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  • Those two are both so cute.

    Have you ever watched Jewel Pets? Sanrio also made those anime, and they're really pretty and sparkly and happy :3 I really like the openning to the 'kira deco' season xD Its all cute and princessy sounding, and the super hero theme to that season was also fun^^
    pinterest is free and easy to use and VERY fun^^ you should join :3 I'll pm you my account sometime so you can follow me.

    Also, wanna join my forum? Just send me your e-mail via a pm and i can send you a join code for there :D
    Whats your favorite sanrio character? :) And thanks! You're adorable too!^^

    I really like Hello Kitty and Charmmy Kitty! I have albums for both of them on my pinterest account, too :3
    Awwww! Very cute name and profile! :3 Also, i'm also a big fan of cute things. Some of my most favorite cute things being sanrio characters :D

    I'd like to be friends. :) Welcome to serebii's^^
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