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  • Alright. It's a rather funny quote. XD

    "My cousin Francis and I are in perfect accord - he wants Milan, and so do I."- Charles V
    just letting you know the battle style was PO or Wifi or both you put there...its cool i knew exactly what your style was by your sig "proudly NOT using poke online"...thanks for joining hope you enjoy the league of our clan...tbh our clan more wifi then PO lol...sorry ramble to much...hope to maybe see you in our clan if you want to of course :)
    Your response is invaild as that person was already picked...please try again...

    If you can't then its okay...its only four days...
    If you are gonna be gone would you like someone else to become a "stander"?

    If not all your gonna do is tell me who you pick(in pm). You don't do anything else unless your guess doesn't pick you. Now you can campaign and talk to other standers but, thats all up to you.
    no you don't have to im trying to get a wifi only gym up first though for the league...I have to divisions for wifi and PO challenges...it seperates challengers for wifi and others that have PO...you don't have to have PO to challenge...
    only 1 i think. they have a wifi division and po div. idk which, so look around. can you tell me why you cant download po?
    If you want to bump a topic without double posting, here's my suggestion:

    First, copy all the text from your latest post. Then delete the post. Finally, reply to the topic, paste the copied text, amend as necessary, and post. Your new post will have all the content of the last post, but with a more recent timestamp.
    Hey, um, I don't know you, but what happened with mewtwos? It seems like a huge calamity... S, how are you?
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