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  • I'm still wondering how X and Y will handle it though, because each game can be in one of many different possible languages. I mean, you can have a North American copy of Pokémon X running in Japanese or a Spanish Pokémon Y running in German. It also makes me wonder how Mesuda Method with the games being able to be different languages.
    -I did win the battle with the Encore spamming Liepard. I found it funny though I mentioned yesterday at how Whimsicott is another annoying Prankster that can spam Encore, and I happened to lose a battle yesterday afternoon due to an Encore Whimsicott.
    -I believe Ninetales can learn Disable, but Imprison is usually better as it can shut down multiple moves and isn't affected by accuracy.
    I would say we would probably get to see them sometime in August 2 months before the game comes out sounds like when we would get to see them.
    Oh yeah, I forgot about those moments. Unlike Ash though, the fact the Magypsies are masculine men-like creatures could be easily be seen. It may be possible they may not be it.
    -I believe there are some songs that are based off real life songs. Heck, there's a band in Earthbound based on a real band.
    -I think I heard it on Adventure Time too. I think it may be better accepted nowadays.
    -Well, I'm sure you'll be able to get everything out of the way soon. Just continue to work hard and keep a positive attitude along the way.
    -It's made to patch ROMs. If you don't want to do that, there's always Chuggaconroy's let's plays. They're pretty informative.

    I know how you feel, it feels great to come home from Gamestop with a copy of game. I'm hoping I can get Scribblenauts Unlimited soon.
    I hope they give you a break for Lunch!

    Fire/Psychic would be amazing! I wonder how long it will take for us to find out the evolutions of the starters.
    8 hours of practice!? That's a long day of band practicing!

    So far, I really like Fennekin. I'll probably wait until I see the evolved forms of the starters but I really have a liking to Fennekin. What about you?
    The fact they're crossdressers pretty much could be a problem. It may be musical references that stop it from coming from here. It's fear of being sued. Though, Earthbound had some but it still came. Oh really, I never would've guessed xD. Is sexy an okay word? Somebody said that word in Earthbound. Okay, sounds like you've had lots of things to do. If you do plan on playing 1 & 3, I'd recommend Tomato's Mother 1 + 2 and Mother 3 translation patches. He translates Japanese stuff for a living.

    Oh, prefer them with their box and manual and everything?
    Yeah, I figured that out when I was training a shiny, Japanese Linoone I got from the GTS. I noticed the Linoone got more EXP than my XD Lugia I was training at the same time. At first, I thought maybe the Linoone was hacked, until I read about foreign Pokémon gaining 1.7x the amount of EXP, while it is 1.5x for normal traded Pokémon.
    -Well, since Liepard can learn Fake Out, I tend to go for a double Protect. So, on the next turn, Liepard can get +1 priority off of Encore and force my Pokémon to spam Protect for several turns unless I switch out. I know Whimsicott can do the same thing, but since it can't learn Fake Out, I don't use Protect as much against it.
    -Oh, yes, I remember that guy from PBR. His Wobbuffet locked my Lapras into Hydro Pump and my Dusknoir into Protect with Encore while his Dusknoir used Disable on both of my Pokémon (or maybe it was Imprison, knowing it used Mimic to learn Hydro Pump from Lapras).
    Oh, there's lots...lol :p
    Just been really lazy :s
    I havent watched Best Wishes since like the episode with the guy and his crew with the Futachimari and all those other pokemon where they saved the building that was on fire.
    [Any episode that Kikyo is not in]
    [The wind, as she embraces beauty

    "Umm, don't mess wit ma gurl"

    Obvi Kikyo's skills in the Sacred Arrow are far superior than Kagomes. Kagome is second best.

    Their passion makes time stop

    even dying she's so pretty]
    Misty's eyes are so pretty in the new animation!~ Wish we saw a little more. I would love it if the OS would get reanimated to the new one.

