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  • I like original names! At first I'm astonished, even reacting like "... is this really a name ?" but after I see how rich the name can be! Max, nothing more common than that around here, ahah! We were four Maxime in one of my class, back when I was 11 or 12, and there was another or two with the same name in the other class, just to give you an idea!
    I really love Bellossom, that's basically why I took Oddish so I can get that beauty. I don't plan on getting an Eevee. I don't want to be an Eevee freak (with multiple Eeveelutions in different games) so I'll stick with my own Flareon in Leaf Green. The only other Eeveelution I really like is Leafeon anyway, but I don't want to add it to a game. I feel bad for Flareon to get another Eeveelution.
    Hey, by pure curiosity, do you want to know my planned team/actual teams for each of my games ? We could share and compare afterward!
    Trenton? I never heard that name before. I guess I should spell it with an english accent, because it's not really common as a french name! But that's a thing that makes you special!
    Mh, yeah you took sometimes, I'm already about to challenge Morty right now (I just defeated the Rocket Grunt in the kimono dancing bar). My team is Bayleef, Togetic and Gloom (a female, of course)!
    Togepi is my all time favorite Pokémon, and I love Togekiss as much as I love Togepi and Togetic, so I can't wait to get her! And Air Slash and Aura Sphere are such beautiful moves.
    yeah it's better to go with someone who's older because most of the time they happen to be more experienced and are more patient with children and such :p
    yeah my violin tutor is an older woman so I don't really have any distractions like that and stuff. And she works well for me because she's well experienced and charges a reasonable price and stuff
    Yeah I've played the violin since 4th grade but I can't say that I've taken it seriously and appreciated it up until the past two years tbh. Currently I play 2nd violin but I want switch over to 1st next year at my school because I like a higher pitch more. Its a bit more noticeable in the orchestra while playing.
    [Not better than Inukik, but much better than InuKag!]
    [Wow, the beginning was really good!~ You are skilled in matching scenes with the beat, foreshadowing 18's birth. The rest of the video was good too, Transitions were fine, just next time don't make them soooo long. -Maximum should be 2 minutes. You don't have to use the whole song! :)

    I saw the trailer, I can't believe this is happening. So Iris & Cilan do leave.... Or maybe they'll come back...

    The 18 video SLAYED so much I was done tbh.
    -Only quibble is that when 18 was walking past Bulma, her face was blurry with pixels, next time find a good video where that doesn't happen. Bulmas face when 18 walked out SLAYED ME. AND 18 PUSHING GOHAN OMG BYE LOLLOLLOL Other than that, it's really good it slays so much i keep repeating it right now. It was not too short and not too long that was excellent keep making more slaying videos of 18.

    Yeah, he was down & pissed about it, but no tears. That was really strange. And then Kagome sayin she loves him and doesnt care if inuy still loves kKkyo only her feelings matter. Im like okay whatever.
    -I like how Kikyo goes village to village helping out the sick & injured.

    -No, he didn't tell them, but he said it in his mind. "I don't have parents either" he would say.

