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  • [The vid still slays, and it suits her a lot. "All these hoes on my D" (Bulma ChiCi) LOLBYE. Good job, hope to see more of these in the future.
    -Tsk tsk, can't be lazy if you wanna impress!~
    -Okay, I liked it too.

    That's so sweet, you have fans. So cool and lucky you are.

    Episode 109 is really good. The whole gang sees Kikyo (even Sango)
    -Inukik moment, their staring omg my feels were spiraling out of control. Miroku & Sango shifted their eyes back @ Kagome cuz they were curious how she would react. ***** turned around tho.
    -Why Sesshomaru? I like him but he was talking sh i t about her. I'm glad Rin saw Kikyo tho.

    -Demon & Demon Slayer (Inuy&Sango) is much more interesting than a Demon Slayer & a Monk, so unfitting tbh LOL. I still stan for Monk&Miko though.

    OMG Inukik is my Inuyasha OTP I'm going doujin shopping and tbh its a bit difficult to find a good doujin of them. I've been seeing a bunch of InuKag & Inuyasha x Miroku. I can't @ the abundance of the latter. Yaoi is in every fandom so I should have expected it.

    Omg stop I'm crying right now I'm not even up to that yet im on 142.

    I've done like 2 but they're terri. I'm on Hiatus from editing.

    In October I can change my name right?]
    [i just said the mods knew, didnt i...?

    its hard to explain, but im not breaking any rules by using this account. this was my original account, while Thing was an alt i started when i completely lost access to this account. in February, Sushi (yeah i named her lmao) helped me to access this account again so she banned Thing when we were finished.]


    [im positive she told the other mods. Sogeking and a lot of others visited my page after it happened and they were fine with it. Besides, it's in the rules that if a member has two accounts, the oldest must stay.]

    [okay thanks. mine is eef. im going to try and take the test to see if they mod me. then i'll use horrible grammar when/if i become a mod >:D ]
    Mh... Saddly trainers are blind because they want to win, while there's a lot of Pokémon that have potential.
    Yeah, I know what you feel... I would really like to start my teams right away... :(
    Same here. After seeing the old Naruto episode reruns on Toonami I have to say I really miss the old soundtracks. Same here. I liked the theme they played during the intense moments. I don't remember the name for it.
    -I saw a gameplay video on Youtube and it even looks like a pain. xD Who's your favorite character to play as?
    -My brother said he was waiting for the Full Burst pack to come out before he get's the game. To get it all in one.
    -Let's hope not.
    -I'm honestly hoping Madara wins for once since I kinda sympathize with him considering he was a life long loser that suffered while Hashirama gained fortune after fortune in return for Madara's suffering. It sucks that Sakura isn't doing anything honestly she is so shafted. To me Naruto is more like Minato and Kushina then he is like Jiraiya while Sasuke is more like Itachi and Madara then he is like Orochimaru so I think it is weird for Kishi to force them into a Sannin like role.

    Same here. The worst part is when the character you get behind is the main victim or criticism from the fanbase and one of the worst treated characters in the series. >.<

    Yeah I see it like that as well and I'm hoping that we're right on that experimenting. It's a scary thought if they weren't.
    -Thanks. Think about it Shooti underestimated the league when he was a jerk and ended up paying for it after reforming by losing early, Bel wasn't serious enough and she ended up paying for her seriousness, Burgundy was so revenge obsessed that in her final battle she got curbstomped for letting revenge blind her judgement, Langley always counted out her losses for not losing to Dragons yet she paid for it in the end by getting curbstomped by a Dragon type that didn't even obey it's trainer.
    -That's true. They were either shafted or jokes in the worst cases they were both. :(

    Thanks. :) Nah I saw it on tumblr so I added it. xD I honestly believe in this statement more then anything else.
    Apparently I'm the most like Taito ouf of all Kaito's brothers. xD

