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  • [I bet if I put "I am not Thing" as my custom title, they wouldn't even notice.

    I don't like roleplaying. I even did it twice and still hate it.]
    Yeah, nature doesn't change too much things up when you,re not a competitive player, like me.
    Trainers in the main game a naturally easy, I don't have to worry about it. Otherwise I just need to ajust few things if the nature really does something important, but it's just 10% of a stat, it's not that much after all.
    I have really strange ones. Like bandages. I dunno why. xD Yeah, I wanna leave with the most credits I can, or have extra so that next year I can relax a little.

    Hell yeah! I'd buy Len's voicebank with his Append and stuff and Kaito's new v3. I really want the program :c
    And you say I'm mean >.> Well, to be honest, I do that a lot when it comes to Scribblenauts or LittleBigPlanet.
    -Yeah, I heard of that. I didn't know how to do it >.<. I actually did some drawings in Paint the other day with my tablet pen, I'll show them. 1 2
    -And I can keep on saying it.

    I can't do that since I only have 1 DS.
    -Well you seem to have drawing hell for others too xD. That's me when I used to have a PS3 and played LittleBigPlanet, I never try to kill people online when in level editor. (Though I remember I once made a rocket ride that secretly had bombs in it) I miss the game now >.< We'll have our race when you get done with your work.
    I know I've heard quite a few stories of people having a shiny Lairon Roar at them in Gen 3. And supposedly, you can encounter shiny Pokémon in the Gen 4 Battle Frontier too, as I've seen a video of someone fighting a shiny Infernape and a shiny Latios in the Battle Castle.
    -I like it when I use my current PBR singles team and fight Ubers. I can just imagine what my opponent is thinking when their Mewtwo or Palkia falls to my Smeargle using Metal Burst. And I quite liked my Rayquaza I used. Even without proper EV training, it managed to have 408 attack at level 100, and with a Choice Scarf, it would outspeed anything up to 120 base speed.
    -I actually have two different memory cards with XD data because I didn't want to delete my first save file, but at the same time I wanted to get a competitively viable Duskull for my VGC 2009 team.

    I've never really seemed to notice the slow speed of the 3D games myself. DP were really the only games I noticed that ever seemed slow compared to other Pokémon games I've played.
    I always og to sleep.. relativly early, and Wake up early.
    It sure does. And, lol. Just move to Norway, for fun and profit
    I've been great lately. Out of the funk I've been in recently and feeling like my usual cheerful self again. ^_^
    I'll cut the song out today then, I keep forgetting ^_^; *derp* I'll do it later today when I'm finished calling with my friends sowwy D:
    It's suprisingly easy to Wake up at 5 AM actually. lol
    Yeah, I worry about him. It seems to bother him. And no, we're sophisticated here. lol
    I hate summer. All I get from it are nasty sunburns. I can't even relax. Up 5 AM every weekdays. I get 'ya. I never liked summer. It's good With like.. a week of sleep, but the rest ofthe like 7 weeks get kinda boring
    Yeah, I'll just stand by and observe and encourage. We don't do that in Norway, actuall. Maybe once every 15th time or something
    It's only for 1 year, but it's far better than coping at home working or doing nothing. lol
    My Boyfriend havent come out to his parents yet though. Er're more "Secret boyfriends" lol. Well, thanks
    Uhm.. Now, what was its name in English...? I don't really know. lol. the stuff you must take in order to be able to teach.
    Well, my life was crap up until about Three weeks ago. I literally got a job, passed Math, accepted college-thingy, boyfriend and basic happiness in two weeks.
    Ooh, that sounds like fun. I'm done With High School, and got into a college that I start at the 20th of August. I also have a boyfriend now (magically), and I passed Math this year
    i still cant believe that even with Sling as my username people still cant tell who i am

    As for the weird new members, I once saw TanukiKing get banned for only a day after making obnoxious posts. I always thought the minimum was a week. [also some months ago i got a PM from PachirisuPanCake asking if she could rub my balls, and another from darklord18 saying "you seen niice want to be frends" even though he's PMed me that same message twice before]
    okay, how long do you think i can leave these posts there without getting infracted? I'll obviously delete them later on
    [you thought they were hitting on each other? lol you must have a strange idea of flirting then]

    [yeah but i just replied with my usual drivel, is it me or are the new users getting stranger every year? they all weird me out. the only members who joined this year so far that havent given me a strange first impression are The DragonKnight, Virgil133, Marco The Phoenix and stickerstaryoshi]
    ... Okay, okay! I maybe care a little bit about natures but not more than that. I have to admit, I reset to get a good nature with my Squirtle in Leaf Green, but I just dothat when my starter is a male (god how many times it took for Chikorita). With Squirtle I got Quirky on the third try wich is perfect. I'm also glad Chikorita got Sassy, since she's not very fast and I was very happy to see that my beautiful female Snivy in White 2 got Serious, my favorite nature!
    I have a Timid Luxray and Floatzel that I perfectly use without a problem, and even a Jolly Ninetales and I don't care. I just want my starters to have a good nature. So I agree with you. Unless I suddenly decide to get a female Fennekin, my choice will be a with-good-nature male Chespin.
    You're not forced to release them, you can just box them forever if you want. But I think it would be even more painful by boxing them, so...
    At least you're absolutely sure about your starter, right ? :p
    I think the lucky part of it was that the Graveler did know Selfdestruct, but it never got to use it because I caught it on my first ball. And you can generally tell the difference between a normal and a shiny Ludicolo though. I just didn't notice it right away because I never knew you could run into shinies in the Battle Tower.
    -I think when I first started to try playing competitively was on PBR random wi-fi. I went on with a team of a seemingly random assortment of Pokémon and wound up with a bit of a balance of wins and losses. I think most of my wins probably came from me running Rayquaza on my team.
    -Yeah, and I can't remember if I have any noteworthy Pokémon on that XD save or not. I know it has my team that beat Orre Colosseum on it.

    Well, judging by the screenshots I've seen, the battles look like they might play out like battles in the 3D games. Of course, I believe the 3DS has more power than the Gamecube, so there might not be any slowdown in X/Y battles. If there is, though, there's usually an option in the handheld games to turn battle animations off if the battles seem really slow with the animations on.
    Psh, apparently I have weird fetishes too. qq I know some French ans I decides eh, why not, nothing else interests me. Plus I want the maximum credits I could get.

    Nah, I meant like when they buy his new v3 voicebank, some people are good with him and some aren't.
    I wouldn't play it, being some person who acts like a gang member is not my thing.
    -Aw, that's not very nice D: I hate trolls and their comments, I wish I knew how to disable comments when I was on Youtube. Aw, thanks, but being a singer was just a phase. I'll just be an artist ^.^
    -You won't get anywhere if you don't do anything...

    I wanna breed in Black 2, transfer the babies to X, and use Pokemon amie on them ^.^
    -It's like what Shigesato Itoi (creator of Mother) said, nobody has fun drawing heaven, it's always more fun to draw hell. I'm only like that when there's no consequence though. I can restart Scribblenaut levels and our rivalry is a thing. I always act nice when RPing with someone else it seems, maybe because I'm a little shyer with them and I'm afraid of them having a vendetta against me. In RPG games though, I'm pretty nice, I remember when I put Paula's teddy in the item storage so it won't get destroyed and gave it to her at the end :3
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