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  • I might watch Rumikos other story, RANMA 1/2. Hbu? What other animes are you watching. Since I'm basically done with Inuyasha already I need some reccomendations.

    Lol the YYH animation turns gross literally after the death of Sensui. Because before his death the animation was good.

    Its Toriyamas fault for having such a heavy aversion for romance.
    ["I've never seen him act this way before" and Kagome was like yeah me either.

    Rumiko created a flawless and beautiful character Kikyo but her Inuyasha story is too depressing. The whole Inuyasha/Kikyo love and Sango/Kohaku torment of their father and comrades being killed and Mirous father being swallowed by the wind tunnel its hurtful.l very sad]
    [Well, I finished watching Inuyasha. Took 2 months. The ending was crap for obvious reasons but I miss it now. Especially the beginning episodes. I feel like those are the most memorable for me. Because Shippo slayed back then and Miroku being a perv. I'm going to watch the 4 movies now. I think there's some InuKik in one of them! Asdfgjkl.
    Nice picture. Inukik forever true love even in death! I was watching episode 16 and Inuyasha was thinking of Kikyo and Shippo slayed he was like]
    UM Bulma whats the matter...]
    [It hurts too much... Kikyo & Kagura I know they aren't real but ugh Yoko what should I do

    Yeah, the story goes downhill when Sensui dies. -.- It's the truth, after Sensui dies the animation is sloppy too. =/

    The only reason why shipping is non existant in DBZ is because Toriyama hates/is embarassed with writing romance. None of his other works have romance in them because he heavily dislikes it. He's strange in that sense. Goku/Bulma didn't happen because it would have required romance. =/

    TBH. In anime, death is taken more seriously emotion wise. Like in real life, you'll someday get over the death of a loved one but in anime never which is good.

    You know how Miroku's debut had several MirKag moments? Well, in Sango's debut there was MAD InuSan don't even front. I remember seeing the Sango debut episodes and there was InuSan moments and cute teamwork. Inuyasha carrying Sango was so cute because it felt different for a change!! It seemed too much like right.
    -I was shipping their friendship tbh.]
    [That pic is Goku & Bulla!! <3

    I CAN'T SEE THE FIRST PIC, but the 2nd one is so accurate!!! LOL LIFE JACKET UR SLAYING

    You're right, thanks so much for the advice!!! =)
    -MORE TRUTH TEA~ Yeah, exactly. She knew but she didn't care regardless. She only cares about how she feels wow smh. It is torture in a way poor Kagome she deserves someone who truly loves her!!! Hojo for instance.

    I forgot the episode but in her room Kagome said "'im just a second choice...." I was like ummm duh & u always will be.
    -Agreed!!! InuKik forever!!

    OMG SO TRUE!!! In death he'll still love her, and death brought us together WOW!]
    [I know me too I miss Kagura so much. ='[ I can't believe how much I used to dislike her which now turned to love. I finally understand her. She will forever be the wind.

    We need another YYH movie about the 2nd Makai Tournament, PLEASE!!! If not then make another series!! I really think that a movie centering around the 2nd tournament would be nice though. (With Botan & Co of course supporting Yusuke)

    it evolved into something much greater over time. Bulma was not only his first friend but the only other person he’s even talked to or come into contact with since the death of his grandfather and it’s unknown how long exactly that may have been. This is why they're relationship is so special! <3 That, and even other characters in canon know that Bulma has a thing for Goku! The 23rd Budokai and other arcs prove this!!!]
    ["Whether she's dead or alive, Inuyasha's heart belongs to Kikyo" SHOULD I SAY MORE? HONESTLY!
    -Exactly, I feel sorry for Kagome because Inuyasha won't ever give her his heart fully. A lot of it still belongs to Kikyo;forever.

    They were telling me that Kagome can still have Inuyasha's children. OI my gosh, these people. It won't happen because of obvious reasons aka her being a priestess. Priestesses have to be virgins for life. I'm just glad that Inuyasha won't be a father ever because he only deserved that right with Kikyo!

    Exactly yo u spillin' mad truth tea right now. All those times he constantly thinks about her, It's just first true love. I'm watching final act and he's like "I don't wanna sleep, or else I'll dream of her" I WAS CRYING!!! ='[ OKAY NEW HEADCANON, Kikyo appears in Inuyashas dreams mad times. <3

    InuKik, a love that will be forever.... even in death.]

    When I saw that in sht in KAI, I was pressed at Krillens stupidity. He mad dumb obvi thinkin with his dck. I really don't like Krillen UGH!!!

    LOL, Krillen seems to like this girl? omg I can't even. 18 is like "UM GTFO, BOTH OF YOU" I really wish this was the reason why they broke up.

    I SAW THAT. THATS SO INSPIRATIONAL~ I'm glad they look up to the baddest btch in the series. :)

    ik gurl ik.

    I agree.

    It seems like 17 would make a good uncle. I wanted to see 17 & Marron!!! LOL @ how he has Krillens neck

    I agree I HATED her Kai voice it was so unfitting the old one suited her much better imo the thing is what the fck happened bec some left and some remained (VA'S)

    Vegeta: UM, excuse me -sweatdrops- what do u think ur doin
    Goku: I'm about to kiss my soulmate, fck off -PUTS HAND ON VEGETAS HEAD-
    ME: OMG!!! ]
    [It seemed OOC for me that Hakudoshi wanted to betray Naraku. He tattletaled on Kagura that shes a traitor when he is too wtf.
    - Such a bootleg version of Kagura! I miss Kagura, I used to dislike her but OMG I LIKE LOVE HER NOW EVEN THO KIKYO IS MY 1ST FAVE.]
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