    That Koga/Kagome scan was much better than the anime one. The aniem got rid of their sad expressions. Sucking out the emotion. The anime one just seems gentle. Also, the dub seems to be following the original as I have noticed, which is surprising and good to me.

    I don't lol. I like Koga with nobody but sometimes I get that guilty pleasure of Koga/Kagome.

    Thanks, but I have soooooo much to learn. I'm not good at editing.
    -I'm really glad that you think that, I will give honest feedback. And it shouldn't hurt you. Because this is made for fun. Just improve for next time and thats it.

    Funny NaruHina video, wow, i didn't know she was a stalker. How does Sakura react when she sees them together I wonder.]
    [Totally. I mean, her friends are really fun to hang out with. They're decent looking too. Unlike Kieko & her fug/boring friends.
    -The curly hair one may be the odd one, but I believe it's because she's the smartest in the group. I got a laugh @ when she imagined Koga shouting with winter clothes "I am in love with you"
    -For some reason, I always love the episodes when Kagome is @ school. It's kinda fun. I also love the episodes when Kikyo appears. It's too miimal though. I'm on episode 103. The animation improved after the Kagome/Kikyo cave episode. That episode was really random. I'm starting to miss the old animation tho!~ Kikyo has so many haters :( Stupid InuKag stans. Stay pressed. They have to nerve to label Kikyo fans as rude & obnoxious when in reality they are the rude ones. I don't blame Kikyo fans because they need to defend her. The fighting still continues over Inuyasha/Kikyo/Kagome. So ridic and the movies idc for them because they have nothing to do with the actual story and the animation looks way diff

    HoJo is considerate, thoughtful, giving, & kind. Kagome doesn't take him for granted.

    Yeah the wedding didn't really happen. I wonder why the anime writers did this? Really ridic. & Ayame is okay to me now.

    -I like that cute song she was singing while waiting for him. She really cares for both Sess & Jak. Rin's parents died but I've noticed that she's not the only one a lot of people in this show have lost their families as well. Miroku & Sango don't have parent and Shippo either. Inuyasha too.Kikyo only had her sister like really these wars are ridic
    -At least those clothes are better than his Worst Wishes clothes.

    Yeah, I heard the Misty dub voice in that episode. Gross! Well, it was to be expected. All the 4kids ones are gone at this point. That's why I'm skipping BF and going straight to Sinnoh.]
    Not too long ago, it was pretty recent. I'm hoping they won't censor much if it does come out, especially the Magypsies. They were to teach people that there are weird people out there, but they can be good friends regardless. You don't see the word that sounds like crud in any E-rated game, so it shocked me. I did too back in Smash bros. but I take it back now. The characters may have cartoony designs, but it's freaky. You won't regret it :eek: well, maybe you will with Mother's difficulty, Mother 2's freaky final boss, and Mother 3's sad moments..

    Silly Yoko, you don't buy Virtual console games in your local Gamestop~
    Oh, wow, I could definitely imagine band training being grueling. A lot of those musical pieces can't be easy to learn!

    I'm excited to see the evolved forms of the starters as well! I would like to see those stages before I see who I will choose as my starter! :)
    I think about five battles against him (4 with the Power Anklet and 1 without) should max your speed EVs. I kinda wonder how Gen 6 is going to handle the foreign Pokémon experience bonus, since apparently all regions of the game will have multiple languages available.
    -And that's why I like TR so much. It can turn slow, bulky, hard-hitting Pokémon into speedy, yet still bulky sweepers.
    -I've fought quite a few Politoed on Random Matchup, but I usually find the Ludicolo that accompanies them to be more annoying than Politoed. Speaking of Politoed, I remember recently running into a rain team on Random Matchup that featured a really annoying Liepard the kept spamming Encore.
    Yay~! ^_^ And some other Serebii people have Skype too like Cute Pokemon Lover =O
    ...That made me lol D8 I love you Mist D8 (In a friend way :p -nods =P-)
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