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  • [Episode 23

    Inuyasha: "I can never hate you or think less of you, it’s your spirit I care for not your appearance."

    Kikyo: "Truly Inuyasha you wouldn’t…"]
    [Kikyo is a flawless character and really powerful. Inuyasha fell in love with her soul. In a weird way, Inuyasha is also with Kikyo because her soul is inside Kagome's.... Therefore, he loves Kikyo so much and not Kagome.... but I think it hurts the toddlers the truth that's why they keep saying InuKag. To avoid getting upset Lol.]

    [InuKag shippers: ["Inuyasha and Kagome is the cutest,romantic,most perfect and best anime couple ever!!! Their love for each other conquers all!! Inuyasha and Kagome...a love that will last forever and ever!!!! InuKag is true love and true love always wins ^_~"


    "Yep,they definately gonna have a baby soon! Seeing that Inuyasha and Kagome love each other sooooo much ^,^ Their baby is gunna have cute doggy ears..aww :3 So cute ^.^"

    I was on the floor LOLING.
    -First of all, it's so obvious that Inuyasha loves Kikyo more because he continued to run back to Kikyo all the way until the end, even when Kagome was suffering. Kagome already knows that shes second best and that she admitted to herself that she can't break the Inukik bond. He ended up with Kagome in the feudal era because Kikyo died, not because he chose her. & Lastly, he was in love with Kikyo while he trusted Kagome. That is the point of both of them. Rumiko said that Inuyasha loved both Kikyo & Kagome equally but to be honest, I do not see it that way because Kagome has Kikyo's soul.

    And second, Kagome is a priestess and priestesses must stay pure [aka virgins] [for life. Therefore Inuyasha will NEVER have children with Kagome. This is why Kikyo and Kagome were so strong, they were always pure while other priestesses allowed themselves to become tainted in one way or another. If they do not stay pure, their powers will weaken and begin to wilt until eventually their powers will almost be nonexistent. The moment a priestess becomes 'impure', they are forever tainted.

    It's funny how ridiculous these people are. I know that little kids are the ones who state these ignorant statements, but they really shouldn't be involved in complex plots. What do you think of whatg I said? Do you agree do tell.]
    We had to start early 'cause the plan for this year is different, half of Febuary Vacation is taken away and we start earlier so that we can get out around the 10th of June. And yes, I will join clubs. xD
    Yeah, I know that the models in PMD: Gates to Infinity are much better than the ones in Pokémon Rumble Blast, but Gates to Infinity only had about 150 or so Pokémon. And I think the Pikachu cry from X and Y sounded more like the Pokémon Stadium cry for the Pokémon Yellow Pikachu. Of course, when I heard Exeggutor's cry, it sounded much like the original cry. But I think I've seen some people say that Exeggutor, Crobat, and Dragonite got updated cries as well.
    -I did win that battle using a level 70 Liepard against her team of six level 100 Pokémon. She challenged me again yesterday though, and I lost due to me not having much in a way to counter her Insomnia Honchkrow.

    Yeah, I'm guessing maybe it was a bit problematic to program Synchronize to work the way it does in Emerald with all battles in Colosseum and XD being double battles. I don't think it was possible at all in Emerald to have wild double battles, so they probably didn't know how to make Synchronize work with double battles.

    I think the wi-fi Torchic for X and Y is also meant to be male only as well.
    -Yeah, I think I remember facing a trainer in one of those games that had a Pokémon with Attract and Confuse Ray. That's just so annoying when your Pokémon has a 50% chance of being immobilized by love and a 50% chance of attacking itself.
    *Frying pan does nothing because Mother 1 taught me frying pans are terrible weapons. I keep shaking you*

    You're just as evil in real life O_O. Well, considering we have some similarities, maybe you aren't :p
    I'll bring some popcorn, along with the people I assembled. Bet you thought I wasn't gonna do it huh?
    I'll try to make my character look like Connell, cause he has such a classy outfit. I was so disappointed when I learned his purpose is changing battle sound effects instead of fighting. I wanted to fight monsters with class! D:
    [Kikyo educates, heals, and plays with children. She also provides first aid to injured villagers while on her travels.
    - This is what I love most about her!]
    [ Always thinking of her!~

    He’s holding her in his lap, not just letting her rest against a tree. To me, that is a very affectionate action.

    OMG<3 ]
    Yoko!! *Jumps on you and shakes your head*

    I'm such a klutz >.<
    By the way, I met someone named Lord Makai. How do you feel the someone took your home planet's name?
    Gonna use them regardless how bad they are. I might have the cruddiest team just 'cause I'm, only choosing people by design who cares if they do 1 damage? Just as long as they have a classy hat, cool scarf or something, they're coming with me! xD
    [He did question it though twice. Once in the DT & when Yusuke was going to Makai.

    California is a warm country, much like Florida. xD

    If I find more pictures like that, I'll send. Thanks anyway.

    I was crying today because I saw the ep when she died. I don't even want to think about it or tears will begin to surface again, please. I have to stay positive as much as possible. Inuyasha will never forget about her and will continue to think about her because she was his first true love. & he said himself to Kikyo, he wasn't in love with the appearance anyway, it was the soul, the spirit he was in love with.

    lmao thanks for sharing.
    -InuKag doesn't really have a happy ever if you think about it. Since Kagome is a Priestess, she must stay pure [aka virgin] for life. Did you see Kaede have a husband? Yeah, exactly. =] I'm so happy that Inuyasha will outlive her & that they won't have children!
    -At least with Kikyo, Inuyasha was going to be human and die with her and have children, he'll never have both those things with Kagome!

    Oh, go to wiki and look up all the eps Paul was in.

    That's true but it's stupid of Naraku to create them since he knew beforehand that they were gonna betray him? And I hate that male version of Kagura.

    I'm guessing the reason the models aren't as good as those in Pokédex 3D Pro is because they have more Pokémon in the game, plus they need space to program in attacks, a full overworld, and the story. I have been watching some videos of the demo though, and I noticed they did update some of the Pokémon cries. Like Pikachu says its own name now, instead of having that 8-bit cry its had for five generations.
    -I actually had a battle a couple days ago with •Cute Pokemon Lover• with some crazy prediction: 12-94845-57341 She caught onto my strategy after a bit and managed to reflect Spore back at my Liepard. But then I caught onto her predictions and started using Substitute when I anticipated her bringing in Espeon.

    I kinda wish they would have implemented the ability to Synchronize natures in Pokémon XD at least, since that game was released after Emerald.

    Yeah, it was male only. I assume they did that so that they could keep the Torchic restricted to just the event, as you can only pass on hidden abilities if you have a female Pokémon with its hidden ability.
    -Yeah, her whole team took forever to beat. Deoxys and Registeel were both just bulky as heck. And I think I remember Milotic being annoying with spamming Attract.
    [SLAYED when Tsubaki told Kagome that she is an imitation Kikyo. She's a witch but shes right in that sense, also when baby Hakudoshi told her "whether shes dead or alive, Inuyasha's heart belong to Kikyo" And that baby was telling the truth do we really need to have debates on who Inuyasha loves more now? Kiddies should give it a rest.]

    I: "Kikyo I will become a human, I'm not just saying this. So you can too & be my....
    K: enough stop thats all i need to hear
    ME: drowing of feels]
    [The three make a good traveling pair. Nice pics!

    Indeed... what surprises me though is Kanna. She was created with no emotions yet came to love Kagura.

    hahahaha why? that's so funny tho]
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