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  • I caught mine in Challenger's Cave in my Japanese white. I happened to catch upon chucking my first Dusk Ball, as everything in my party was too strong to try and weaken it. I know when I first saw a shiny Ludicolo in the Battle Tower, I didn't notice the different coloration at first. Instead I thought it was holding some special item, since the shiny ping sounded like the end of the Gen 3 item activation jingle.
    -Well, for Black (which I haven't done doubles on in quite a while), my record is 117 wins and 42 losses. On Black 2, my record is 31 wins and 6 losses.
    -I hadn't thought to look on Amazon at all. Then again, buying a new Pokémon XD on Amazon wouldn't bring back my memory card I had stored with XD that has my save files for XD, Starfox Assult, and Sonic Mega Collection.
    Oh and just for your information... Every night at 22h, I have a parental control that activates and cuts the internet connection. Be aware that if your answer me a little bit before 22h, I won't be able to answer...
    I don't care about the nature. My favorite natures are the neutral ones, since I don't have to worry about what it gives. Serious, especially. I like "serious" as a human quality.
    Oh, I see. And I will never do a Nuzlocke challenge either. I'm way too emotional for that, and I don't wanna barely waste both a game and my money on a stupid challenge like that.
    Yeah, me too. This is my favorite fun of every games. Checking over and over the entire Pokédex, noting down all my favorites, looking for possible locations with the help of the map and ools on Bulbapedia and Serebii. I love that moment and I can't wait to do it for Pokémon X! :D And you ?
    Oh... My Altaria won't know Dragon Dance! I usually prefer this moveset : Dragonbreath - Sky Attack - Fly - Ice Beam.
    I don't really like to play multiple times a game of the same serie, it becomes boring once... Unless you want an original team and another game for a Nuzlocke/Badge Quest, then it's understandable.
    There's nothing wrong with using the same Pokémon in multiple teams. However, you're taking a slot for a possible new Pokémon, wich sometimes can be hard to do. Just wait to see the whole Pokédex to decide if Starmie's coming back! ;)
    Neither have I. I've only ever gotten three shinies on my own: a Graveler, an Eevee, and a Camerupt. I remember trying to breed for a shiny Ralts back in Sapphire, but I eventually grew tired of it after nearly filling up an entire box full of them. It's rather sad that the only shinies I've ever seen in Sapphire were all in the Battle Tower.
    -Yeah, I could have gone for trying to burn it with Scald. Then I could use Protect every now and again to let burn and hail damage chip away at its HP so Gastro won't have to keep getting smacked with Earth Power each turn.
    -I wish I could replay through XD, but i can't seem to find it anywhere. I assume it's probably buried somewhere at my folks' house, as I had been taking it over there for my brother-in-law to play when he and my sister lived over there.
    I don't know, I never played GTA again. :/
    -That's cool, you put what you like and still get subscribers! Oh yeah, when I was in my singing phase ._.
    -Yes, now get hard at work.

    Um, well I don't know early we can do that but I'm assuming this.
    -I had so much fun with that game, sometimes I'd go in levels and unleash something to cause chaos xD I could see myself summoning a dragon in a birthday party.
    Oh, it's nice to see. I'm just not the biggest fan of Vileplume, that's all. I always compared it to the male out of Vileplume and Bellossom, but I prefer Bellossom (the girl) over it.
    Flareon FTW!
    Yeah, it's true, our starters are quite similar! Female Altaria ? That's what I'm thinking as well! I'll try!
    As for your team, I forgot to mention that I was one of those guys who has only a game per generation, so I have a specific team of 6 in each generation. I don't like to spend my money on multiple games of the same generation (or "adventure"), I think one is enough to see how it is.
    I like your teams, but I don't really like to repeat a Pokémon (I never did, except when I first started White 2, I had another Oshawott). However, yours are interesting indeed, so don't change them for a second!
    I just started the DA saga, already got past the episode where Musashi and Kojiro try to take Pikachu in the boat.
    Was kinda funny when Mijumaru screwed up everything :p
    You deff got the point across. xD My Nee-Chan Mallow said I have a weird thing for shotas. Okie it's not my fault Len, Ciel,and Alois are Shotas qq Well, I'm taking French this year, and I don't think they offer Japanese, or else I would've done that. But I am learning some Japanese from my own stuff anyways.

    I love hos new voicebank. His English is quite good, if people know how to use him. I actually have my own playlist of English Vocaloid songs in youtube xD
    Oh, I see. I hope they don't make shinies too easy to get though. I know there are probably some people who get really jealous when fighting entire teams of shiny Pokémon, but making shinies really easy to get can destroy the value of a shiny Pokémon.
    -Yeah, if it hadn't been for Abomasnow having a Sash, Gastrodon probably could have taken on Swampert one-on-one. Heatran would have been able to deter an Earth Power or two away from Gastrodon so that when it would have came down to Gastro vs Swampert, Gastrodon would have already put a sizable dent into Swampert.
    -Oh, that one? I remember that one took me a few tries, but eventually I figured out you needed to use Protect and Substitute along with Aerodactyl's Pressure to waste all of Hydro Pump and Thunder's PP.
    It's alright, I understand. c: I decides I needed to edit my about me. Got all my shotas in there. So many shotas. And I'm going to be a Freshman, ew.

