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  • it feels right, but Inukik is my favorite. Then InuSan.
    Yeah, I am going to High School this year, I'm a freshman. So yeah, I wanted to ask:

    Was High School fun for you/What was High School like?
    How exactly did you find what College you want to go to?
    Hey Yoko, can I ask you some questions related to school if you don't mind? Oh, and if this time is too late than let me know when I can. ^^; Speaking of which, I missed you so much! ;^;
    Me and someone else were calling Misty a ***** and how Ash should of *****slapped her and been like "***** back the **** off my ****ing Togepi!" and that he should of made out with Dawn in front of Misty while she ran away crying and got mauled by Beedrills. D8
    Interesting. And yeah I wanted to watch fairy tail as well. And yeah Naraku is just the most disgusting vile creature spider ever. Becauses that's. His real form.

    I don't have any dawn eps at the top of my head. Her contests, capture eps, and wallace cup is what comes to the top of my head sorry.

    I'm indifferent to gohan and videl and I hate goten with that brown haired girl. Thank goodness its just GT.
    [that disgusting creature wanted Kikyos heart, when that was never gonna happen because her heart already belonged to Inuyasha. ]
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