    Ah, that sucks...I want the newest version of MMD but I'm not sure if it's in English too.
    It's the last wi-fi competition for Gen 5, and all participants will get to play in a test competition for X and Y sometime later this year. And it's rather funny that after I made that last post, I started running into non-shiny Mewtwo. But there's probably a good chance the second shiny Mewtwo I ran into could have been hacked, as the chances of ever getting a competitively viable shiny Mewtwo in FR/LG are extremely slim (it had to come from FR/LG, as it knew Selfdestruct).
    -That Smeargle was the only thing I've ever run a Sash + Metal Burst on. The other members of my PBR singles team I used were a Specs Azelf, a Lum Berry Raikou, a Yache Berry Salamence, a Quick Claw Quagsire, and a Skarmory (which I believe ran a Leftovers). I actually had a couple run-ins with Destiny Bond users in the Global Showdown (a Smeargle and a Giratina).
    -It was the Set 8 battle with Mysterial. My Dusknoir was able to barely survive his Kyogre's Water Spout and set up TR.

    I'm quite pleased with all the information we've gotten so far. I know I definitely want to try out Malamar in battle at some point, especially with Topsy-Turvy.
    O-oh! Are you getting a bit more social from it? I don't really hang it with anyone, I'm sort of a loner, but as much I used to hate it I think I'm better off that way.
    -I'd rather send a charging goat after them, they are trolls after all. Oh, nothing, nevermind. I shouldn't get depressed. Gotta stay sunny~
    -Oh, wow, you do sound busy! I'm getting a little scared I won't have time for anything anymore in the future. Then again, there are people that are pretty old here and still pretty active.

    B-but, I don't have a job.
    -Oh, where were you when I was into it? >.< Well, I guess it's more of my fault for not joining earlier.
    -*gasp* How mean of him! I'll come to his house and poop on his face! D:<..Well now it's pretty obvious who my favorite LPer is xD I think we might actually sell it, my dad seems to agree with it.
    -Aw, the power of friendship! *sighs* I think I'll do it every other day instead of every other week.
    [Everyone except you, Pepsi_Plunge, Robert, the lounge, Tropius19, Pokemaniac24, The DragonKnight, YourPermanentRecord631, DawnBoy, stickerstaryoshi, Colt45, Myrrh, thirty-six, ToeyJoey, RzK and the mods.

    I think I will do that. Soon. ]

    EDIT: A few days ago, I looked at that pokebeach forum you mentioned on my page a while back, what the hell is up with that place? It's against the rules to not use perfect grammar and there are mods who joined in 2013. (btw whats your username there? my friend list could do with having at least one member)
    Oh, is that so ? o: I don't like competitive either because we will rarily see a Pachirisu or a Luvdisc in a competitive battle, wich are two Pokémon that are in my official teams. I'm sick of, like you said, Dragonite, Thundurus/Landorus, Charizard, Volcarona and other stuff like that.
    Yeah, which is really cool, you know! Not having to worry about every single detail of our Pokémon makes the gameplay more fun and pleasant. I can't realize people are sometimes bothering with that in their main playthrough....
    oh that's cool. i haven't really watched a whole lot of anime, i never really could get into anything past the generic stuff like naruto and stuff like that.
    Only in fictional stuff, in real life I walk away quickly because I'm scared of strangers. I was frightened when once I was in a car by myself waiting for dad and a homeless person stared at me. Dx
    -I don't care about them, I'll just act like they don't exist. Thanks for compliments! But...*looks at Devianart drawings...*
    -And my ghost will haunt you, to finish!