    Sorta. I'm working on my latest chapter for VH. Kaito's new V3 English has kept me going.
    Well, I can handle cursing, butt's slightly showing,crossdressing,animal abuse, and drug references. I did too when my brother and older cousin used to have them. Dad told me not to play them.
    -Oh, when I was younger I was obsessed with anything Japanese (I still have a slight trace of it). I listened to those a lot. Now I find myself listening to Pollyanna from the Mother vocal album. It's a song made in Japan with English lyrics...
    -Tacos with hamburgers and cheese inside o_o

    Y'know the Nintendo 3DS eshop. I have a feeling it'll be easier to transfer my Black 2 Pokemon if I but it from there since it'll be stored in the SD card.
    -Yup, I can't wait to make random stuff like a..blue flying musical happy old...taco xD I played around with random objects with random adjectives in Super Scribblenauts.
    yeah i was going through a bit of a britney obsession when i chose this username, and i sorta regret it because im not as into her as i was at the time now. i should have gone with something more general that i would still feel the same about later. i still like my username though :p thanks! tbh i have little idea what your username is referencing. :/
    Ahah, you don't know, I'm your school teacher from last year! 8) Having a common name doesn't bother me at all since I like my name, common or not. The only thing that bothers me a little bit is, like you said, when I turn my head when somebody calls "Hey Max!" but they're talking to the other one in my class. I always say in my head a simple "Erf..." right after.
    I don't find Vileplume as much attractive as Bellossom. I like it but not too much. Oh Erika, I don't like her. I don't know why. Have ever disliked somebody just.. like that ? Flareon usually don't get too much love because of her lack of physical and STAB moves (people are requesting Flare Blitz a lot these days). But I don't care. She's beautiful and her Special Attack is decent as well. A good Flamethrower and you're pratically down. I also put on her Double-Edge. It's a killing move, ahah!
    Okay, so here are my (wonderful) teams! :
    Generation I - Leaf Green : Blastoise, Pidgeot, Raichu, Ninetales, Flareon, Dewgong. - Completed.
    Generation II - Heart Gold : Meganium, Togekiss, Bellossom, Corsola, Donphan, Dragonite. - On going.
    Generation III - Sapphire : Blaziken, Gardevoir, Masquerain, Altaria, Chimecho, Luvdisc. - Not started.
    Generation IV - Diamond : Empoleon, Staraptor, Pachirisu, Cherrim, Lucario, Garchomp. - Not started.
    Generation V - Black : Samurott, Zebstrika, Unfezant, Zoroark, Lilligant, Haxorus. - Completed.
    Generation V - White 2 : Serperior, Luxray, Mismagius, Braviary, Floatzel, Gliscor. - Completed.
    Still trying to know if my Altaria will be male or female. Swablu has nothing of a girl, but Altaria is so graceful (my past Altaria always have been male, but I felt like something was wrong)... And you, what are your main teams ? :D
    Not sure if I can find one. Mother 3 hac got all sorts of crazy stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if it got an M rating.
    -I never listen to 'real' songs. I'm too much of a nerd xD
    -Yoko!! You won't get much done if you're just being lazy. If you work hard I'll....um...give you all the burritos in the world! Yeah, that! All the burritos you ever wanted :D

    I'm getting mine from eshop. May not have the same feeling, but if it's for transferring Emolga and Oshawott into X, it's worth it!
    -Actually it already came out, dad said he may get it next week.
    I'm not really sure what EVs have anything to do with MM. I did start thinking about it not too long ago, and I think it would be reasonable for them to have you select the language when you start a new game, and it can't be changed unless you restart.
    -I took out half their team (Chandelure and Whimsicott). Eventually, it came down to me having Heatran and Gastrodon against Abomasnow and Swampert. Unfortunately, Abomasnow had a Sash to survive Eruption and took out Gastrodon while Swampert took out Heatran with Earth Power.
    -Yeah, I especially liked the Battle CDs in XD, where you oftentimes had to figure out how to beat the opponent in a set number of turns.
    Another 1st stage Pokémon that I would say is popular thanks to the anime is Bayleef. I know some people on here love Bayleef.
    That's a very good point and even the Kanto 1st stages aren't nearly as popular as their bases or their 2nd stages from what I know. Of course, Grovyle is an exception like you were saying but that's probably in large part thanks to the anime.
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