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Recent content by twee

  1. twee

    lf: kartana + buzzwole ♡

    i'm trying to complete my moon pokedex + these are the last two that i need :^) i don't have much, but i could trade them immediately back and/or give you pokerus thank you for reading ! edit: i also just realized that i traded my secret cosmog to my sister a while ago and she has since...
  2. twee

    Need Help Evolving Your Pokémon?

    looking to evolve my porygon and then porygon2. i can trade pokerus infected in return (i know it's super common but that's like all i've got ;^_^)
  3. twee

    Deciding Who to Leave in a Gym

    this is exactly what i do !! i live in the country, so i put a lot of weaker pokes in my local gyms and save the bigger ones for when i go to the city
  4. twee

    Is incense working for everyone?

    i've noticed this too ! not only am i not seeing pink clouds, pokes are spawning very rarely (sometimes not at all). i've just started playing again this past week, so i probably missed an update or two affecting it. maybe this is pretty normal ?
  5. twee

    Team Valor Hangout Thread

    hi everyone !! i just joined valor yesterday ^u^ my city has a huge amount of instinct gyms, oddly enough
  6. twee

    maybe i should give it a try sometime ^u^

    maybe i should give it a try sometime ^u^
  7. twee

    i've never really tried ! it seems so complicated x___x

    i've never really tried ! it seems so complicated x___x
  8. twee

    Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

    i ran into my first non-event shiny ever two days ago while working on my moon 'dex ! he's a raticate that i've named raspberry ! can't wait until i get a shiny charm x___x
  9. twee

    Favourite Alola Trial Captain?

    so many acerola fans in this thread !! honestly i thought she was a bit cliche but now i think i've come to appreciate her more i love the raw lgbt+ energy that is mina fairy type is a huge bonus ~! also i think ilima is adorable !
  10. twee

    ah, um, n-nothing !

    ah, um, n-nothing !
  11. twee

    hello !

    i found myself using serebii so regularly to complete my moon 'dex that i figured i'd join the forums ! i'm twee ~! my favorite pokémon is jigglypuff, and i love fairy types ! i've been playing since as long as i can remember, but i have to take long breaks sometimes due to...
  12. twee

    tooootally ^___^

    tooootally ^___^
  13. twee

    Dex Entry Trading Thread

    hi all ~! i'm working through my alola dex in moon + need some help with trade evolutions / sun exclusives / fossils i'll 100% trade back, just looking to enter [ + breed 1 egg from sun exclusives for future MMing ] ^___^ this is pretty late in the game, but i was very busy the past couple of...
  14. twee

    Hello everyone!

    hi fellow newbie ^___^ welcome to the forums - hope to see you around !!