    I can't ask my parents to buy another one for me to save my life.
    -I also make other people's lives hell by constantly talking about Mother or whatever video game I'm in. In 7th grade I annoyed the other classmates to death with my Sonic the Hedgehog obsession at the time xD.
    -My brother sold it off and replaced it with a 360 >.> That would be awesome, I won't need to ask for it. I think I'll ask for a PS3 for Christmas, or sell the 360 off for revenge and use the money for the PS3 and LBP2. At that time, I'd be saying "I'm an old man..and I'm racing another old man."
    -I'm noticing I spend lots of time on Serebii sometimes and forget about the cool stuff I have. I'm thinking of being on Serebii.net for a week, then not be on it every other week to do other things or something like that.
    Yeah, it would have been nice for Lance to have a shiny Gyarados, but as you said, since we already get the chance to catch the Red Gyarados in HG/SS, it wouldn't make sense that Lance also somehow has one. And I've been seeing quite a few shiny legendaries lately in the Global Showdown, especially every Mewtwo I've seen so far has been shiny.
    -I have a couple different Smeargle strategies I use. On PBR, my Smeargle runs a Focus Sash to take a hit from my opponent's Pokémon, and then retaliate the damage with Metal Burst. There aren't a whole lot of Pokémon that will survive a Metal Burst from Smearlge, but I know Slacking and Giratina can. On Gen 5 Random Matchup, though, I run a level 1 Sash Smeargle that sets up TR and then takes out my opponent's lead with Destiny Bond.
    -Yeah, I did get the Duskull. It's currently on my Platinum version as a fully EV trained Dusknoir knowing Shadow Punch, Trick Room, Helping Hand, and Protect.

    DP are also pretty slow when compared to RSE, or at least it felt that way to me.
    He's usually seen with bandages amd his item is an ice pick. But yes I find it attractive and like damnit D:

    Ah, I see what you mean. I mean I'd try it but I wanna get it legit. Just in case. Then I can play around with their voice and maybe even make my own songs. That'd be cool.
    I know what you mean. Though to me nothing beats the original Naruto soundtracks. I don't remember I was too caught up with the animation. xD Same with me I usually have to read it twice to understand it. The moment I want to see is when Tobi starts mocking them and telling them he's No One. Also the anime usually fleshes out on fights and makes it much better. I hope your right on that. xD Btw you heard that Sage Kabuto will be a download for the NUNS 3 Full Burst pack? Ikr, though I can see them doing what they did with the Original Super Saiyan and never show him for real. I'm hoping that it is maybe Sasuke but I expect it to be Hashirama again. I'm expecting Naruto to merge the chakra of the 9 tailed beasts and form a Second 10 tails to counter Obito. Honestly I doubt it. xD The fact Madara and Sasuke have identical MS abilities and Madara has more strength, skill and experience then Sasuke just makes it too one sided and let's not forget Madara's Rinnegan. xD

    Yeah but honestly if they gave her a less goofy side that was determined to payback Ash for helping her continue her journey by giving him a good battle I would have enjoyed it. Yeah her and Shooti were mostly screwed over for the other league rivals and by poor writing.

    That was another problem. Though it's odd he was half the jerk Shinji was but while Shooti got his karma Shinji was literally given rewards for his bad actions instead of any real karma. I hope so too, I'm hoping that he has a full battle since neither him or Ash have had a real full battle. I won't knwo what to say either, also you noticed the main 3 rivals for the cast (Shooti, Langley and Cabernet) were all booted off with 1st round loses? Yeah that would be alright but you think they would get any real redemption if they go to Kalos?

    Also nice signature.
    I DON'T KNOW QQ You know Taito Shion right? How he was designed to be a Yandere and have bandages? I find that attractive :c It will be. It's a good start.

    There's am actual program that you buy and it's like $900...and their actual voicebanks come in boxes on a cd or something. But I'm poor ans like pft I can't afford iiiit
    No problem. I'm just glad you replied. xD

    Yeah I know what you mean the animation was beautiful. :D I can't wait either but I'm more looking forward to Naruto vs Fake Madara since we'll get the glory of seeing 8 Jinchurikis going at it along with the badass duo of Kakashi and Guy. With Obito becoming more and more like the Sage in strength for the Sage to not appear in some form would be a crime.

    Oh yeah they battled quite a lot especially compared to Bel and Kenyan. But it sucks Bel still never beat Ash. :( Emboar would trash half his team. xD

    I know that was good. His main flaw was that his strategies were too basic and he fell for things that he could have easily avoided had he battled a bit more like Ash.
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