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  • Band training, eh? :) What instrument do you play? :)

    I am doing well. I am still waiting for October to be here because.... well, I probably don't need to tell you why :D
    You need to accept my contact request on Skype >_> D8
    Nothing much. Real life just being annoying and kicking me down a bit but other then that it's been ok. Not doing great but not doing horrible right now. =P How 'bout you? ^_^
    [K: "Someone even asked me to have his children a little while ago" ME: OMG MY MIRKAG HEART.



    BYE @ my life.]
    Aw, thanks :3, well don't feel bad, you tried and that's what counts. Mother 3 came out in 2006, I heard someone (A guy at Nintendo, a person answering questions about it, I can't remember) saying that if Earthbound sells well, it may encourage the release of Mother 3. It may not happen, but I'm hoping. It's great, now people can't say I only like kiddie games when I bring up Earthbound's T rating. I was surprised when that sailor said it. My reaction: O_O Mother 3's got more cursing and uses more serious words, it may be because the fan translators were sticking close to the Japanese script.

    Actually, it came out yesterday.
    [idc this is cute. I can't @ u thinkin i was gonna ship him with ayame i dont like her.]
    [It did in some parts like I mentioned with the Inukik moments and Koga getting married.

    LOL Inuyasha & Kagome is posion. OMG idk Kagome & Koga is kinda hot its a guilty pleasure now. Not better than Miroku/Kagome but better than inuy/kag
    -So Ayame doesn't exist in the manga? I'm on episode 95 rn and this marriage proposal reminds me of when goku promised chichi the same ****

    And the ladys wear a bandana on their head and the villagers look the same with the pony tal and the small eyes wtf toads I tell ya.
    -RIN is so adorbz and very eloquent for a little girl. She looks like Kagome a little bit.
    Genwunners slay.

    At least shes still liked over there, be grateful~

    Heh, I heard about it on Earthbound Central. I had the slight suspiscion you'd tell me this xD well now maybe Earthbound can be more popular and...*gasp* encourage the release of Mother 3, my favorite one, outside of Japan if sales do good! :D I'm surprised nothing changed with music sounding similar to real ones. I had a feeling it would get a T rating ever since I fought the Mondo Mole and heard characters say the unscrambled C-A-P-R word.

    Now if I only had a Wii U :/
    [ sobbing of laughter Kogame being in 2 love triangles. And one of her friends saying "HoJo doesn't even stand a chance" was the death of me. ]

    I read that the anime stayed faithful to the manga. The things that interest me were that the anime omitted a several InuKik hugs and the relationship between Miroku & Kagome was more developed.

    Koga/Kagome is mad adorbz tbh :) But my Miroku/Kagome heart is faithful.
    -In the manga you said he didn't get married. Well, does he also have a girlfriend in the manga? The manga is more important anyway.

    I always look forward to the ones where she appears. She's so gentle & generous helping out the villagers. Speaking of the villagers why do they ALL look exactly the same? That fact had me dyin' It's like NurseJoys/OJ & Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom.

    I saw the new scan of Ash in his new outfit. Is it true that TR is leaving? That's really good if so. I'm in Hoenn rn and it's less good than the OS but I seem to be going along with it smoothly. May is comedy relief/
    -Misty is very popular in the U.S (More than May & Dawn)
    -In Japan, she's not that popular like May & Dawn, however, there is many Japanese fanart of Misty even to this day so I suspect that she's still liked over there which is good.

    Kai messed up Gohan & 18's voice. Why are they different but not Goku's & Krillens voice? I think Bulma's is messed up too but idc about her voice. I only care about the Jap version but I really liked 18's dubbed voice.
    [Those Kikyo haters are actually Kagome stans who despise Kikyo because she gets in the way of Inuyasha and Kagome. They know how much Inuy loves Kikyo so thats why they talk trash about Kikyo.
    -Yep, like I said. :) Their feelings will remain pure, strong, and genuine. LOL I just saw this episode where Kagome is like a little slurry she was talking with her friends @ WACDNALDS LOLOL and she said that Inuyasha and Koga like her and one of the friends was like "Oh now you got HoJo, Inuyasha, Koga & Miroku" I was sobbing laughing. Cuz they all made a move on her. I think Kagome/Koga is cute but I don't support it. I stan for Kagome & Miroku.

    It's the episode when Sango has to leave to fix her boomerang. We finally get some Kagome & Miroku alone time. But I'm way past that now I'm in the episode with the bat demons. I hate how Kikyo has such few appearances her new attitude slays me a little. Shippo isn't slaying me as much anymore what a bummer he just points out the obvious lawl.

    Yeah totally Misty is the Queen. And I don't think I am watching XY. I'm only in the Hoenn Region and Idc im sick of the new girls.

    Yeah I was talking about 18 in regards to that. Yuck tbh 18's voice is terri . Her original dub voice suited her best idk what happened to that VA.]
    I don't usually use trainers like Fisherman Andrew for experience training. I just use them for EV training, and for experience training, I trade my Pokémon over to a game of a different language and battle the strongest trainers in that game.
    -I think the strategy is even better with a Custap Berry, as Aggron will likely be below 25% of its max HP after taking a hit and retaliating with Metal Burst. And I already have Pokémon X on pre-order, and I should have enough money to buy it when it comes out.
    -I know I was going to try out a rain based TR team, as I got a shiny, Quiet, Drizzle Politoed a while back. It just seems with Gen 5 mechanics, that TR is easier to stop than in Gen 4.
    [Kagome knows that. I saw the episode where she said "I can never break the bond between Inuyasha & Kikyo" So that pretty much tells us that she knows shes second best. He may have ended up with Kagome at the end, but his heart remains with Kikyo. He stays with Kikyo at heart and only loves her. And if he she ever came back he'd toss Kagome aside and go at another chance with Kikyo. Both Inuyasha & Kikyo may have had trouble if they were to try again with each other, but in my opinion their bond only got stronger and made it so their love became unbreakable, even through death. This is why I support them together. They were each others first love. Kagome needs to find someone else, not someone who has history with a unique girl 50 years ago when Kagomes mother didn't even exist. In conclusion, , I don’t see him ever giving all of his heart to Kagome, a lot of it still belongs to Kikyo, meaning he may still be loyal and loving to her, but he’d still be hesitate as to say if he wanted another chance with Kikyo. Kikyo will always be number 1 but imo Sango should have been number 2.

    What do you think? I should totz write an essay on them. It's kinda like Romeo & Juliet like you said.

    Thanks! That Miroku/Kagome scene is from episode 57. Miroku is saving Kagome as they leap off Shippo's bubble form to safety. Kagome's look is one of surprise and it seems as if she's looking at Miroku for the first time. You think it's weird but it's really not. They'd be so good together. I have reasons to back it up too.]
    I never knew his Pokémon gave only a certain kind of EV. Are the other Hexagon Brothers like that, or is it just Resix that has a team that provides only one type of EV. I really liked how DP had some trainers with teams of Pokémon that gave out one kind of EV, like how Fisherman Andrew had a team of six Magikarp or Cowgirl Shelly had a team of five Bidoof (it's a shame they changed her team in Platinum).
    -At least for Aggron, it can learn Metal Burst, which only returns 1.5x the damage instead of the 2x Counter returns. And I've never really sold any of my Pokémon games, except for Pokémon Dash, I didn't really care much for that game.
    -I've tried running weather on my TR teams before. It doesn't seem to work out well for me, as I lose the ability to effectively protect my TR user. And when I try to run non-TR based teams, they just don't seem to work out for me as well as other people.
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