    "What's happening there, Charmander?!" is what she said. Who cares about the Dub honestly. The Pokemon dub fck everything up. Inuyasha dub is consistent with the original dub which is excellent.]
    Oh, why don't you introduce yourself in french to me ? Eheheh! :D Salut, je m'appelle Max! (Hi, my name is Max!)
    ...maybe not 90, I'm exagerating for sure, ahah! But you know, it's really fast when you need to do like 10 steps before it hatches and then you reset. I don't know how many I did. YOu kinow, when you're a kid, you see things much bigger than they are!
    IT JUST HATCHED! HASTY FEMALE SERENE GRACE TOGEPI HATCHED! Very happy about it, I love when my Pokémon get a little speed boost (+ Speed, - Defense)!
    Well, I gotta go, my TV show is going to start right away, so I better be there. See you soon! :)
    Oh, you practice french ? Wanna talk a little bit ? I did that with Dangertrout weeks ago and it was fun because she was making some mistakes once in a while, eheh! :D And I felt proud to correct afterward!
    I didn't want a specific nature, I don't really care. I use a Pokémon that I love, not a Pokémon with the right nature. Although when the nature is perfect it's a bonus, but that didn't stop me from using my Timid Luxray and Floatzel! I was just looking for a female Chikorita. It was a little bit painful because in my first game, I got her after 2 resets, in my second game it was my first pick and for this one it took like over 10 resets, ahah!
    Yeah, the egg... Oh the freaking egg. On my first game I didn't know so I saved just before it hatched and I got like 90 male Togepi, I felt sad after because I wasted my time. On my second game I got a female after 3 resets with Serene Grace, but now I'm still looking. I saved in front of the professor aid so I can pick up the egg before things are determined. The nature and the gender are determined, but not sure about the nature though... I think so.
    Summer is going very well, thanks!
    While waiting for your answer, I was reading all our chatting again and I said out loud "God damn it I didn't know how to write!"! I laughed, of course. It's not my fault if french is my first language!
    I started a whole new game in HeartGold. It took me forever to get that female Chikorita but it paid off with a Sassy nature! I defeated the gym pretty easily and now I'm resetting to get a female Togepi in the egg (I got one but saddly had Hustle as her ability. I was screaming.). So I'm currently trying to get one with Serene Grace (so useful with Extrasensory and Air Slash at the end!).
    Hi there Yoko! Can't believe we haven't talk since April!
    Was it me or during that time you haven't post a lot ? Because since few days I saw you a lot active on the thread I'm usually going and I was wondering if you took a break or something...
    I'm sorry if we couldn't have talk too much, I just got carried away by school and it was a 'bit messy at the end, eheh. ^^' Got great results, though.
    So how are you!? Having a nice summer at the moment ? :D
    [If Koga had to be paired up with someone, it should be Kagome. But that's only if they must. Otherwise, he's better by himself, like 18. But since he remained single in the real version, that's good.

    Wow, why so many hours? What for? Band practice seems hard; lol.

    That's interesting, Kikyo could resemble Rosalina in a way.


    Yeah, eventually!~ MirKag forever!!
    -Great that you liked it!~]
    [Also, Jakotsu's death was kinda sad to me even though it had to be done. It's just when he reflected about his returning to life he had a flashback and well... Bankotsu and Jakotsu are creepy....but their friendship moment was cute lol. Oh well he had to die hes done too much evil deeds. Also, did you know that Jakotsu was originally supposed to be a girl but the manga writer went against

    Kagomes grandpa is ridic hes not really funny to me. :/

    Naraku is so disgusting he ruined EVERYTHING! If it wasn't for him Inuyasha would have been human and Kikyo would have babies with him and they would die together! <3
    He fcked up Sango and Mirokus life too ugh i just cant at how malicious he is. Kagome went hard on him tho when she shot his arm in the castle back in the early eps she was slaying then she was gangsta but now she just a damsel distress

    Yeah, at least they can all relate that they lost their loved ones so that a bond can be formed. "You lost ur parents, I did too" and then so on

    LOL SLAYED. She actually said "Charmander Looks Funny" That's OUT OF CHARACTER & gross. In the original she just "What's happening there, Charmander?! Which is more realistic than the ridic english dub idk why u even watch that **** dubbed. They mess everything up thats why im quiting after hoenn. I hate when new voices have to come when we get used to the old ones. In Japan, VA'S never get replaced.]
    [I'm on 127. Tears started comin' out when Inuyasha read the title "Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved" She died but not really she comes back later on. IN 158 UGH I have to watch so much just to get to there. :( She needs more appearances it's so unfair that she appears once in a blue moon. Even though the event will be inevitable in the final act.


    ME: OKAY WTF! This is sad. All because she gets in the way of Inuyasha/Kagome. When she was his first and only love that's why they hate her. The baby Naraku was right when he said "Whether shes dead or alive Inuyashas heart will always belong to Kikyo"

    And you know what else, Kagome always is saying "I can never break the bond between Inuyasha & Kikyo" "Inuyasha can't forget about Kikyo"
    & finally "Inuyasha will never forget Kikyo, but I still love him, so theres nothing I can do" That alone says it all, Kagome wishes she was "his first" she wishes that she never existed but its too late hun cuz that happened 50 years ago theres nothing u can do. wishes she was his first. So she accepts the fact that Inuyashas heart belongs to Kikyo, but contiunues to love him anyway because shes only concerned on how she feels towards him thats it. I really should write an essay.]
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