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  • lml arguing would have been so interesting between them. And Yusuke just sweatdrops trying to stop them LML.


    Yeah one of the sisters should be with Dorian. Daisy can be with Tracey though and Dorian either Violet or Lilly. Persoanlly I prefer the ladder for him
    Yeah Misty and Ash is the best but I can't help liking Gymshipping too. I think I fell in love with the gymship fanart omG but Poke is my OTP obvi.
    He didn't answer smh. There was even an episode where Miroku told Inuyasha "who will you choose" and Inuyasha was like "Can't. I just have both" I wanted to slap him so hard for that. He deserved a sit command for that tbh but only that time. I know he loves Kikyo with everything in him but he cares for Kagome as a friend.
    I WOULD CRY. I prefer Ash being single than get with Dawn. And I prefer Misty being single too unless its with Brock or Dorian. Someone on the thread said that Kasumi will close her gym and go to Johto to marry the trainer with the Mantine!! LOL!!
    That would have defs made things more interesting and the slayage of course. The pressed fight came from Kiekos side when she had assumed that Botan and Yusuke were in a secret relationship because they were always together on the school roof. She's his assistent LOVE. But, even though they didn't fight for Yusuke they had a lot of moments that were sweet without any Kieko interference.

    They don't take out anything lol but idk its shorter somehow because the DT in the anime is like 40 episodes.

    Atsuko is in the DT and the Sensui saga. Now, for the ladder Shiziru replaced Atsukos role. But I'm kinda pressed about it because in the first YYH opening shows Atsuko watching the DT!! Ugh what a trolling!!! I wanna know why? Was it not necessary or did they feel she wasn't important enough? I wanted a mother to support her son in the tournament.
    That YXK kiss was poision @ the end. I'm glad Yusuke didn't kiss back.

    Omg in the manga, Koto has a crush on TOUYA. But I love her with CHU!!! Chu has a crush on her idc if its 1 sided she was mad jealous when he was flirting with that girl remember!!?
    Yeah imma read it too but I don't have time right now. Eventually I will just to see the differences. I heard that the DT is shorter and that Atsuko actually tags along in the DT as well!! I wish she could have gone.. it would have been more fun
    with her!!

    Omg I feel mad bad for u....
    I say that because of the first YYH ending! The way both are together like that watching the horizon. And the way he whispered Botans name in mid battle with Yakumo honestly it felt like there was a deep concern for Botan like if he was trying to say screw u kieko, its botan that I love!
    That movie is dubbed by funimation, but it still feels off tbh because its been years since they dubbed the show... I just watch subs for the movies. Lmo Hiei was mad OC I agree it felt strange.
    Its funny because Kurama and Hiei barely even say a word to her or even acknowledge her. And I have a theory that the writers shipped YuBo in a subtle way. Togashi no, but the writers yes. I loathe Yusuke x Kieko lml.
    Real talk yo like the two movies and Yusukes dreams were YUBO treats and some of the episodes too tbh. Togashi I'm not sure if he did any YUBO implications in the manga I haven't read it but I hate the manga a little because I hate Kieko and her stupid attitude. I can't stand that HO.

    OmG Mukuro is another one I can't stand. Even worse when they claim her and Hiei are canon!! I will never accept that because that sht wasn't set in stone. Its up for interpretations. I don't see Hiei with anyone he will always be a loner like 18 tbh. Loners shouldn't get. With ppl who aren't suited for them loners x loners tbh like vegeta and 18.
    This is cuter than that ridiculous KxB. Shizuru stated at the last episode that Kurama is her favorite redhead!
    DYING @ the first reaction.

    Kurama only caught her cuz Yusuke couldn't. He was trapped by the tree monster. His concern for her in that movie was strong, it was enough for me.
    The evidence is in the fandom. And when one searches for YYH doujinshi the only thing that pops up is Kurama x Hie. I saw an interview that this pairing was supposed to become canon but no because of his previous works or something like that, ill get it for u later.

    I HATE that pairing. It makes no sense and there's little to no interaction between them. Now, me being a YuBO shipper, I can tolerate Koenma x Botan but not other super cracks like Hiei x Botan or Kurama x Botan and Jin x Botan or Kurone x Botan. This has to stop Botan is not a ****...
    OOlong SLAYS. He's so adorbz I can't.

    A beautiful & perfect combination tbh. They were mean't for eachother.

    I'm surprised you're not a Miroku and Inuyasha shipper. There's so much doujin of them... x.x
    Common? What an understatement. Kurama x Hiei appears to be the most popular pairing in YYH. When I search for YuBO doujinshi? Know what only pops up in abundances? Take a wild guess. It kinda pressed me a little cuz there should be more variety.
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