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Jun 2, 2014
Sep 13, 2008
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Twiddle was last seen:
Jun 2, 2014
    1. Kingothestone
      Please complete your Combatants Cup match against Magicmonkey as soon as possible
    2. Magicmonkey
      I'm your CC opp this week. gmt +0 drop me some times
    3. Dr.Chaos
      Um I guess you're not here now but I'll be on PO for the next few hours, so you can challenge me there.
    4. Dr.Chaos
      I'll be able to battle you at 8:30 pm Thursday your time zone
    5. Dr.Chaos
      Hi, it looks like we're matched up for the Creamery Command RU tournament. I am GMT -6 and can be free most evenings, but I can stay up late or get up early to battle if necessary. I'm free most afternoons my time except Friday, and pretty much the weekend except midday Sunday my time. What time can you be free to battle?
    6. guerrilla radio
      guerrilla radio
      hey, we're matched up for the combatants cup. i'm gmt +1 and should be available all week. i hang out on the team america xat mostly, but you can find me on there or on creamery command xat. lmk when you can play
    7. Kingothestone
      Reminder to complete your Creamery Command RU tournament match against Metroid as soon as possible.
    8. Sparkbeat
      Hey, when are you open to battle. I'm GMT -6 and I can battle any day from about 5-9. VM me back when you want to battle. I'll probably be on the CC xat too whenever I'm on.
    9. bendy001
      Hi we need to arrange for a (or 3) battle(s), Im usually free from 6pm-12midnight at GMT+8, let me know when you are free.
      Also Im usually on my guild's chat "http://xat.com/dracaena" feel free to drop by im usually there.
    10. Kingothestone
      You've been selected to participate in the Combatants Cup as part of The Golden Eagles.
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