotate a few from time to time whenever I'm feeling competitive, but other than that? That's it! My teams are composed of pokemon from gens 1-3 only. Oddly enough, I was never fond nor have I grown into pokemon from Sinnoh or Unova actually :p but yeah! Hoenn still remains my favorite!

    and nope! I'v started out with good ol' Kanto! My friend giving me a copy of a japanese version of pokemon Red, while watching the anime from the beginning with my buds was definitely unforgettable! And that was around '99 when the anime first started out? ahh great times! :)
    Same here man! The nostalgia stil hits me to this very day! And I started witth Mudkip when i first got Emerald wayyy back in '03 for Christmas. FOr Ruby and Sapphire I started with Treeko and Torchic respectively! Endless days and nights have been spent on my SP on that game alone, and I think I maxed out the hours on it actually xD haha. The same teams I used back in the R/S/E days are the ones I still continue to use to this day!
    Yeah she's more popular in Japan obvi. And just the YYH fanbase in general all in Japan.

    Okay, love the pic. So cute.
    Fiber? You make the sound like cooking.

    You really are a sly devil aren't ya? You aren't kidding are you? ._.
    -Well, it did, I ran out of food and I had no toilet so everyone said 'Forget this' and left.
    -We wouldn't want to be covered in monster blood, yuck. Especially hemophobics like me.
    LML. Pikachu peeked too. When Dawn was about to duke it out with Paul, Brock was holding her back and Pikachu was looking up!

    Kikyo is a b Kikyo is this she's that omg I hate her why can't she stay dead etc etc the hate for her is so ridic. But its to be expected. Little kids don't understand her character and why she acts that way. This is why kiddies shouldn't be watching complex plots.

    She handled them well yeah. There were too many though. She's Yusukes assistent. She does as much or little as Yusuke needs her to do.
    Naw, I never thought you were ignoring me. I figured you were probably busy with more important things.

    It's a shame they seem to be keeping Mega Charizard as Fire/Flying. You'd think if Mega Amphoros could become Electric/Dragon, then maybe Mega Charizard could be Fire/Dragon.
    -I've been in a few double battles lately. One guy (MasterJoJo96) actually managed to put up quite a fight, despite not having much experience with VGC play. I wish I could have uploaded the battle video, but he was using a hacked Pokémon (Lightningrod Zapdos is currently unreleased).

    Yeah. I think I may have read somewhere that it is possible to RNG in Colosseum and XD, but it's supposedly really tricky. Then again, I wonder if the whole idea of Shadow Boosts in XD may have thrown off the ability to use Synchronize to influence the nature.

    Well, as far as I know, the 3DS is unhackable right now. Plus, I'm sure their hack checking abilities are much better in Gen 6 than Gen 5, knowing they apparently tested their Gen 6 hack checks on the Global Showdown participants and disqualified 1500 of them.
    -Yeah, for some reason it seems like Attract immobilizes me more than confusion does. At least, that's been my experience, despite both conditions having a 50% chance of immobilizing you.
    Its cuz Kagome posseses the soul of Kikyo. They are two versions of the same person. The past Kikyo and the present Kagome. I prefer Inuyasha with the past Kikyo than the present aka Kagome. Kagome has already come to terms that she will always be second best so let's just leave it at that.

    Lul.Botan would kick her mad hard and use her oar!! Botan has the power of flight thanks to that.

    Idk, I'm not taking part in it anymore I can't...

    Lol ikr
    I hate Orangeshipping and that Daisys fantasy was so dumb. I wish Ash could have been the prince in that fantasy. MAD amvs would have been made of that. Id make a good amv if that was the case lmaooo
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